When will the new crown vaccine be available? Does everyone have to fight? Zhang Wenhong: depends on these four data

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April 25 is the 34th "National Child Vaccination Publicity Day". What vaccines should children get? Imported seedlings or domestic seedlings? Can I de

April 25 is the 34th "National Child Vaccination Promotion Day."

What vaccines should children get?

Is it imported or domestically produced?

Can I delay vaccination with cough and fever?

When will the new coronary pneumonia vaccine be available, and should everyone fight it?

In response to these problems, Zhang Zhang, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University and leader of the Shanghai New Coronary Pneumonia Medical Treatment Expert Group Professor Wen Hong accepted an interview with the media in Shanghai.

When will the new crown vaccine be available? Does everyone have to fight? Zhang Wenhong: depends on these four data

Which vaccines should children be given?

Children of the first type vaccine must be given, and the second type vaccine is strongly recommended

The first-class vaccine is mandatory for children, and the second-class vaccine doctors encourage it. such asIf it does not fight, key groups and high-risk groups are at risk.

Doctor Zhang Wenhong said that influenza virus causes a certain range of infections in China every year, but because its fatality rate is lower than that of the new coronavirus, it has not attracted people’s attention. , But in fact, flu can cause serious consequences in high-risk groups such as the elderly. Zhang Wenhong said——

One type of vaccine, such as tuberculosis vaccine and hepatitis vaccine, is a vaccine that is mandatory for the government because it has a time point, so it’s right For children, the sooner they are vaccinated at the right time, the better, and many such vaccinations are life-long immunity.

Vaccines like flu are changing every year because of the virus. "May have to fight every year." Zhang Wenhong also reminded:

Children should not be vaccinated when they are sick, otherwise the adverse reactions of the vaccine will sometimes trigger a fever in the immune state , Which is aggravated by crossover with existing diseases. The child is vaccinated to communicate with the hospital infection doctor.

Is it imported or domestically produced?

The choice can be varied, and the core issue is whether or not to fight the vaccine

China related Departments have extremely high requirements for the quality of vaccines, and now the global requirements for vaccine quality are very high. But under the same circumstances, the domestic vaccine supply chain is relatively large.Bit prices are relatively low. Imported vaccines are relatively expensive.

Nowadays, more imported seedlings adopt a combined seedling technique, where several seedlings are played together. For example, some low-priced vaccines may require several consecutive injections to get immunization, but the combined injections knock out several vaccines, and the price will be much higher. On this basis, the core question is whether to get a vaccine. As for which vaccine to use, there are actually some measurement systems of its own. Zhang Wenhong suggested that the doctors at the vaccination sites can properly introduce the types of vaccinations available now, and let the parents choose.

When will the new crown vaccine be available? Does everyone have to fight? Zhang Wenhong: depends on these four data

What vaccines for adults Should I fight?

Influenza vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, etc.

Zhang Wenhong reminds every year In winter, there will be a big flu outbreak. This risk is a great risk for the elderly and adults. Also women are better to get HPV before they reach adulthood to prevent cervical cancer.There are also some high-risk groups, such as bloodIn places where there is a lot of fluid contact, like doctors and crowds, if you have not received hepatitis B vaccine before, you should get vaccinated.

How is the new coronary pneumonia vaccine progressing?

Several lines of vaccine development in China go hand in hand

There are many new crown vaccines internationally Kind. China is already ahead.

There are many kinds of new crown vaccines internationally. China is already ahead. Several lines in China are advancing side by side, and some have entered phase II clinical studies. There are also vaccines in the United States that have entered the second phase. Which effect is good, we also need to evaluate its adverse reactions, its antibody titer, protection, safety, blocking success rate, etc., and we can judge which one is combined.The best.

When will the new crown vaccine be available? Does everyone have to fight? Zhang Wenhong: depends on these four data

Is the new crown vaccine human? Everyone has to fight?

Depends on several data

Zhang Wenhong introduces whether the new crown vaccine is human Everyone fights, depending on the numberAccording to:

First, how big the adverse reaction is;

Second, it’s How high is the protection rate;

Third, how high is the epidemic situation in the world at that time;

Fourth, death from illness How far will the rate drop.

As soon as these data come out, you can start evaluating whether it is worth playing.

Does the new crown vaccine need to be given every year?

It seems that the probability of playing every year is low

In principle, whether it is a herpes virus or a coronavirus , if the virus does not undergo major mutations, we do not need to inoculate repeatedly. However, it is still too early to discuss how to fight the new crown vaccine every year. Now it seems that the probability of playing every year is low.

Will the new crown and flu be superimposed this autumn and winter?

Influenza vaccine can reduce the risk of co-infection

Does the flu virus follow New coronary pneumonia overlap?

Yes! Zhang Wenhong said that in winter, the incidence of influenza is high, and when it is mixed with the new crown, it is easy to cause mutual transmission..

"This year, I will definitely go to influenza vaccine, at least greatly reduce the risk of co-infection. Generally speaking, we We believe that the new crown and the flu are superimposed, and we must reduce this risk. Once we get sick, we will at least get the flu vaccine, so that the condition will not worsen due to co-infection."

Can Changyang patients be infected?

Chang Yang still needs conclusive confirmation, prevention and control need not be too entangled

" I don’t particularly agree with the new crown Changyang, because the Wuhan case came out in January, and it’s only 3 months now. We generally don’t think it is Changyang for 3 months.rong>Internationally, it takes as long as 6 months for the status of chronic carrier to be considered Changyang, but if the positive results continue from 3 months to June, we will pay full attention to it. "

Zhang Wenhong said that he personally feels that the prevention and control of the new crown does not need to be too entangled. The so-called Changyang and chronic carrying are not scientifically conclusive. It is confirmed that it will not have a particularly large impact on the entire population.