Under the impact of the epidemic, global hospitals are in deep crisis, and Mayo can“t support it

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Source: Clinical professional managers, CCTV news, etc. Under the impact of the epidemic, the global medical system is undergoing unprecedented tests.

Under the impact of the epidemic, global hospitals are in deep crisis, and Mayo can“t support it

Source: clinical professional managers, CCTV news, etc.

Under the impact of the epidemic, the global medical system is undergoing unprecedented tests. Last Friday, Mayo Clinic, the world's top medical institution, announced that due to the financial impact of the new crown epidemic that exceeded expectations, it would cut about one-third of its employees' salaries. This decision affected at least 20,000 people.

Under the impact of the epidemic, global hospitals are in deep crisis, and Mayo can“t support it

Income drops sharply, and one-third of Mayo’s employees cut salaries

Mayo Clinic is the world’s largest non-profit medical institution , Ranking first in the United States for many consecutive years. It is reported that Mayo has nearly 70,000 employees, including more than 40,000 in Minnesota.

According to the news from the media "Clinical Professional Managers", in order to respond With the impact of the new crown epidemic on the supply of medical supplies, hospitals and clinics across Minnesota have implemented vacations in recent weeks to reduce or stop elective surgery and examinations. This policy will cut Mayo Clinic’s business income by more than 50%. /p>

Mayo Medical Center said that this month’s revenue has fallen by nearly half. Earlier, Mayo announced that it would continue to pay current medical staff to full-time medical staff until April 28.The salary was flat, but increasing financial pressure finally forced Mayo to announce a salary cut last Friday.

Mayo Medical Center Chief Administrative Officer Bolton said: “One-third of all employees, including physicians, administrative and related health technicians, will reduce salaries.” In addition, the measures announced on Friday It also includes vacations, etc. The specific details of this measure are still under study.

Under the impact of the epidemic, global hospitals are in deep crisis, and Mayo can“t support it

Deeply in financial crisis, the US exceeds 40,000 Dismissal of famous doctors

Mayo Medical Center’s helpless salary cut is just a microcosm of the nation’s medical financial crisis. In fact, under the impact of the new crown epidemic, a wholeThe global financial crisis is adding to the fragile medical system.

A survey released by the American non-profit Trump Institute on April 4 showed that in the first month of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, about 43,000 medical staff in the United States were fired. According to the analysis of the New York Times and other media, this is not unrelated to the hospital's financial difficulties.

With the increasingly severe COVID-19 epidemic, dozens of states in the United States have issued directives requiring hospitals to suspend non-emergency operations to free up more medical resources for patients with COVID-19. Because of this, the income of many hospitals has plummeted. According to statistics, many hospitals have lost 50% of their profits since they stopped other surgical operations. In order to reduce operating costs, the hospital had to save money through temporary layoffs. As a result, a large number of medical staff have been cut or fired or forced to take vacations.

Under the impact of the epidemic, global hospitals are in deep crisis, and Mayo can“t support it

According to reports, the University of South Carolina at Charleston will lay off 900 employees out of 17,000 employees and require a full day 15% pay cuts for paid employees; Cookeville Regional Medical Center in Tennessee requires 400 of its 2,400 employees to take leave, and hundreds of others to reduce working hours; Boston Medical Center layoffs 700 employees, accounting for about 10% of the total staff ; A total of 1,000 employees in two hospitals in West Virginia were forced to take leave...

The epidemic continued to hit, and a number of domestic medical institutions went bankrupt and transferred!

The financial crisis that American hospitals are experiencing is also what we have experienced in our country for two months. In fact, despite theThe previous domestic epidemic has been effectively controlled, but the "shocks" caused by the epidemic on medical institutions are still lingering.

Recently, Fujian media reported that the local dental hospital that had been operating for more than 20 years was destroyed by the epidemic and the legal representative lost contact.

Earlier, Guangzhou Alibaba’s survey data showed that during the epidemic, the business volume and revenue of domestic hospitals declined significantly. The survey data in February showed that 94.1% of hospitals were in the epidemic. There has been a year-on-year decline in cash flow, and 88.6% of hospitals are under funding pressure.

The cash flow pressure of hospitals is also huge. Alibaba’s data shows that in February, 50% of the hospitals’ existing funds were not enough for 2 months, and 24.4% of the hospitals’ existing funds could only support One month.

In direct proportion to the decline in hospital revenue, it is the decline in medical staff income. A survey recently released by "Lilac Talent"It shows that during the epidemic, the income of about 90% of medical staff dropped, 36.4% of medical staff said that their income had dropped by 30-50%, and 5.7% of medical staff’s salaries were in a state of “arrears”.

The person in charge of a private dental hospital said: During the epidemic, full-time doctors and private hospitals shared hardships. The minimum wage was cancelled and employees were given 3,000, 5,000, 8,000, 10,000 and other different wages according to their levels. , The person in charge said that such a salary distribution method is supported by the government and the law.

Under the sluggish environment of all walks of life, "shared difficulties" is inevitable, but for private medical institutions, if they cannot make ends meet for a long time, practitioners will not only face salary reduction, but also The risk of layoffs.

The person in charge of a chain of medical and aesthetic institutions admitted that he has considered reducing operating pressure through “salary reduction”. The chairman stated that the suspension caused by the epidemicDuring the working period, the organization only pays basic wages to medical staff. Although it has resumed work, it is considering reducing the wages of its employees in consideration of the losses caused during the shutdown.

Medical aesthetics and dentistry are the specialties that have the most obvious impact on business income in this epidemic. The founder of a domestic dental chain previously said in an interview with the media that the daily operation of dental institutions requires daily cash flow To support, once the clinic is closed, the cash flow will be cut off. Since the dental group did not open its doors for business throughout February, it lost nearly hundreds of millions of yuan in revenue, and the cost of housing, water and electricity, labor and other costs continued to be paid, and the company's cash flow was under tremendous pressure.

Compared with hospitals, the epidemic has a greater impact on small medical institutions such as clinics. It is reported that a large number of clinics have entered a transfer state recently, and many clinics may not have waited until the spring after the epidemic.