His role as a point guard may be “marking“ the beginning of his twilight years

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Most of us have not been able to witness the "God of Basketball" Michael Jordan's bull dynasty; but we are fortunate to participate in and witness the

When you see this title, yes, it is indeed LeBron James. Most of us have not been able to witness the "God of Basketball" Michael Jordan’s bull dynasty; but we are lucky enough to participate And witnessed the greatness of LeBron James, the contemporary Jordan!

Although there are many people who like and admire him, there are indeed a lot of people who have hacked him; spraying him at the peak, throwing the pot at critical moments, weakness of willpower, disuse of teammates, etc. Series of topics. In any case, after 16 years of professional career, you have to admit his greatness; as a rational fan, you have to appreciate his understanding of basketball.

His role as a point guard may be “marking“ the beginning of his twilight years

How much love will How much hate there is, those who love him still love, those who hate him still hate. No matter what, he has won 3 championship trophies, 3 FMVPs and personal honors all over the body. He has been ups and downs in 16 years. In his career, there is passion, confusion, victory, and loss. After the fiasco in Cleveland's final season finals, you can feel his constant tension and start to relax.

I arrived at the Lakers for the first time, full of hope

After LeBron devoted all his efforts to fulfilling his promise to his hometown, the summer of 17 yearsGod, for the sake of my family and my future self, I chose to leave my hometown and go to Los Angeles again. This time Cleveland no longer complains, but more sincere wishes.

His role as a point guard may be “marking“ the beginning of his twilight years

On July 2, 2018, LeBron airborne in Los Angeles. Even if he is a newcomer, as the first man in the league, he naturally sits in the position of his eldest brother. Looking at the many talented teenagers in front of him and the All-Star players who may come by the middle of the season, his mouth is fullWith a smile, he can finally retreat to the second line this time, right?

Ideal is ideal after all, and reality is really reality. After the start of the 18-19 season, it can be clearly seen that LeBron intentionally or unintentionally put the ball in the hands of his teammates, and strives to play off the ball that he has never been good at in his entire career. But the effect was really short-lived. After a wave of losing streaks, he regained the ball. In other words, he was really impatient, like a parent who guarded the calf, watching his child be beaten, and couldn't bear it. While scolding his own child for being unbearable, he carried the responsibility on his shoulders again. After that, the plot was even more bloody. The management not only failed to get the thick eyebrows, but also damaged the enthusiasm of their own children. What followed was the expected cleanup and reconstruction of the team.

His role as a point guard may be “marking“ the beginning of his twilight years


Getting thick eyebrows is like gaining a treasure, and losing a small card has no destiny.

I have to say that thick eyebrows are absolutely true love to the Lakers and even Lao Zhan. Thick eyebrows smash the pelican. , Especially Rich Paul’s words to the Greens, "Even if you get him, you only have one year's right to use it" is extremely domineering, which discouraged the teams, and then hugged LeBron with full of joy and immersed in Los Angeles.

In order to welcome the thick eyebrows or maybe really deliberately delegating power, LBJ handed over his beloved No. 23Let, while making the thick eyebrows extremely satisfying, he is more mind-free. After that, the Lakers joined the battle for the "robot" Leonard. In order to impress the small card, LeBron even directly announced to the outside world to retreat to the second line and let the card god become bigger. Because LBJ himself knows very well that he, who is about to 35 years old, has entered the twilight years of his career, he should delegate power to young people so that he can extend his career while striving to get a few more rings. There is also a dream of being a father. Waiting for Brownie to enter the NBA. Father and son are on the same scene, which is unprecedented!

His role as a point guard may be “marking“ the beginning of his twilight years

It is counterproductive. How can a player who decides to be Jordan be someone else’s Pippen? While we admired the card, we were able to fully understand him. In this way, the Lakers missed Leonard, and the James Eyebrow Fellowship card did not take shape.

Added completed The Lakers, let LeBron enter the twilight years of his career

After the Lakers lost Leonard, they quickly started the × plan, replenishing the lineup in a flash and renewing Rondo , McGee, Pope, signed free agents Danny Green, Cousins, Dudley, Bradley, Caruso, Daniels and Cook.

His role as a point guard may be “marking“ the beginning of his twilight years

This lineup can be said to have no depth. The extremely strong immediate combat power makes everyone forget the regret of losing the small card instantly and look forward to the future again. But what's bad is that apart from Long coaching the traditional point guard, there is no second player who has the ability to organize and connect teams.

The players in the free market are almost wiped out by the teams, and there are no point guards left for the Lakers to choose. At this time, the media reported that James will be the starting point guard in the new season, saying that he was surprised and actually expected.Lao Zhan, who is about to turn 35, is no longer able to fly into the sky like 28 years old. Although he has not suffered major injuries, the deterioration of various physical functions affects him. On the play.

His role as a point guard may be “marking“ the beginning of his twilight years

Under the defense of today’s forward position, the old James can no longer rely on his body to top up again and again. The opponent entered the penalty area, and what followed was this brand newThe transition to focus on point guards.

As a teenager, he was known for his comprehensive skills. After entering the league, he controlled the ball more in his own hands, and he has unique physical fitness, innate overall view, and excellent passing. His ability and top-level field control make him no less inferior to other top point guards in revitalizing the team. In this way, you can organize the team's offense without overdrawing your aging body, so that your career can be extended as much as possible, waiting for the arrival of Brownie.

His role as a point guard may be “marking“ the beginning of his twilight years

I think that LBJ's intentional or unintentional role as a point guard this time is a major sign of his transformation in his career. He wants to extend his career Career, waiting for Brownie’s arrival is one aspect, and more importantly, wanting to be the best in history, as well as the data of 40,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 that are close at hand!

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