For amateur table tennis friends, three points will let you easily master backhand ball!

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Show it to amateur friends, don't take the professional route, analyze details, set goals, and provide methods. I don't expect to be able to pull out

For amateur friends, don’t take the professional route, analyze details, set goals, and provide methods.

I don’t expect to be able to pull out an explosive backhand. I just hope to be able to stabilize the stage while posing a certain threat.

Why do you mention the back of the fingers, the height, the speed, and the friction? Because, the predecessors' preparations, such as "Pushing down the collar and throwing" and other articles, explained a lot of the core of backhand force, and I also learned a lot from it. Therefore, I can only analyze from other angles, starting from my personal experience. Therefore, this article skips the big links such as the center of gravity on the right half of the body, the waist and the abdomen, and the top elbow, but the goal and details. The six elements of fingers, wrists, height, speed, and hitting friction are closely related.value.

Speed ​​and height

If you want to pull the ball to be on stage, you must give the ball forward speed and upward height. An outstanding problem of amateurs is that when pulling down the spin, they desperately pull up and do not dare to move forward, causing the ball to be pulled off the net and still have a guilty conscience. speed. The deeper meaning is that the hit is not enough. How about the upward height? It is mainly determined by the timing of the hit and the completeness of the wrist movement. The former means that the relative height of the ball and the net should be calculated in the heart. It is best to hit when the ball is slightly lower than the net, so that the ball can be controlled and made slightly. The point arc is enough. The latter means friction. When the wrist movement is completed, the friction is sufficient and a good arc can be created.

To sum up, the goal is to give the ball the right speed and height byHit according to the relative height of the ball and the net, and create friction through the complete movement of the wrist.

Hit and friction

Quoting from the article "Ubiquitous Impact" by Mr. Ma Kaixuan---amateur Fans must not look at impact and rotation (friction) as opposed to each other, but should be unified, because impact helps to build up the feel of the hand faster and better. We often talk about backhands. The great significance of elbow spending is to make room for the ball. The kicking of the body and the tension of the waist and abdomen provide inertia to the ball, and there is no friction when it comes up. According to the "┌" theory of the backhand ball, I feel that the shape of the racket is from the inward button state to the straight line with the arm. This process is the main process of hitting. Then, the complete movement of the wrist (and forearm) is "toward"Right to rub", it must be done completely, and I feel that a quarter circle has been drawn.

In summary, the goal is to unify the hit and the friction, and the method is to "push the back of your fingers a little forward" ", the wrist (and forearm) "to the right rubbing".

Back of hand (finger) and wrist (forearm)

According to The spirit of teacher Ma Kaixuan’s article, at this time, the force of the back 3 fingers and the back of the hand is very important. The thumb plays the role of friction adjustment. I also arbitrarily disassembled it. I think the back 3 fingers and the back of the hand The main function of force is to hit and transmit the power of the body. And the thumb can indeed adjust the height and drop point, but it is more difficult to rely solely on the thumb to create friction, because the thumb is short and the distance of movement is very short. But , The thumb has a great effect,That is, it can rub the ball, so it can extend the rubbing time through the movement of the wrist and forearm. With this relatively stable and relaxed force mechanism, we can touch the ball with the head of the board, and the force will be better.

In summary, the goal is to coordinate the back of the hand with the wrist. The method is to use the three fingers and the back of the hand to extend the wrist.