When eating, I always bit my tongue. What“s the matter?

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When eating and eating happily, I suddenly bit my tongue or cheek. It feels really uncomfortable and very painful. If you are eating with your elders,

When I was eating and eating, I suddenly bit my tongue or cheek. It felt really uncomfortable and very painful. If you are eating with your elders, they will always say "the mouth wants to eat meat", and then put two pieces of meat into your bowl. Later, it really relieved, then bite the tongue really want to eat meat ?

You bite your tongue while eating, do you really want to eat meat?

When eating, I always bit my tongue. What“s the matter?

thisThis theory has always been circulated, but it’s actually not true. The reason why you don’t bite your tongue after eating meat is because you’ve already bitten it once, and you’ll be more careful during the next meal. Naturally, you won’t bite your tongue. It does not matter to eat meat, and frequent biting of the tongue should be taken seriously.

You bite your tongue when you eat, usually when you are eating, thinking about other things or talking to others, eating while talking, not concentrating, and biting when you chew food. To the surrounding areas, the tongue will suffer. There are also some people who are tired in their recent life and their nerves are in a state of disorder. When eating, they cannot control their teeth and may bite their tongues or cheeks. This situation is easy to solve. When eating, pay attention Just concentrate some.

When there is a problem with the teeth, some people’s teeth do not grow well, are broken, or have problems with the occlusion.Question: When eating, your teeth don’t chew well. When you chew, you may bite the surrounding meat, and your cheeks and tongue will suffer. If you are bitten, it will be very painful. You need to check the health of your teeth as soon as possible. , Timely correction can relieve the tongue bite.

When eating, I always bit my tongue. What“s the matter?

When the blood in the body is insufficient, it will also affect the stability of the teeth. If the blood is insufficient, the balance of the body will be disturbed and the ability of the spleen and stomach will decrease. ,MakeIf the metabolism is abnormal, the tongue will become hypertrophy. When eating, the chance of biting the tongue will increase. Especially when the spleen is weak, the tongue biting situation will be more. In fact, these are not major problems. Blood vessel problems.

If you bite while eating, it frequently occurs. You need to be alert to the occurrence of stroke, especially for elderly people. If this happens, you must pay attention to it. The behavior of biting the tongue again and again is called a small stroke. If it occurs multiple times, cerebral infarction may occur.

Older people are most likely to have cardiovascular problems. The aging of blood vessels and the increase in blood viscosity will affect the circulation of blood. The chance of insufficient blood supply to the brain will increase. If the blood supply is not timely, the nerve control of the brain is abnormal. If the teeth are chewed out of control, they will bite the tongue or cheek. Some people will have a crooked mouth and droolThe situation requires you to check a cardiovascular system as soon as possible, and deal with it in time to reduce accidents.

When eating, I always bit my tongue. What“s the matter?

In general, biting your tongue while eating has nothing to do with wanting to eat meat. Don’t be misled. Up. At the same time, we should also pay attention to judging the incentives for tongue biting according to our own situation. There are many factors that require targeted improvement. Most problems can be solved. The main thing is to pay attention to one problem, that is, cerebral infarction.This problem is relatively serious. Once it occurs, the harm is very great. Elderly people must do a good job of prevention and reduce the occurrence of damage.