The American Women“s Football Championship “Quantifies“ the World“s Power

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The U.S. women's football championship, starting from the quarterfinals, was a bloody road in the encirclement and suppression of seven European power

Unsurprisingly, Aunt Sam won almost all the honors in the Women's World Cup in France.

The U.S. women’s football championship, starting from the quarter-finals, was a bloody road in the encirclement and suppression of seven European superpowers, whether new or old, and the fourth women’s World Cup. It proves one thing:

If the overall training advancement is evaluated, the American women's football team is still far ahead of all opponents. The running ability of this year's cup is the best at the moment, and the overall and individual penetration ability are enough to push the European powers to the ground.

At the same time, he is the holder of the record for the most consecutive wins in the history of the Women's World Cup with 12 consecutive victories.

The American Women“s Football Championship “Quantifies“ the World“s Power

This is a team with an average age of 30 Year-old "old girl" team. Although the competition intensity of women's football has always been much lower than that of men's football, the physical ageing restricts the competition ability is not so huge, but after the acceleration of the overall shift to masculinity, this means an increase in competition intensity; Plus European CupThe characteristics of the World Cup competition system, the continuous improvement of the competition system (24-team promotion system), the frequency of competitions has gradually become intensive. This trend is in line with the law of the marketization of women's football. In other words, after the marketization of European women's football is in line with the field of men's football, its influence has gradually expanded. The process of marketization of women's football in the whole world will inevitably be developed by European women's football." "Fixed", in turn forcing the European women's football team to pay close attention to youth training, urging the quality of the league, and speeding up the selection of national talents.

In this area, the Japanese women’s football team has long been done. With the continuous support of youth training, the national team has been at the forefront of technical football. According to the current public relations buzzword, it is called "leader Vendor".

The American Women“s Football Championship “Quantifies“ the World“s Power

Only the U.S. women’s football team, even if the professional league has gone through two suspensions, campus football is the biggest foundation. There are as many as 1.8 million women’s football registrations in the country, 1.5 million of which come from campus Then, the training methods have been leading the way. The youth training system relies on schools and competitions at all levels to flourish. Talent selection is almost the same as NBA, MLB, and NFL. Therefore, the dominance of American women's football does not come from technical and tactical exploration and innovation. This is Europe. What football needs to do, what Aunt Sam needs is:

Continuously improve the individual's athletic ability from the youth training, with a simple combination of personnelplus practicalMethod, combine the intensity of the game to destroy the opponent.

Since the first US Women’s World Cup won in 1991, they have not been at the forefront of technical and tactical trends. Instead, they have relied on their strong physical fitness and individual competition ability to compete with the world powers and continue to trample. Good show. In 1999, we drew with the Clang Rose finals. It was because of our good skills that we held the "hedging" of the American women's football team. In 2015, the Japanese women's football team was much better than all participating teams in terms of technical literacy, and once besieged the American women's football team. Defensive stage is also no match for the opponent's heinous physical shock.

At the Olympic Games and World Cup that began in the 1990s,The NBA super giant of the American men's basketball team relies on speed and counterattack "XJBD" to crush opponents by at least 20 points, which is the same reason. Until the 21st century, European and South American men’s basketball teams did not suffer any loss in physical fitness. With the advantages of tactical advancement and teamwork, they were able to gradually get back to the situation and push the US men’s basketball team to be body-to-body, relying on teams to fight teams, and use skills and tactics. On technique and tactics.

The American Women“s Football Championship “Quantifies“ the World“s Power

In addition, Aunt Sam’s The star-making ability is not trivial, and it has played an unspeakable role in promoting the popularization of American women's football. Fans in the last grade only need to Follow women’s football, and you will remember Brandi Chastain.

She played 192 games and scored 30 ball, now working in youth training in San Jose. This person is a representative figure of American women’s football at a turning point in history, with even greater influence The number one player at the time, Mia Hamm.

The American Women“s Football Championship “Quantifies“ the World“s Power

On July 10, 1999, Chastain experienced 120 minutes of fierce fighting in the Women's World Cup final at the Rose Bowl Stadium, and then made a penalty kick. After a lapse of 8 years, the championship trophy was left in China, and the most magnificent bloom of the sonorous rose stayed on the runner-up podium. It was her penalty kick that detonated the entire American women’s football game, and the 90,000 spectators and audience The world’s 1.2 billion TV viewers (at least 40% of Chinese audiences at the time) were shocked.

At the time, "Sports Illustrated" photographer Robert Baker took a large, high-resolution photo of Chastain's undressing celebration. After the release, the detonation effect in the media at the time was “no less than the direct impact of Halley’s Comet”. It was the first-class “traffic killer” of that era and the catalyst for the rapid popularity of American women’s football. Compared with MLB, NFL, NBA, The desert of American football because Chastain instantly gained the soil of star culture.

The American Women“s Football Championship “Quantifies“ the World“s Power

In seven games, the U.S. women's football team used the first four games to get a feel for their competitors. The most important game was the one-eighth knockout match that killed Spain 2:1 on June 24. From this game, the American women's football team released a strong physical fitness, relying on a very simple and effective set. The "run and bomb" tactic reached the finals and ate the Tulip Army.

1. Two wing lanes, No. 15 Rapinoe and No. 17 Heath ran wildly back and forth;

2. No. 13 Middle Road, Morgan oppresses opponent central defender;

3. Midfielder No. 3 Mavis and No. 16 LaVille sit in the back midfielder, constantly maintaining the defensive line, destroying the opponent's mid-range ball and organization.

The third point is particularly important. The 26-year-old Mavis is 180cm tall and is almost a sweeping machine walking sideways in the midfield. The individual soldiers are screaming everywhere, including Spain, France, and the Netherlands. Defeated. The 24-year-old LaVille was better able to run and played from the knockout round to the final in one breath. He played 63 minutes against France in the quarter-elimination match and 65 minutes against England in the semi-final. The final played the whole game and immediately after losing the ball. The explosive power of grabbing back is like a monster.

The American Women“s Football Championship “Quantifies“ the World“s Power

Except for these twoFor the strong support of the American women's football midfielder, the strong bench "just ready to move" also gave head coach Fish enough capital to rotate. The 37-year-old No. 10 Lloyd has seriously completed the sparring task of the pass and band, and his reputation has been worshipped.

To what extent did the American women's football team be bold against England: Mevis and Rapinoe were substitutes. The former played for 25 minutes as a warm-up symbol. Once they played, they overturned the British Empire striker Arrow White. ; The latter’s whole cup competition is the pinnacle of the sea. The semi-finals have spent 90 minutes guarding the water fountain, waiting for the finals to reap the honor, and then go to challenge the current US president-she and Trump’s feud has been known all over the world, and now , The accomplished "Captain America" ​​holds the three honours of the Golden Boot, the Golden Ball, and the Championship Trophy, and is waiting for Trump to publicly bow his head and admit his mistakes.

The American Women“s Football Championship “Quantifies“ the World“s Power

The Dutch women's football team, which is the new European Cup champion, is young and lacks precipitation after all. Only one thing has been thoroughly seen by the opponents :The semi-finals are over.

(Dutch women’s football finals is equivalent to facing 11 eagle-eyed skins on the courtChairman, what kind of experience is this?)

One-eighth knockout round 2:1 to kill the Japanese women’s football team. Luck, most of the time wasPeople walked around and fight like monkeys. If their running ability was not strong, they would collapse.

The quarter-elimination match 2-0 beheading the Italian women's football team is indeed due to strength.

The semi-finals played with the Swedish women’s football team in overtime. The Dutch women’s football team exhausted the last surplus, and finally lost to the American women’s football team. All kinds of waves flew up (the "sitting and killing" in the penalty area were played), and the Dutch women's goalkeeper Van Fenedal was "possessed" by De Gea. Rapinoe and Morgan should each score 7 goals.

My personal statistics, Van Fenedale made 12 saves in the game, and directly contributed 7 in the second half. Among them, he blocked Morgan, Heath, and Deng with four brave blocks. En, Pres' shot.

The American Women“s Football Championship “Quantifies“ the World“s Power

The other goal of the Tulip Women’s Army is No. 9 Midma, No. 10 Van der Donk, and No. 11 Martens No one can do without. The Golden Triangle is of course commendable in terms of tactics. The personal skills are also top-notch in Europe, but the physical bottleneck caused any of them to be targeted by opponents, and the other two did nothing.

During the actual game, Mavis and Laval relentlessly exchanged directly, taking turns to redeem No. 14 Groenen, and the connection of the Dutch women's football from the backcourt to the frontcourt was completely abolished; if Groenen’s level is comparable to Spain’s No. 14 Torrecilla, and the situation will not be so passive.

At the same time, Mavis and Lavel began to weaken Van der Dunk, the Dutch women’s wing. Breakthrough, ribs cooperate withAnd the pass is almost contained in the end of the 30-meter area and the large restricted area of ​​the US women's football, which is very inefficient.

The American Women“s Football Championship “Quantifies“ the World“s Power

Dutch women's football insists on the country The traditional 4-3-3 formation, but facing the aggressive Aunt Sam, their technical and tactical performance was directly beaten by the impact. After 65 minutes of the game, the Dutch women's football team collapsed and could only barely maintain the tactical execution ability. The American women's football team has completely entered the stage of herding sheep, and there is nothing to say. No. 19 full-back Dunn got Rapinoe's wonderful wing pass in the left rib, and drove solo into the penalty area. The three defenders of the Dutch women's football team let her sit down and bow and arrow. GoalkeeperVan Fenedal opened his shot and couldn't even keep up with his body-unfortunately he didn't make it.

Objectively speaking, the Dutch women's football has the technical strength to compete with the American women's football. Before entering the finals, they were very creative in frontcourt transfers and running positions in each game. The technical movements when holding the ball were rich and practical. There were many people running in the penalty area to grab the spot. The level was clear, and many people were in the penalty area. If you dare to break through and earn a free kick, you can clearly see the brand of the men's football team. Plus the physical foundation of Europeans, as long as they accumulate, success is only a matter of time.

Compared with their opponents in the finals, their pre-match plans are obviously inadequate.In view of this, the on-the-spot adjustment of head coach Colleen can not keep up at all, which is directly related to the lack of experience in reaching the World Cup final for the first time.

The American Women“s Football Championship “Quantifies“ the World“s Power

2019 Women's World Cup re-start At the end, it is the process of the American women's football team constantly measuring the opponent's resistance ability through the intensity of the game in different gears. Since the intensity of the game can be quantified, the output effect of the tactical branch can be more quantified. PlusThe Brazilian women’s football team is seriously aging, and the old and new faults are obvious. The strong European teams Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Sweden, and England are all in their personal abilities and overall skills and tactics.Combined with the adjustment period, the real threat to the renewal opponents of the American women's football team is still the Japanese women's football team with increasingly sophisticated skills. The Chinese women's football team still has a long way to go.

A tribute to Rapinoe, the captain of the French Women’s Football World Cup in 2019.

The American Women“s Football Championship “Quantifies“ the World“s Power