“Yang Yi Column“ Jordan, the Clippers have prepared Pippen for you

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Six days after the gate of the free agency market was opened, the finals MVP Leonard finally made his choice. What a sophisticated script. At this mom

Six days after the door to the free agency market was opened, the finals MVP Leonard finally made his choice.

The world is shocked.

Life is far more exciting than drama. What a sophisticated script. At this moment, Chaoxing’s ambitions, his self-definition facing a mirror image, the game between professional managers, and a carefully calculated chase, depict and show vividly.

“Yang Yi Column“ Jordan, the Clippers have prepared Pippen for you

For 5 days, the Raptors and the Lakers have been tit-for-tat. Who could have imagined the dark line between the silent Leonard and Paul George on the outside. Take advantage of the current situation that the Thunder is disintegrating-regardless of the relationship between George and Master West Is it true or not? The Thunder's top salary in the league last season, their painful way of playing, and their tragic exit in the playoffs all made the Thunder's management have to make changes. Just under this opportunity, LOGO Lord Jerry West, leading the Clippers to keep secret.

This is also a test of confidential work. When you have got the results and go back to the whole battle, you will be emotional, happy Excellent work of the boat. NoAt the last moment, do not turn over the cards. As long as the hole cards are turned over, it is a pair of kings. The Clippers are the least optimistic of the three contenders. But the work they have done is most relevant to Leonard's inner world.

For the past 5 days, Leonard has been waiting. People are asking and thinking about what Leonard is waiting for.

Now you know. Leonard will be a king, a real king.

“Yang Yi Column“ Jordan, the Clippers have prepared Pippen for you

Toronto Raptors Sitting on the Canadian market and championship bonus, it is still not an ideal place for Leonard.

He wants to go back to California, he wants to be the king of California. If he goes to the Lakers, two years Inside, he won’t be the king. But if the Clippers don’t have a second Superstar, it would be difficult for him to make contributions here. That’s why he waited. It turned out that for the past five days, he has been waiting for the Clippers and Thunder to complete this operation. .

Why the five long days? You can imagine how many difficult decisions and competitions there are. The Thunder want to change, but they don’t want to be robbed. Paul George, last season MVP ran for third place and is now their highest quality asset. HeWe must be trying to listen to more offers, and we must also want to leverage more chips from the Clippers. The three armies are easy to get, but a general is hard to find. The Clippers finally gave two starters with mediocre qualifications, forward Gallinari and young high guard Alexander, and the next four first-round picks. The Thunder must want more. On the phone behind this, there must be pats on the table, intimidation, and threats. But in the end, the Clippers got what they wanted. Their operations are fierce, and they are fierce to Leonard's inner penetration.

“Yang Yi Column“ Jordan, the Clippers have prepared Pippen for you

About Leonard, I’m not mistaken about one thing: The inner self-definition is Jordan, how can I be a Pippen for others for two years?

But we never thought that in this ultimate operation, in order to get Leonard, the Clippers prepared Pippen for him. If you have watched the games in the 1990s, you can understand why we are In the commentary, it is often said that Leonard is Jordan’s reappearance because he really looks like; at this moment, you can also know George’s height, wingspan, athletic ability, personal defense, assault and three-pointers, and he has completed a huge improvement. His ability to control the ball-he really looks like Pippen.If you haven't really seen the bulls of the 1990s, congratulations, you will see that grand scene again.

This is what Leonard wants: He doesn't want to be LeBron James' Pippen, Paul George is his Pippen.


“Yang Yi Column“ Jordan, the Clippers have prepared Pippen for you

This pair of combinations, if you don’t realize how rare it is, what historical level they might reach, I would like to borrow a phrase from Phil Jackson The words are written here: "My luckiest place is that the two players with the strongest offensive ability in our team are also the two most defensive." Since then, it has been met once in 20 years.

If you add Beverly at No. 1 to the outside defense of the Los Angeles Clippers next season, what is the concept?

Don’t worry about the Clippers’ inside lines. Their money has been spent-they left 33.7 million space before, all gave Leonard a maximum salary. But as long as they are willing to renew their contract on the salary cap, they can keep Zubac-thanks to the Lakers' assists last season and gave them a young and qualified starting center. Still sitting on the bench of the ClippersToday's two substitutes with the strongest scoring ability: Lu Wei and Harrell. When the Clippers put up such a framework, were they worried that no one would vote with the veteran's basic salary to fill the inside line?

“Yang Yi Column“ Jordan, the Clippers have prepared Pippen for you

The next seasonThe Los Angeles Derby, the Western Conference, has been looking forward to from this moment on. What level of competition will it be?

At this time, let me sigh at the operation and insight of LOGO. Not only did he have sharp operating methods, but faced with a few-spoken facial paralysis, he had a clear insight into what the other party's real needs were.