Sports Network | Brazil crowned America“s Cup, Alves won 43 in his career

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Brazil defeated Peru 3-1 at home and won the Copa America, ending the embarrassing history of 12 years without a championship. Alves was elected the b

Sports Network | Brazil crowned America“s Cup, Alves won 43 in his career

Brazil The team was crowned America's Cup.

On the early morning of the 8th, two major events came to an end in world football.

The Brazil team defeated Peru 3-1 at home and won the America’s Cup, ending the embarrassing history of 12 years without a championship. Alves was elected the best player of the event, Everton won the top scorer, and Alisson won the Golden Glove Award.

In the Women's World Cup final, the United States 2-0 the Netherlands, in the history of a total of eight Women's World Cup, won the championship for the fourth time.

Sports Network | Brazil crowned America“s Cup, Alves won 43 in his career

Brazil players threw up coach Tite.

If you wish to be crowned in the America’s Cup, Brazil won the first championship in 12 years.

In the early morning of the 8th, Beijing time, the 46th America’s Cup final was contested at the Maracanã Stadium. Brazil defeated 3-1 Peru, won the championship for the first time since 2007. The outstanding performance of Jesus Jessus came off the field in the game. After leaving the field in the player channel, the Manchester City attacker cried into tears.

This game An assist and a goal from Jesus made Brazil firmly stifled the opponent's throat. He is the team's best player. In fact, playing against Argentina also relied on a goal and an assist from Jesus in Brazil. Advance to the final.

But in the 70th minute of the final, Jesus deliberately crashed into Zambrano when he was fighting for a header. The referee gave him his second yellow card of the game, and Jesus could only Two yellows turned and one red was sent off. The 22-year-old young player was very emotional. He walked to the sidelines while counting money, implying that the referee was unfair.

After returning to the player’s aisle, Jesus sat down on the steps, crying and complaining endlessly. It is reported that Jesus' move is likely to bring him follow-up additional punishment.

Sports Network | Brazil crowned America“s Cup, Alves won 43 in his career

AhForton won the top scorer, Alisson took off the Golden Glove Award, and Alves was elected the best player of the event.

Jesus's red card is just a microcosm. This final can be described as "tragic". Brazil and Peru fouled up to 46 times. The referee showed a total of 7 yellow cards and 1 red card.

And after 12 years of winning the America’s Cup again, the Brazilian team’s victory this time is still exciting. The offensive end has scored 11 goals in 6 games; the defensive end is even better, if not the Peru team Relying on penalty kicks in the final, Alisson can completely lose zero goals.

You must know that all of this was won in the absence of the top star Neymar. It seems that a full-fledged Samba army is quietly returning.

It is worth mentioning that after the veteran Alves won the championship, the total number of personal championships has reached 43, of which 40 were in his landingAfter winning in Europe, he was also the first player in history to win 40 titles.

Sports Network | Brazil crowned America“s Cup, Alves won 43 in his career

The U.S. women's football team took the championship photo.

Women’s World Cup final, the United States 2 to 0 Netherlands

In the Women’s World Cup final that ended early on the 8th, the United States defeated the Netherlands 2-0. In the history of a total of eight Women's World Cups, the US team has won the championship for the fourth time and is undoubtedly the dominant player in the women's football world.

After the game, the captain of the U.S. women’s football team Rapinoe won the Golden Globe Award and the Golden Boot Award in this World Cup.Grand prize, she scored 6 goals in this World Cup. American women's football Morgan also scored 6 goals and won the silver boots. The Dutch women's goalkeeper Van Fenedal won the best goalkeeper award.

Sports Network | Brazil crowned America“s Cup, Alves won 43 in his career

In this World Cup, the U.S. women’s football team won 7 consecutive victories, including the last World Cup’s 5 consecutive victories, and has achieved 12 consecutive victories, while the World Cup has two consecutive championships, the fourth in team history, and the 8th. All of the World Cup made it into the top four, with the worst results being the third place...Behind a series of results, the strength of the United States in the women's football world is evident.

In fact, with the rise of European powers, the women’s football worldGreat changes are taking place in the territory of the country's strength. Japan and Norway have gradually fallen behind. England, France and even the young Netherlands and Spain have risen rapidly.

After entering the knockout rounds, the final of the American women's football against the Netherlands has become the easiest battle. It can be foreseen that the American women's football will face a stronger challenge in 4 years.

Sports Network | Brazil crowned America“s Cup, Alves won 43 in his career

Where is Westbrook next?

Major General Westbrook was traded and the next big six was exposed

Now it seems that George’s switch to the Clippers is the beginning. I’m afraid there is still A bigger earthquake occurred.

After the media has exposed the possibility of Westbrook discussing the deal with the senior management, the six teams that are eager to join Westbrook have also surfaced, the Knicks, Heat, Pistons, and Kings. , Timberwolves and even the Rockets have thoughts about the 30-year-old Westbrook.

It is reported that the Heat is currently the biggest favorite. Heat reporter Barry Jackson said that the Heat management likes Westbrook very much. After getting Butler, they hope to introduce Westbrook to form a double giant lineup. .

In a few potential next homes, the Rockets were considered to be somewhat inexplicable. The salary space and the crowding of backcourt players made people think they could not get Westbrook, but according to "Breakfast" reporter Timo West Rapp reported that the Thunder and Rockets deal is not a fantasy.

On the one hand, Rocket Manager Morey firmly believes in superstarsThe number and quality of the team is the key to determining the upper limit of the team. On the other hand, Morey has lost confidence in using the current lineup to hit the championship. He has pursued Butler frantically before, and now sacrifices the players in the team to gamble. Westbrook fits Morey's style of acting.

It is worth mentioning that this is also an opportunity for the Rockets to "cleanse" Paul. Paul signed a four-year $160 million contract last summer, which expires in the summer of 2022. But the main purpose of the Thunder is to get flexible cap space and start to rebuild, which means that unless other chips such as picks are picked up, Paul's contract is difficult for the Thunder to accept.

Sports Network | Brazil crowned America“s Cup, Alves won 43 in his career

Durant’s No. 35 jersey will become history.

Durant joins the Nets and wears the No. 7 jersey

According to The Athletic reporter Shams Charania, Nets forward Kevin Durant will change the number, abandon the previous jersey No. 35, and start his career with the No. 7 jersey instead. /p>

The purpose of Durant wearing size 35 is to commemorate his AAU (Amateur Sports League) coach Charles Craig, who was Durant’s childhood mentor. Rand began coaching Durant at the age of 8. Craig was murdered at the age of 35. Durant was 16 at the time, and Durant has been wearing the No. 35 jersey since then.

In your own commercial brand accountLast, Durant also published a long article to explain his decision to change the number:

"The 35th took me and my family from Seat Pleasant, Maryland to the whole world. The 35th asked me I have the opportunity to meet people I never thought I would meet, experience things I never thought I would experience, and harvest things I never thought I could harvest."

"35 Let me join the University of Texas and participate in basketball games. The 35th allowed me to play in the NBA in Seattle and realize my dream. The 35th allowed me to gain the bonds and friendship that will last a lifetime in Oklahoma. Finally. , No. 35 brought me to the Bay Area, won two championships, and gained a brotherhood that will not be shattered, and will not be affected by time and distance."

"No. 35 is for To commemorate someone I’m very close to, I will always commemorate him and number 35. But asA new chapter in my basketball career, next time I see you on the court, I will wear a size 7. "

Number 7 was the number that Joe Johnson wore in the Nets. Jeremy Lin also wore the number 7 during his time with the Nets.

Sports Network | Brazil crowned America“s Cup, Alves won 43 in his career

South Korean high center Jin Xinyu joins Shanghai Shenhua

At the call of his teacher Cui Kangxi, South Korean high center forward Jin Xinyu decided to switch to Shanghai Shenhua and has officially bid farewell to the fans of Jeonbuk Hyundai.

"This is my last game in Jeonbuk, I wantThank the fans for their continued support and company. When I came to Jeonbuk from Ulsan, I spent 2 billion won (about 11.7 million yuan) in transfer fees; what made me happy is that when I left, I left 7 billion won (about 4000 yuan) for the club. Million yuan). ”

The 31-year-old Kim Shin-woo joined Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2016. Under the guidance of his mentor Choi Kang-hee, Kim Shin-woo ranks among the first-tier players in South Korea and has a place in the national team.

At the end of last year, Cui Kangxi took over Tianjin Quanjian’s coach and intended to bring Jin Xinyu to China to play. After changing to the head coach of Dalian Yifang, Cui Kangxi planned to sign Jin Xinyu in the summer, and with the location of work Cui Kangxi finally brought Jin Xinyu to Shanghai Greenland Shenhua.

Sports Network | Brazil crowned America“s Cup, Alves won 43 in his career

He wanted to go, Griezmann paid 120 million to terminate the contract Gold?

Following the deadlock in Atletico’s refusal to pay Griezmann’s 120 million euros in installments from Barcelona, ​​Griezmann personally announced a few days ago that it would pay 120 million by himself through a lawyer. Euro termination fee, and then he will sign with any club he wants.

This decision is shocking, but Griezmann is somewhat helpless. In the case of deciding to leave, The next Barcelona hesitated and did not want to pay the transfer fee in a lump sum, and Atletico Madrid refused to let go. Griezmann caught in the middle could only choose to pay for it out of his own pocket.

In fact, there is a reason why Atletico did not know how to work in this transaction. Before that, the Atletico Madrid club had always been dissatisfied with Barcelona's private contact with Griezmann. In an official statement, Atletico said, As early as March, before Atletico Madrid and Juventus’s UEFA Champions League second leg, Barcelona had negotiated with the French in private, "This is a great disrespect for Atletico Madrid and the fans."

After seeing that it was irreversible, Atletico also made concessions, reducing the penalty to 120 million euros, but hoped that Barcelona player Semedo could be added to the transaction. Barcelona refused to pay attention to this request, and insisted on getting Griezmann in installments during the negotiations. A series of unhappiness made Atletico have to continue to fight with Barcelona.

The two clubs refused to give in, and Griezmann had to do it on his own. What’s interesting is that Neymar did exactly thisThe way left Barcelona.

WFDF Frisbee Tournament held in Shanghai

Recently, the 2019 WFDF Asian Oceania Frisbee Tournament press conference, and the first media representative of the Chinese Frisbee training team The meeting was held at Luwan Stadium in Huangpu District, Shanghai.

Since 2010, the Chinese team has continuously participated in the 2010 Czech World Club, 2012 Japan World Club, 2014 Italy World Club, 2016 British World Championships, 2017 Asian Oceania Club Championships and 2018 American World Club. In recent years, many international competitions such as competitions and other international competitions have made significant progress and have the strength to compete for medals in this competition.

The ability of the Asian Frisbee Championships to be held in Shanghai is recognized by the World Frisbee Federation for China. It is also after Shanghai has held 21 consecutive annual Frisbee Invitational Tournaments.A major event upgrade.

It is reported that on July 23 and July 27, the opening ceremony and opening match, men’s, women’s and mixed championship finals will be held at Luwan Sports Center. As the event operator and promoter, this event is also the first time that Hangzhou Frisbee Culture Co., Ltd. has held an international A-level event. Founder Xue Zhixing said frankly that he hopes to organize more high-level events and professional training to help the development of Frisbee sports in China.