The World Series set another embarrassing record! Men“s basketball will become a Beat generation in the future? Everything is not so bad

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The U19 Men's Basketball World Cup ended. The Chinese team finished 16th with 7 matches and 6 losses, ranking first among all participating teams. Thi

The World Series set another embarrassing record! Men“s basketball will become a Beat generation in the future? Everything is not so bad

The U19 Men’s Basketball World Cup ends, and the Chinese team has 7 matches and 6 losses. Finally ranked 16th, ranking first among all participating teams. This is also the worst record in history for the Chinese team since participating in 1983.

The U19 World Cup was originally a very low-eye-catching event, but this year the Chinese team received unexpected attention, becauseFor four losses.

The first two losses to Serbia and France totaled 112 points.

And the last two games, one lost to the Philippines, one lost to Senegal.

One after another, the Chinese U19 men's basketball team has played a catastrophic performance.

Fans have reason to question, accuse and anger. These turbulent voices of criticism following the defeat are inevitable, and they must be accepted as these young children grow up.

After this tournament, public opinion generally succumbed to the future prospects of this team, and even extended that the youth training of Chinese basketball has been fundamentally broken, and Chinese basketball is over.

In fact, it is not necessary.

Before the U19 World Cup, the outside world has two voices about the Chinese Men’s Basketball National Youth Team: it may play badly, or it may surprise.

In fact, 7After the game, the U19 performance this year, of course, was not so good or so bad.

The World Series set another embarrassing record! Men“s basketball will become a Beat generation in the future? Everything is not so bad

The first two games lost more than 100 points, let this young team The team is under immense pressure, and public opinion is slandering the national youth team and it has also begun to have great concerns about the Chinese basketball youth training system.

And after the subsequent group stage victory over Puerto Rico, it shroudedThe haze over the team was swept away.

After fighting against Russia and Latvia, several typical players were praised by fans and the media in each game. Judging from the scene of the audience, facing these European youth-level strong teams, we still have the power to fight and even hope to win. This atmosphere of hope is still there through the Internet, which spans thousands of kilometers and surrounds here. Group young players around.

When they are in their best form, they are a promising generation, and when they lose consecutively, they are a beating generation.

However, these are not the whole picture of this team.

This U19 World Cup is over, and the mission of their generation has come to an end. Next, some of them will enter the professional league, and some will eventually enter the national team to start their new journey.

Just this summer, they are in GreeceHow should we evaluate this journey written on the island city of China?

It is difficult to describe in an accurate word.

In fact, no matter what kind of evaluation, it is not important anymore. The wind of time will quickly blow away this temporary haze.

Besides these external subjective definitions of public opinion, the biggest asset this tournament gives this team is the opportunity to examine itself.

Playing against opponents from all continents and different levels, seeing their own gaps and problems, this is the biggest significance of this competition. Our players are too short of such opportunities.

For the entire competition, we have seen the gap with the world's top teams through the game. This gap is reflected in the hard qualities of basketball such as physical confrontation, technical and tactical quality, basic skills and so on. For example, our physical confrontation in all positions is weak, and there are not many people who have solid offensive skills and abilities.

In additionOn the defensive end, the overall team level is low, and the basic rebound protection of the 16 teams is the bottom. Whether it is man-to-man or zone defense, there are often low-level misses. The team does not have a good defensive tacit understanding.

In the handling of passing and receiving, the team made too many mistakes, averaging 16.6 turnovers per game, ranking sixth from the bottom, and some basic passing and transfer abilities are worrying.

These are the hard power issues embodied by this team.

In addition to these, there is a very important gap: mentality.

The mentality, which sounds like nothing, is precisely the support of a team's ceiling.

Throughout the 7 games, losing to the Philippines is actually the most worthy of reflection on the Chinese team in this competition, and it is also the game that most intuitively reflects the problems of this team.

After being baptized with Serbia, France, Puerto Rico and Russia, The mentality of this team should have become more mature and stable. Faced with the Philippines, which did not win the previous game and is obviously not as strong as its own, the Chinese team has advantages in all aspects. However, in on-the-spot play, the players still relax their minds. The offensive end becomes impatient and inefficient. The defensive end gives the opponent too many opportunities to shoot easily. The defensive rotation and response process of positional battles frequently miss people. Let the opponent play a super level battle.

It’s not that this team has not played high-quality offensive and defensive, but in such an obvious advantage of the game, their mentality has undergone a subtle change, did not attach great importance to the opponent, the situation on the field and When deviations are expected, the team lacks calmness and composure.

The ups and downs in mentality are directly reflected in the results of the game.

Lost a game that should not be lost. This is a lesson everyone should remember.

The World Series set another embarrassing record! Men“s basketball will become a Beat generation in the future? Everything is not so bad

After facing Senegal, the team's mood at this time is completely different. The unexpected loss to the Philippines was a big blow to these young people. In the face of Senegal, which had not won the previous game, the players lacked vitality on the field and their defensive enthusiasm declined. There was almost no bloody counterattack organized in the audience.

The 15th and 16th places are no different for this team, they are losingAfter giving it to the Philippines, they are destined to leave this disgraceful memory in the history of Chinese basketball.

The ups and downs of mentality will be more or less manifested in any participating youth team. The difference is that the strong team's self-adjustment ability is strong enough, and the weak team will collapse in this ups and downs. The probability is greater.

Obviously, we belong to the latter. Because of the unstable mentality, the talent cannot be fulfilled.

The lineup of the Chinese team in the 2011 World Youth Championship is undoubtedly the strongest talent in the past ten years. The players in the team were Guo Ailun, Zhai Xiaochuan, Gu Quan, Wang Zhelin, Sun Tonglin, Li Muhao, Wang Zirui, Luo Han Chen, Ju Mingxin, Zhu Xuhang, etc.

This lineup won the seventh place in the U17 World Youth Championship a year ago, creating the best result in history.

Before the U19 World Youth Championship, the outside world had high hopes for these young people. But in the endContrary to expectations, they only got 13th place, almost creating the worst record in the history of the Chinese team in this event.

Later, when summing up this World Youth Championship, the media mentioned two very eye-catching reasons for the failure:

1. The shadow of "Bing Jianmen" made the generals away from morality.


2. Players who falsely reported their age at the U19 age were backlashed

Of course, these are indeed two unavoidable problems. Regardless of how the then coach Fan Bin clarified in front of the media, the team has already put down the burden of "suggestion" and the generals are very united. But based on common sense, the negative impact caused by this incident cannot disappear in a short time.

The question of age is another sharp and sensitive question. No one publicly admits this kind of thing, but if there is any, everyone in the circle has an answer.

These two off-court reasons may affect the Chinese teamThe factor of performance, however, in the World Youth Championship, more wins and losses still depend on the field.

8 years ago, this team was able to wrestle with Serbia and the United States in the group stage, but afterwards, overtime loss to Egypt in the key game directly determined the fate of the team.

In terms of strength, the National Youth League had the advantage of defeating Egypt, but they did not do well in mentality adjustment and on-the-spot performance, which made them fail to realize their talents in the World Youth Championship.

In 2011, that group of young people lost to Egypt at a key point, like the U19 unexpectedly lost to the Philippines 8 years later.

Fan Bin, then the team’s head coach, concluded in a later interview: “The height of the player’s ideology determines the height of the ultimate goal.”

The implication, The players are still not doing the best they should be.

Two years later, 20In 13 years, the National Youth Team led by Zhou Qi, Zhao Jiwei, Gao Shang, Zhao Rui, Wu Qian and other players went out again. This time they did not let accidents happen. They defeated Russia and Côte d’Ivoire in the group stage, defeated Australia in the rematch, and then won the qualifying round. Get off Croatia.

In the end they created the best result of the Chinese team in the U19 World Cup, seventh.

In that World Cup, many strong teams were able to gnaw off. In addition to their hard power, they also did a great job in adjusting their team mentality, which was able to withstand key games. A strong mentality can stimulate a team's greater potential.

This is how young people’s games are. It’s easy to exceed the level of performance, and it’s easy to be defeated. These are all within a single thought.

We cannot deny everyone's future because of the results of this competition. The problems exposed in this World Cup are not terminally ill. They are still organic in their growth.Will revise and improve, and his future is still promising.

In 1999, when they only won 15th place in the U19 World Championships, players such as Liu Wei, Mo Ke and Wang Bo were produced. In 2003, the Chinese team ranked 14th in the U19 World Championships. The team is The main players are Yi Jianlian, Yi Li, Tang Zhengdong, Wang Lei, Zhang Qingpeng and other players. In 2011, he won 13th place. The main players are Guo Ailun, Zhai Xiaochuan, Wang Zhelin, Gu Quan, Li Muhao and so on.

This year, our U19 World Cup score is 16th, but Jiang Haoran, Guo Haowen, Wang Quanze, Xu Jie, Ji Zhuo and other players have shown their talents. They are still the new hope for the future of Chinese basketball. .

Chinese basketball has been living in the post-Yao Ming era for the past ten years. After Yao Ming, we never have a world-class business card.

Now Yao Ming has become the helm of Chinese basketball. After changing his identity, he stillTo assume the role of hope for Chinese basketball. This is the luck of Chinese basketball, and from a certain perspective, it is also the sadness of Chinese basketball.

In recent days, the Chinese men’s basketball training team has suffered successive defeats in the summer league. The U19 Men’s Basketball World Cup and the Chinese National Youth Team have created the worst results. The Chinese Men’s Basketball Team at the Universiade has lost all three games, ranking the bottom of the team. .

Now that the team in Las Vegas represents Chinese basketball, the team in Crete represents the future of Chinese basketball, and the team in Naples represents Another direction of Chinese basketball.

Suddenly, Chinese fans have suffered several blows. Now and in the future, it looks gloomy.

The difficult situation is true, but on this difficult road to revival, there are occasional glimmers ahead.

Chinese basketball has not been so bad that it is hopelessly bad, and of course it is not so good.

The most intuitive manifestation of the loss of each tournament is the problem of the players, and this is actually the apparent result of countless factors. Inside this result is the backwardness of the entire Chinese basketball system. The selection of players at the grassroots level, the level of coaches at all levels, and the training methods for talents are all in a relatively backward state.

There is no savior for the reform of Chinese basketball. It depends on the joint efforts of all participants in the basketball industry. Don't belittle yourself, and don't be overjoyed. Every international competition is not meant to be an outlet for the people to vent their emotions. He is an opportunity for Chinese basketball to recognize themselves.

Only under this constant spur, we can have the opportunity to catch up with the development of world basketball.

Of course, we hope that this catch-up can be faster and faster.