Why didn“t Durant sign the Warriors for maximum salary?

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1. Status issues Durant’s status in the Warriors has always been the focus of discussion. Of course, for a superstar like Durant, what he hopes is def

1. Status issues

Durant’s status in the Warriors has always been the focus of discussion. Of course, Durant’s superstars The hope is definitely to appear in a team as the head star, but the Warriors are splashed warriors, Curry's team, this team can be without anyone, but it cannot be without Curry and Thompson. Therefore, even if Durant is better, as a latecomer, his status in the team is unlikely to exceed Curry, this may be a knot in his heart. Curry may not care, because he is a "elementary student" who loves to play basketball, but Durant cares. He was the big brother when the Thunder got the MVP, but was later ridiculed by the Oklahoma City media. Westbrook failed to support him." "Big Brother" is more like a team boss, which is one of the reasons Durant ran away.

In the Warriors, even DuRand signed a 5-year contract and finished playing. He only played for the Warriors for 8 seasons. At that time, Curry had played for this team for more than a dozen seasons. How could he not be possible? Be the first person on the team. After he has won the coveted championship and FMVP, what he needs to consider is where he can become the "legend" of this team and the signature of this team. This is something the Warriors do not have.

2. Relationship issues

The relationship within the Warriors team has been infinitely enlarged since they regained the championship. Everyone has a common goal. It is happy and harmonious, because it is consistent with the outside world, but when the team is not very motivated, there will be discordant voices. This season alone broke the news that Durant has a bad relationship with Green, Curry, and management. Maybe these are not necessarilyReal, but it does affect the players.

Regardless of whether the relationship within the Warriors really has reached the point of irreconcilability, there are still some problems in it, and we will not let Durant choose to leave. We have no way to know.

3, no one keeps him?

The Warriors management knows that if Durant and Thompson are renewed for the maximum salary, and the two of them won’t play for most of the next season, the biggest problem is The huge luxury tax, one side may go to the lottery next year, so the Warriors management is not so active, although they plan to give a maximum salary, but the maximum salary is my price, you agree to agree, even if you disagree Now, there is no urgency. At this point, the Nets and Irving are more active, so in the end Durant chose the Nets.

Some news broke GreenWent to visit Durant, but then Green denied it. Many people speculated that this was a problem of their bad relationship. But from the operation of the Warriors behind, Green does not need to force Durant to stay, because it is a problem to keep Durant his contract extension next season, and now do not leave Durant his continuation next season. Covenant is also a problem. Green doesn't even know whether he will be a Warriors player after next season, so why should he actively retain people?

4. Durant’s thoughts

The big city of New York is what Durant wants, and the Nets’ desire for a championship is what he wants , There are not many honors in the history of the Nets, not even many powerful people, these are in line with Durant's goals. As long as he can lead this team to the finals, it is best to win the championship. He will definitely make an important mark in the history of this team.He is the hero of this team, and what makes him yearn for more than this.

Here, he can heal his injury, enjoy the business opportunities that the big city brings him, and have the opportunity to lead the team to the championship and become a hero after he recovers. Moreover, he is now more able to handle public relations. Starting from the team he will officially announce to join on his social media, he has begun to learn how to use resources, which he did not know before. He already has almost all the honors, and now he needs to consider his future career and his retirement. In this regard, few cities can compare with New York.

Why didn“t Durant sign the Warriors for maximum salary?