Unraveling the unsolved mystery: In 1979, the United States and the aliens fought fiercely. Is the Dawsey incident real?

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The Dawsey incident is not so much one of the unsolved mysteries of the world, it is more of an excellent science fiction movie script! Similar storie


The Dausi incident is not so much one of the unsolved mysteries of the world, it is more an excellent Science fiction movie script!

There are no 1,000 and 800 similar stories in Hollywood, many of which are based on the setting or plot of a Dawsey event!

It probably means that Project West is a treaty of non-interference between the US government and aliens!

Aliens provide the United States with all kinds of alien zenith technology!

In exchange, the relevant departments of the US military allow aliens to capture humans on Earth for biological experiments!

Seeing that the same kind becomes experimental animals, the officers secretly connect together,Prepare to rebel!

A fierce battle took place between the two sides. The officers killed 66 people and 4 aliens were killed!

The surviving officers were subsequently assassinated, brainwashed, and imprisoned for life. The U.S. military used all means to make the truth of the truth always obscure!

This story has been circulated widely and it has been compiled into film and television dramas, and some of its segments have been used by various Hollywood film and television dramas!

For example, the leaders of the United States are all made from lizard people!

This kind of story, just listen to it, and believe it, anyway, there is neither enough evidence to prove its truth, nor enough evidence to prove its untrue!

Belief and unbelief are all in my personal hobbies. It is the same as the Pisces jade pendant incident, the Nazi clock, and so on. There are reasons for this and no evidence!

When listening to science fiction stories, it is also very interesting!

Unraveling the unsolved mystery: In 1979, the United States and the aliens fought fiercely. Is the Dawsey incident real?

The origin of the Daoxi incident

The story dates back a long time ago!

President Eisenhower, who was in power at the time, signed a treaty with aliens!

The agreement allowed aliens to set up secret bases in the United States and kidnap humans for biological purposes at will Experiment!

The exchange terms is that aliens provide the United States with a variety of black technologies to maintain the US military leadership in the world!

The United States has established a lot of cooperation with aliens Biochemical laboratories, the human beings on earth are the laboratory test products!

These biochemical laboratories are established in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Afghanistan and other places!

Among them, West New Mexico Indian ReservationThe nearby biochemical laboratory is the largest one, and is heavily guarded!

U.S. Secretary of State Brissings reported the incident to President Carter on June 14, 1977. This surprised President Carter who first heard of this incident!

The National Security Agency has set up related Department X and Department Z:

Department X Mainly responsible for collecting and researching alien intelligence, and investigating alien operations that threaten the United States or humanity!

The famous film and television work "X-Files" is probably born here!

The Z department is mainly responsible for eliminating and dealing with any actions that threaten the United States or humanity.Dirty!

Their names are unknown!

President Carter, after listening to the report from US Secretary of State Brisinski, secretly authorized Department Z to form a secret force to handle the matter! In 1978, the Z department based on intelligence, the aliens decided to kidnap more real people for human experiments. The Dawsey base will be expanded to more than 75,000 people, and by 1980 the capacity will reach 10,000 people!

The Z department has established an elite force. The team members are all elites from various special forces in the United States. The mission has the highest level of confidentiality!

Their commander is Captain Mark Richards, who has fought with aliens for many years and has rich combat experience! It was the father of Captain Demark Richards who gave the offensive order!

From World War II to the Cold War, the name Richards often appears in classified documents!

Old Richards used to follow Admiral Richard Bird to attack the Nazi base in Antarctica!

Since the Nazi era, aliens have built bases all over the world, including Antarctica!

Their purpose is to create more pollution on the earth, warm the world, and become a more suitable environment for aliens!

Unraveling the unsolved mystery: In 1979, the United States and the aliens fought fiercely. Is the Dawsey incident real?

The crime of the Daoxi incident

The Daoxi base and Not a piece of iron, the reptiles are secretly helping the earthlings!

Among them, the reptilians are aliens who signed an agreement with the U.S. government earlier. They are aliens from the earth and came to the earth before history!

There is also a lizardman who is a native of the earth and is related to ancient dinosaurs!

There are also sayingsThe Reptilians and the Lizardmen are actually one group, but the Lizardmen stayed in the underground cave and the Reptilians rushed into space!

The reptiles once united with the senior guards of the Dawsey base against the Greys but failed. The senior guards were also united by aliens and black hands in the U.S. military to kill, and their families were also removed. !

But it is said that reptilians help humans not because of kindness, but dissatisfaction with certain practices of the Greys!

What the reptilian values ​​more is to quietly establish control over humans in order to achieve their ultimate goal of absolute rule over the earth!

To put it bluntly, the reptilians want to enter the village quietly and the grays are too blatant!

By 1979, there were about 37 kinds of aliens appearing in Daoxi. It is also said that hundreds of aliens have come, but many aliens do not want to admit it!

The aliens who came to the base of DaosiMost of them were invited by the Greys!

They not only conduct human genetic experiments and replication experiments, but also try to use humans as a source of food!

In addition, it is said that a lot of human milk was used to try breeding!

Because of the unscrupulous kidnapping of the Greys, by the early 1970s, the number of missing persons in the United States skyrocketed!

Most of the missing are white young women. They areGrays The main goal of , those who survived after the Battle of Dawsey did not receive attention.

Unraveling the unsolved mystery: In 1979, the United States and the aliens fought fiercely. Is the Dawsey incident real?

Daw West Incident Attack

Department Z’s actions did not ask the President and the Pentagon for instructions. No matter if they fail or win, their sacrifices and merits will not be known!

This is the practice of the secret front. Of course, some people say that this is for confidentiality, because many of the American leadership are human incarnations transformed from aliens!

It is David Icke, an Englishman, a conspiracy theorist, a legendary existence of conspiracy theories!

He exposed the origin of the world elite group that betrayed mankind!

Including but not limited to the origins, combinations, bloodlines, stories, etc. of political parties such as a certain royal family and American chaebols!

Reality can only be said to be a matter of opinion!

According to the plan, the special forces will destroy the main generator first, and then give priority to destroying a large number of alien equipment!

Try to rescue as many victims as possible!

The plan was formulated in 1979, and an Air Force Brigadier General is responsible for leading the organization andResponsible for mobilizing the integrated troops!

The number of participants in the operation cannot be guessed because the information has not been decrypted, but it is estimated that it will not exceed hundreds.

The center operations are in charge of the Air Force Space Command and the International Intelligence Center!

The landing area of ​​Daoxi Base is for flying saucers. Aliens think that humans do not have similar aircraft!

However, at this time, Bell Company has developed the vertical take-off and landing test aircraft X-22, and Captain Richards can fly this new type of aircraft! He will lead his third assault team to occupy and guard the landing area, and other troops will enter the base by helicopter!

The first officer of Captain Richards is two astronauts. Their task is to see if they can grab a flying saucer in the landing zone and drive it!

In 1980, an unknown CIA document recorded the battle:

What these young people have done is a legend. Fight an overwhelming number of enemies and technologies!

They rushed from the hangar on the first floor to the bottom of the enemy base. The high-speed train station and the flying saucer maintenance area on the second floor also experienced battles, leaving their troops to defend against the enemy's reinforcements.

The main force went straight down to the seventh floor "Nightmare Hall" and rescued thousands of human victims.

They were not mentally prepared for what they saw on the sixth floor: humans with many hands and feet, 7-foot-tall bat-shaped humanoids in cages, experiment barrels, etc. .

Aliens have learned a lot genetically, but at the cost of human suffering and life.

Captain Leathers’ troops reached the seventh floor, exploded the door, and wiped out the base guards in 45 seconds.Li, I learned how serious things were for the first time after I entered!

I found the prisoner monitoring system, and there are more than 30,000 victims in this level alone!

The security system was transported, and the victims were sent to "research and test" and "enjoy" to 62 different areas, with 4600 people.

The report of Captain Leathers at the International Intelligence Center said at this moment:

I saw the unspeakable tragedy on the three-dimensional image, a variety of physiological And the traumatic human zoo.

Seeing young women being abused, I can only think of my daughter who is several months old. I packed up and regained my sanity, ordered to go forward, and free as many people as possible.

The original mission plan was just an attack, a lot of damage to alien equipment, halfComplete the task and withdraw within hours!

The large number of victims has made the task variable!

Captain Richards changed his mission after consulting the Air Brigadier General: try to save people!

We have no choice, we cannot keep the poor girls who survived.

Our problem is the number. There are thousands of aliens trying to kill us, thousands of women are calling for help, thousands of women are far behind, I know we can’t save them!

Thousands of alien reinforcements began to arrive at the high-speed train station. Our original preparations were not for such a large-scale evacuation.

The high-speed trains to New York and Mexico still seemed to be unblocked. When we were sure that our people were holding the other end, we loaded these girls on the train and launched them.

We blasted two ventilation shafts so that the two teams could take the girlThey were sent out, hoping they could be rescued.

The fourth assault team received a strong blow because they tried their best to prevent alien reinforcements from entering the main station of the high-speed train.

I know we stayed for too long, but it was difficult to leave those poor young girls at that time. You know that every girl who cannot be rescued before your eyes will die soon.

One hour later, the Brigadier General ordered an evacuation. Two astronauts grabbed two alien spacecraft and flew to Area 51!

The woman who was rescued was later taken to a secret military base. They can gradually return to society without these painful memories!

Unraveling the unsolved mystery: In 1979, the United States and the aliens fought fiercely. Is the Dawsey incident real?

End of the Dawsey Incident

Almost all the soldiers who participated in this operation have been removed from their memories!

Those reservedThe commanders of memory need to swear to keep secrets with their lives!

Or be terminated by superiors.

The officers responsible for this operation were regarded as heroes by the government at the time in 1981 and protected!

Those politicians and chaebols who support aliens or benefit from them have been forced to retreat for nearly a decade!

Until Bush Sr. became president, aliens began to return in small numbers!

From then on, those who knew the truth began to be vilified in various ways!

When the threat is too great, it will even be eliminated!

Old Richards was wiped out in 1996, and his son, Captain Richards, was imprisoned for life in prison!

Those who know the inside story must be destroyed!

Only when the rebels are imprisoned and conquered, these elites who betray the earth for their own benefit can rest assured!

RoadThe Battle of the West broke the hope of aliens using the earth to create sub-human species, or to receive the earth in the near future. But the Greys restarted their breeding program in 1993!

The bottom layer of Daoxi Base also resumed operation in 1998, but the number of experimental products was only tens or hundreds!

The Air Force Space Command has been tracking threatening spaceships so far!

The United States has a secret spacecraft that can deal with these threats!

The rumors of Dawsey in 1979 became a legend at the end of the 20th century. However, the US military is still trying its best to cover up the Dawsey incident and the Dawsey base! The Pentagon still does not know whether some of the most secret branches of the Air Force Space Command exist, or are they just a legend!

Unraveling the unsolved mystery: In 1979, the United States and the aliens fought fiercely. Is the Dawsey incident real?


The narrative of this event is roughly over, just like a novel, it’s very magical, or that's it, just look at the novel and it’s over!

If this is a story, the fabricator should be a supporter of the Democratic Party!

Because I checked, Eisenhower and Bush Sr. are both Republicans!

And President Carter who supports the fight against aliens is the Democratic Party! I think maybe there will be "Knowing King" in future stories, right?

This is a phenomenal president who can continuously create box office for Hollywood!