Talk about the fairy ball of Gerdes in this round of the Chinese Super League

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Geddes used a very subtle movement to break the man and the back defense and form an anti-offside single. First, calculating the predicted distance of

Get straight to the point! Let me talk about why this ball is a fairy ball!

Gerdes used a very subtle movement to break the man and the back defense, forming an anti-offside single-handed. Most domestic players can do this. However, the follow-up operation is higher than that of domestic players. Here are three points.

Talk about the fairy ball of Gerdes in this round of the Chinese Super League

First, calculating the predicted distance of the opponent’s goalkeeper may not be able to make a clearance. You don’t need to fight bayonet, you only need to avoid the goalkeeper’s defense and proceed. Everyone. It can be recalled that after Zhang Lie attacked at that time, after avoiding Zhang Lie, Geddes still continued to control the ball for the first time, so he made a prerequisite for the follow-up action. If there is no such good prediction, he will break out. Speeding up and passing the goalkeeper is likely to make the ball big, so the best result is a cross.

Secondly, after passing the goalkeeper, observe the opponent's defender He still had a breath with the goalkeeper and would pounce to defend the ball. Sure enough, people and a defensive player tried their best to tackle the ball to block the goal of Gerdes, and the goalkeeper Zhang Lie instantly chased him back. At this time, Gerdes’s The response is to calmly control the rhythm to find space for shooting, usingThe side rear and lateral dribbling widens the distance between the defender and the defender to expand the shooting angle. On the contrary, at this time, if a direct shot is very likely to be intercepted by the defender and the goalkeeper who still has the last breath, then it depends on luck!

Third, even if the front is perfect, there is still a defender from the opponent who retreats to the goal, ready to fill the empty goal at any time. After a series of Sao operations in front of Gerdes, if he does not shoot at this time, there will be more and more defenders, and the series of Sao operations in front are all in vain. Therefore, Guedes decisively used a curve ball to bypass the defenders and the players who filled the gap. This ball is perfect regardless of the speed, power, and angle!

Yang Liyu also had a similar opportunity a few days ago. As a result, everyone has seen it. It’s not the black guy here, and it’s up to the matter.

First of all, I have to say that Yang Liyu this seasonThe ball has already been raised, especially the ability to pass and threaten the ball. Yang Liyu obviously lacked calmness and self-confidence this time facing this quasi-single-handed ball. Wei Shihao has been fed very comfortably. If Yang Liyu really has a good footwork, it would be more reasonable to lob and save the goalkeeper. Or the vision can be passed back to Wei Shihao. Or the technique is so confident, you can even go to the goalkeeper. Everyone saw it, but Yang Liyu was still tender.

There is no harm without comparison! How many small arc speeds and angles of the last kick of Gerdes can be beaten in China? After the domestic players swayed, there are few estimates that can be so accurate at that distance, but I am afraid that there will be no such a complete set of handling!

To sum up, Gerdes’s ball seems unremarkable, but in fact every treatment is so perfect, so the name of the ball is: "fairy ball"!