Changmei Bio-Changyuan Lotion: Conserves the intestines and stomach, and “subtracts“ the intestines

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Original title: Changmei Bio-Changyuanlu: Conserve the intestines and stomach, do "subtraction" to the intestines Wang Chong of the Han Dynasty once w

Original title: Changmei Bio-Changyuanlu: Conserve intestines and stomach, and "subtract" the intestines

Wang Chong of the Han Dynasty once wrote in the book "Lun Heng": "If you want to live forever, the intestines are always clear; if you want to die, there is no lump in the intestines." It seems a bit exaggerated, but it also shows that the intestines and people Health is closely related.

The intestine is actually the organ that is threatened the most every day. It can be said that it accepts the dirtiest and most toxic things in our body. Food residues, indigestible contents, toxic and harmful substances metabolized in the body will stay. Or pass through the intestines. Therefore, it is also the "dirty" human bodyThe place.

But this place, dominates our health. From obesity, three highs, gastroenteritis, to bad breath, acne, diarrhea, constipation, a person with serious intestinal health problems, their quality of life will also be greatly reduced. However, the high-pressure and fast-paced modern life makes intestinal problems one of the most common health problems. Some girls "be thin for beauty" and either diet or take laxatives, and the intestinal function is gradually disordered. And most people are living in the state of eating takeaway, drinking and socializing, staying up late and working overtime, and their intestinal environment is gradually being destroyed. According to data exposed by the World Gut Health Day seminar, 54.5% of China's population has gut health problems, which means that one in two people has an unhealthy gut. Therefore, if you want a healthy and quality life, you must first start with the "intestine", which is also the original intention of the Changyuanlu brand.

Changmei Bio-Changyuan Lotion: Conserves the intestines and stomach, and “subtracts“ the intestines

Changyuanlu is a health brand under Jinan Changmei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. "Chang" means to be happy and unobstructed. And "Yuan" is the beginning. Chang Yuanlu wants to be the beginning of people's intestinal health and invigoration, and at the same time, to restore the intestinal tract to its original state of health. For this reason, Chang Yuanlu has always been on the road.

"Medicine is three-point poison", the intestines cannot be maintained by medicines, but require more refined and varied foods, but the food intake needs to be appropriate and balanced, otherwise it will only increase the burden on the stomach . Therefore, Changmei BioTechnology and Professor Zhao Sumei of Capital Medical University have launched relax Changyuan Dew-oligopeptide chitosan-oligosaccharide compound drink specifically for human intestinal health problems. Through natural and pure plant extraction, it not only ensures balanced nutrition, but also reduces the burden on the stomach , Gentle and non-irritating, it acts on the intestinal tract, and then maintains the intestinal tract, so that life is not disturbed by intestinal problems. Changyuanlu drinks wheat oligopeptides, arabinose, chitooligosaccharides, dietary fiber and other ingredients. When other products are only supplementing more probiotics for the intestines, Changyuanlu drinks take into account probiotics. The intestinal replenishment of the red channel (red blood cell) and the white channel (white blood cell) are more comprehensive and thoughtful for the maintenance of human intestinal health. At the same time, the product has also been certified by the authority FDA.

Changmei Bio-Changyuan Lotion: Conserves the intestines and stomach, and “subtracts“ the intestines

It can be said that Changyuanlu Drink has broken the single intestinal maintenance method on the market, but for this, Changmei Bio also invested a lot of energy. Take the most basic production as an example. The first problem that Changyuanlu Beverage encountered after the successful development was how to mass-produce it? Because the process is complex and delicate, ordinary food production lines are simply difficult to realize. To this end, Changmei Biologics has established a production line of pharmaceutical specifications and put it into production. While ensuring product quality, it can also achieve the goal of mass production and meet the needs and expectations of consumers.

Changmei Bio-Changyuan Lotion: Conserves the intestines and stomach, and “subtracts“ the intestines

"To help 1.26 billion Chinese people improve their intestinal problems and improve their intestinal environment" is Chang Yuanlu's unremitting pursuit. If the launch of Changyuanlu Complex Drink is to seek a healthy rebirth for the public, then Changmei's new retail layout is for love. Changmei hopes that all people who benefit from Changyuanlu can improve their quality of life through Changmei health platform while maintaining their health and open up another possibility in life.

So, the brand founders Mr. Cui Minglei and Ms. Zheng Hongyan invited Mr. Zhang Zhongsheng, the top 100 lecturer in China,Manager Anna and other industry professionals joined. First of all, Mr. Cui Minglei himself has a wealth of traditional retail experience. He not only accumulated a strong network of resources, but also has a lot of experience in management and operation. Secondly, Zhang Zhongsheng, who has a background in marketing, has been committed to improving personal soft power training and research on corporate sales models for many years, providing strong training support for Changmei's development. In addition, Anna's rich new retail marketing experience has made the operation of Changmei Health Platform more grounded and comprehensive, helping the brand new retail road. Under the leadership of this team, we have continuously strengthened the various sectors of the company's operations, and successfully built Changmei's health platform to deliver healthy energy.

At the same time, Changmei Biology has established a strategic partnership with Beijing Redwall Biology, which has the research and development support of 301 Hospital. The further expansion of the team and the strong strength of strategic partners have made Changmei’s new retail road smoother.It means that every family member who joins the brand can not only enjoy high-quality intestinal care products, but also fully demonstrate their value here. This is the meaning of Changmei.

Changmei Bio-Changyuan Lotion: Conserves the intestines and stomach, and “subtracts“ the intestines

Relax is the relaxation of the intestines and the relaxation of life. This is Chang Yuanlu's hope, so it's not everyone's hope. Chang Yuanlu, protect your gastrointestinal health, but also protect your good life. Return to Sohu to see more

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