The British outbreak on April 17: Experts say that achieving herd immunity will have to withstand 8 such outbreaks

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Continue to pay attention to the British epidemic. 1. British expert: To achieve herd immunity, you have to withstand 8-10 waves of virus attacks. Acc

Continue to pay attention to the British epidemic.

1. British experts: To achieve herd immunity, you have to withstand 8-10 waves of virus attacks

According to British media reports, the World Health Organization (WHO Professor Anthony Costello, the former UK director, warned that the UK would have to face 8 to 10 waves of coronavirus attacks to achieve so-called herd immunity. In that case, the death toll and economic consequences will be catastrophic.

In mid-March, before the government’s lockdown measures were introduced, Sir Patrick Valance, the UK’s chief scientific adviser, said that approximately 40 million people in the UK may be infected with the coronavirus to enhance “herd immunity” To prevent the disease from recurring in the future. Sir Patrick at the time supported Boris Johnson not following other European countries to close schools and banThe decision to stop mass gatherings.

But last Friday, Professor Costello, the global health chair of University College London, will severely criticize the government’s strategy to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. He will report to the Special Committee on Health and Social Care. provide evidence.

He said that if extensive testing is not carried out and relying solely on blockade, the UK will face waves of coronavirus until the vaccine is discovered. He said that a study in the Netherlands must cause serious concern in the United Kingdom, because the study showed that as of the end of April, only 3% of Dutch people had gained immunity, when the country’s epidemic was already at its peak. This study in the Netherlands shows that antibody levels in the community are very low. If this research and findings are confirmed, it will raise concerns about Britain’s ability to fight the coronavirus.

He said"If the latest model is correct, we will not get herd immunity. Only after another 8 to 10 waves of virus can we get herd immunity. In that case, the consequences will be catastrophic."

The British outbreak on April 17: Experts say that achieving herd immunity will have to withstand 8 such outbreaks

London streets

2. Fewer NHS personnel participated in virus testing than expected

The British Minister of Health said that the NHS The number of people coming for coronavirus testing is “lower than expectedPeriod.” Because of this, the government can extend the test scope to other public sector employees today. The government is studying whether it should test asymptomatic National Health Service (NHS) workers.

He said "The asymptomatic transmission of Covid-19 is one of its new features. It is not typical of the coronavirus and is one of the most troublesome factors that have caused this epidemic to be so severe worldwide. "

3. The UK’s NHS has more than 2,700 spare key beds

The Minister of Health Matt Hancock said, "As of this morning, we There are also 2769 spare emergency care beds.” He also said that the NHS Nightingale project is a “key aspect” to ensure that the NHS is not overwhelmed.

He said that the government’s plan to fight the epidemic , There are six parts: social distance; constructionEstablish NHS capabilities; equipment supply; testing, tracking and tracing cases; treatment; protection of vulnerable groups.

4. British media pay attention to the international epidemic situation

In recent days, the epidemic situation in various countries around the world has also attracted the attention of British media.


British media reported that according to a new report from Imperial College London, even under the best circumstances, 300,000 people in Africa may die from the coronavirus. virus. Research by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa warns that in the worst case scenario, if no measures are taken, 3.3 million people may die in Africa and 1.2 billion people may be infected. Even under the best circumstances, with strict social distancing, there may be more than 122 million infected people on the African continent. Either situation will overwhelm Africa's fragile and underfunded health system.

As of last weekFifth, there have been more than 18,000 confirmed cases of the virus on the African continent. Experts say that the epidemic in Africa is several weeks later than in Europe, but the growth rate seems surprisingly similar. Dr. Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa, said that Central Africa and West Africa are becoming hot spots for the coronavirus. Of the 17 African countries with more than 100 cases, 11 are in West Africa and Central Africa.


According to the Moscow-based Interfax News Agency, the number of coronavirus cases in Russia has surged in the past 24 hours, confirming 4,069 new infections. Currently, the number of cases in Russia has reached 32,007.


British media said that the ICU beds in Mumbai have been used up. Public hospitals in Mumbai have run out of beds in the intensive care unit (ICU), which has led to a surge in people’s concerns about the coronavirus and other possible problems.Avoid fear of death. There are about 22 million people in Mumbai, but it has only 200 intensive care unit beds.

In Mumbai, more than 2,000 people have tested positive for the coronavirus, and the number of cases has doubled in the past 6 days.

According to a study in the "Journal of Critical Care Medicine", before the outbreak of the coronavirus, intensive care unit beds across India were considered to be in severe shortage, with only 2.3 beds per 100,000 people. In contrast, according to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the UK has 6.6 beds per 100,000 people and Germany has 29.2 beds per 100,000 people.

In Europe, some European countries are preparing to relax the confinement restrictions.

Austria will allow thousands of stores to reopen on April 14, becoming one of the first countries in Europe to relax the blockade. Shopping malls, large shops and barber shops will beOpened on May 1st.

The Bulgarian Parliament voted on April 6 to relax some restrictions and sanctions, allow farmers’ markets to reopen, and reduce fines for certain activities.

Czech stores will reopen on April 20, larger stores will open on May 11, and restaurants and shopping centers will resume operations on June 8.

The Danish government stated on April 17 that certain small businesses, such as hairdressers, beauty salons and driving schools, will be allowed to reopen on April 20. This week, the government began to reopen daycare centers and schools, which is the first step to gradually relax the confinement.

Germany will allow some stores to reopen next week, and schools and barber shops will partially reopen on May 4. However, the social distancing regulations will last until May 3.

Norway gradually relaxes restrictions. Kindergarten will reopen on April 20, and the school will start one week for grades one to fourReopen afterwards. The ban on barber shops and makeup salons will also be lifted in April.

Poland will reopen parks and forests from April 20, and relax restrictions on the number of shops. Plan to further relax the blockade every week or two.

The author also noticed that many people in the UK are also concerned about when to relax control. The author believes that there are still 4,000 to 5,000 new cases every day in the UK. It is really too early to talk about relaxing control!

I hope the epidemic will pass soon! I wish the relatives and compatriots far away well-being!

According to the data released by the British Ministry of Health, the British epidemic on April 17 was as follows:

As of 9 am on April 17, 438 991 had been completed There were 21 328 tests conducted on April 16. 341,551 people were tested, 108692 of them tested positiveSex. 13943 people were tested in one day.

As of 5 pm on April 16, 14,576 of the patients hospitalized in the UK who tested positive for the coronavirus had died.

I. Overall situation

Total: 108692 cases (the same below) (103093 the day before)

New addition: 5599 ( The day before 4,618)

Death: 14576 (13729 the day before) Add 847

The British outbreak on April 17: Experts say that achieving herd immunity will have to withstand 8 such outbreaks

Second and four major regions

England 83,474, deaths 13,133

Northern Ireland 2,338, deaths 158

Scotland 7,409, death 779

Wales 6,645, death 506

3. Situation in key areas

East Midlands 4,780

East of England 6,859

London 20215

North East 4,957

North West 12,687

South East 11,471

South West 4,222

West Midlands 8,718

Yorkshire and The Humber 6,254

The British outbreak on April 17: Experts say that achieving herd immunity will have to withstand 8 such outbreaks

The British outbreak on April 17: Experts say that achieving herd immunity will have to withstand 8 such outbreaks

The British outbreak on April 17: Experts say that achieving herd immunity will have to withstand 8 such outbreaks

The British outbreak on April 17: Experts say that achieving herd immunity will have to withstand 8 such outbreaks

Four. Details of each region


Barking and Dagenham 371

Barnet 1,035

Barnsley 433

Bath and North East Somerset 156

Bedford 268

Bexley 480

Birmingham 2064

Blackburn with Darwen 204

Blackpool 198

Bolton 482

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole 281

Bracknell Forest 143

Bradford 476

Brent 1,126

Brighton and Hove 268

Bristol, City of 413

Bromley 842

Buckinghamshire 565

Bury 272

Calderdale 177

Cambridgeshire 453

Camden 474

Central Bedfordshire 335

Cheshire East 506

Cheshire West and Chester 497

City of London 13

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly 360

County Durham 829

Coventry 474

Croydon 1,082

Cumbria 1,403

Darlington 169

Derby 384

Derbyshire 840

Devon 471

Doncaster 247

Dorset 225

Dudley 518

Ealing 831

East Riding of Yorkshire 300

East Sussex 396

Enfield 616

Essex 1,721

Gateshead 513

Gloucestershire 825

Greenwich 533

Hackney 537

Halton 230

Hammersmith and Fulham417

Hampshire 1,941

Haringey 472

Harrow 724

Hartlepool 79

Havering 524

Herefordshire, County of 129

Hertfordshire 1,695

Hillingdon 571

Hounslow 530

Isle of Wight 58

Islington 352

Kensington and Chelsea 389

Kent 2,108

Kingston upon Hull, City of 201

Kingston upon Thames 330

Kirklees 395

Knowsley 357

Lambeth 970

Lancashire 1,842

Leeds 784

Leicester 442

Leicestershire 609

Lewisham 752

Lincolnshire 551

Liverpool 1,028

Luton 428


Medway 441

Merton 543

Middlesbrough 346

Milton Keynes 344

Newcastle upon Tyne 670

Newham 834

Norfolk 842

North East Lincolnshire 89

North Lincolnshire 154

North Somerset 141

North Tyneside 356

North Yorkshire 564

Northamptonshire 801

Northumberland 530

Nottingham 352

Nottinghamshire 789

Oldham 395

Oxfordshire 1,070

Peterborough 120

Plymouth 189

Portsmouth 217

Reading 263

Redbridge 566

Redcar and Cleveland 202

Richmond upon Thames 304

Rochdale 291

Rotherham 429

Rutland 12

Salford 392

Sandwell 660

Sefton 578

Sheffield 1,474

Shropshire 299

Slough 270

Solihull 399

Somerset 274

South Gloucestershire 247

South Tyneside 277

Southampton 317

Southend-on-Sea 239

Southwark 1,026

St. Helens 427

Staffordshire 1,102

Stockport 579

Stockton-on -Tees 225

Stoke-on-Trent 258

Suffolk 545

Sunderland 761

Surrey 1,771

Sutton 519

Swindon 236

Tameside 338

Telford and Wrekin 147

Thurrock 213

Torbay 110

Tower Hamlets 535

Trafford 424

Wakefield 371

Walsall 627

Waltham Forest 606

Wandsworth 786

Warrington 393

Warwickshire 761

West Berkshire 188

West Sussex 735

Westminster 525

Wigan 375

Wiltshire 294

Windsor and Maidenhead 166

Wirral 688

Wokingham 210

Wolverhampton 518

Worcestershire 762

York 160


Ayrshire and Arran 536

Borders 229

Dumfries and Galloway 209

Fife 488

Forth Valley 431

Grampian 394

Greater Glasgow and Clyde 1794

Highland 187

Lanarkshire 934

Lothian 1172

Orkney 5

Shetland 45

Tayside 979

Eileanan Siar (Western Isles) 6

Golden Jubilee National Hospital

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