Fernard“s encounter with the top four is not in suspense

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Fernard“s encounter with the top four is not in suspense

Fernard“s encounter with the top four is not in suspense

Tencent sports news as long as Feiner If Germany is still there, Wimbledon will not lack topics and attention. These three gold signs all came to the men's singles quarter-finals in a tacit understanding, and moving towards their encounter with each other, it is also inevitable that they are reliable. [Feature]

In an eight-to-four matchup, Federer will stand on the court with a goal of 100 wins at Wimbledon. He will face the second time he has entered the quarterfinals of Wimbledon. Zhigui, this is also the last warm-up before the Swiss meets Nadal. Whether it is from the record of the match or the comparison of strengths, Kei Nishikori seems not to be a threat to Federer., Of course, the premise of all this is that the Swiss do not want to lose the chain by themselves.

Although Federer's performance at Wimbledon this year was almost perfect before coming to the quarterfinals. The strong and efficient offense saved him time and effort and saved the physical stamina that he most needed to retain. This is not even his own emotion: I didn't expect it to be so easy along the way. But for him, who is about to celebrate his 38th birthday next month, he is not as good as before. No matter how brilliant, it is the past. No matter how easy it is, you can't care about it. The case where the sudden change in state has caused him to suffer has not happened once in a while in the past few years. Therefore, against Kei Nishikori, the old cow should not be careless. The two had only one confrontation on the grass, and it took place in the 2014 Harley Race. After five years of fighting again, Federer should not be difficult as long as he shows the state before the quarterfinals.

One step further, will you meet Nadal? Will Feiner’s 40th matchup be staged here? This is when the check-in form came out, The thoughts ignited by the outside world. It also depends on whether the U.S. Cannon Querrey agrees. However, you must know that Nadal was once known as the "cannon nemesis". From Roddick to Isner to Querrey, Del Potro, Cilic, a series of cannon-type players, Nadal has an extremely proud victory.

Two years ago, Querrey became the first American male player to reach the semi-finals of the Grand Slam after Roddick in 2009. Two years later, he will face the Spanish bull. One thing to guard against is that this American cannon can create difficulties for the world number one or the defending champion every time at Wimbledon. He can be regarded as the nemesis of the defending champion. Querrey eliminated the Grand Slam of the German contract three years ago, and won Murray in 2017, letting his opponent almost lose the world's number one throne and dominate the Big Four. Can Nadal, who made the top 8 of Wimbledon for the 7th time, defend against the Americans who always beat the blood?

thanStarting from the suspense of the encounter between Federer and Nadal, Djokovic may still have a smooth journey. Although he is facing an enhanced version of Goffin, he is the first seeded player he encountered at Wimbledon this time. The defending champion has adjusted his state to the best, as long as he does enough to deal with it, winning will not be a problem. In other words, Djokovic has the highest insurance coefficient in BIG3. Moreover, whether it is Federer or Nadal, if the final plot is still inevitably staged a fierce battle between the giants, they will face an extremely difficult fierce battle if they face the German treaty. (Author/Zimo)