Gu Zihao didn“t go downstairs in 70 days after returning to Xiantao

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Gu Zihao won the first world championship for Hubei Go. He thanked the medical staff from all over the country for supporting Hubei and Wuhan, "helpin

Gu Zihao didn“t go downstairs in 70 days after returning to Xiantao

Gu Zihao won the first world championship for Hubei Go. He thanked medical staff from all over the country for supporting Hubei and Wuhan, "helping us tide over the difficulties."

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Gu Zihao

Birthplace : Hubei Xiantao

Date of Birth: February 1998

Occupation: Chinese Go professional

Dan: Nine Duan

Main results:


The 22nd Samsung Cup Champion


The 20th Agan Tongshan Cup Champion

The 14th Weifu Fang Open Cup Champion


The best host of the Chinese Siege League

The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia was just around the Spring Festival. Many Hubei athletes who returned to visit relatives stayed home for this reason , Go world champion Gu Zihao 9duan is one of them. Affected by the epidemic, Gu Zihao, who returned to his hometown in Xiantao, Hubei, did not go downstairs for 70 days. However, compared to Wang Shuang and other women's football players stranded in Wuhan, Gu Zihao is much luckier. During the epidemic, all Go games were changed to online. Gu Zihao led the Jiangxi team to win the Siege League Online Warm-up Championship and entered the LG Cup preliminaries last week.

A way home

I didn’t wear a mask all the way when changing trains in Wuhan

On January 13, Gu Zihao, who had finished his one-year race mission, took the high-speed rail from Beijing West Railway Station. Return to Hubei Xiantao hometown for the New Year. There is no direct high-speed rail from Beijing to Xiantao. Gu Zihao bought a transit train from Hankou Railway Station.ticket.

In early January, a lot of news related to the epidemic spread. However, according to the expert group's statement at the time, the epidemic was preventable and controllable. Although he felt a little uneasy, Gu Zihao, like most people, did not take protective measures. On the way back to Xiantao from Beijing, Gu Zihao didn’t wear a mask. “I observed along the way and almost no one wore a mask.”

While waiting for the transfer at Hankou Railway Station, Gu Zihao went to the waiting room to eat a bowl of heat. Dry noodles. The familiar taste of hometown temporarily dilutes Gu Zihao's hidden worries about the epidemic. Since he was 11 years old, he went to Beijing to learn chess. Gu Zihao can only go back to his hometown every Spring Festival.

On the first few days when I returned to Xiantao, my relatives and friends in my hometown were busy for the Spring Festival. On January 20, the calm pace of life was disrupted. On that day, Academician Zhong Nanshan confirmed at a press conference that there was human-to-human transmission of the new crown pneumonia, and Gu Zihao, who had just returned home for a week, suddenly became nervous.

"On January 23, when Wuhan was closed, I hadn't been back for 14 days, so I was a little nervous." The anxiety continued until the third day of the New Year, which was the 14th day when Gu Zihao returned home. After confirming that his body was in good health, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, “I was really scared in retrospect, especially when I ate at the station.” As a professional chess player, Gu Zihao’s Spring Festival The holidays are not long. According to the original plan, he will stay in Xiantao's hometown until the end of January, and go to the United States to participate in a Go exchange event on February 1. The plan did not change quickly, and Gu Zihao stayed there for more than 3 months.

In the past few days when I returned to Xiantao, Gu Zihao lived with his mother at his uncle's house. The day after Wuhan's lockdown, Xiantao, known as the back garden of Wuhan, announced the lockdown, and Gu Zihao's long life in isolation began.

B Isolation period

At home for 3 months without leaving the gate of the community

"Since January 21, I have not been out of the house for 70 days. It was not until April 1 that I went downstairs because of the delivery. Until now, I have not stepped out of the gate of the community. "In an interview with a reporter from the Beijing News, Gu Zihao said that he gradually got used to such an isolated life.

"After the cities in Hubei are closed, everyone will be nervous and feel that it is not safe to stay in Hubei under the circumstances. But from another perspective, staying in Hubei is also very good. I basically Only Spring Energy comes back once, and it won’t last long. This time it’s a long vacation for myself to spend time with my family.” Gu Zihao said that at least relatives and friends in his hometown will take care of each other. If he is left alone in Beijing , May be more nervous.

Compared with Wuhan and most other cities in Hubei, Xiantao's epidemic prevention and control is relatively better. As the country’s largest non-woven fabric production base, the demand for masks in Xiantao City can still supplyDeserve it. According to the latest report of the epidemic situation in Hubei Province on April 20, a total of 575 confirmed cases have been confirmed in Xiantao City.

During the isolation period, Gu Zihao's uncle and aunt would buy some vegetables when they went out to work, and their daily life was not affected too much. "For the blessing of my uncle and aunt in life, they will go out to buy some necessities, so I don't have to go out." Gu Zihao said.

During the quarantine at home, Gu Zihao's life was unusually regular, during which he had an unforgettable birthday. When there is no game, Gu Zihao wakes up in the morning to read books and do sports, and in the afternoon he will pay attention to some Go games. During that time, although the Chinese Go Association suspended all games, the games between Japan and South Korea did not stop. In the evening, it was Gu Zihao's training time. Looking for an opponent to play chess, and then resume the game, three or four hours passed.

Gu Zihao is the first world champion of Hubei Go. During the stay in Hubei, many people are very concerned about hisThe situation, "The association and chess academy are particularly concerned about us, Xiao Hua Lao (Hua Xueming, the leader of the national Go team) called and asked me not to go out as much as possible, take protection, and let me report safety every day."

Enter In March, watching the epidemic prevention and control gradually improve, Gu Zihao said that everyone is not so scared. "This time I would like to thank the medical staff from all over the country for supporting Hubei and Wuhan and helping us tide over this difficulty."

C Cloud Game

It's not difficult to cheat, but the integrity is the first.

During the epidemic, global sports events were suspended. However, compared to other events, Go online games are more flexible. Even if he stayed in Hubei, it did not affect Gu Zihao's participation in all competitions. He scored 9 wins and 1 loss in the Weijia network warm-up match and the LG Cup preliminaries.

On March 1, the Chinese Go Association launched the Weiqi League Online Warm-up Tournament for the first time, and all 16 teams participated.In the final with the Shanghai Jianqiao Academy on March 19, the Jiangxi Four Special Wine Team won the championship with Gu Zihao's main general. Gu Zihao ranked first in the chess player's winning rate with a 7 wins and 1 loss.

In the subsequent 25th LG Cup China Preliminaries, Gu Zihao also participated online. Affected by the epidemic, the LG Cup canceled the comprehensive qualifiers and allocated the places for this tournament according to the association. The Chinese Go Association has 6 places for this tournament.

From April 10th, the LG Cup preliminaries will be held at the Chinese Chess Academy. This is the first time that the Go Personal World Tournament will be played online. Four of the 24 participating chess players were not in Beijing, including Gu Zihao 9duan and Xie Erhao 9duan who were stranded in Hubei. They all played under camera surveillance.

"In the beginning, when we discussed this matter in the WeChat group of the national team, some players were worried about whether the online competition would be bad." Gu Zihao said that online competitions existThere is a certain possibility of cheating. This is what everyone is worried about. "We are both professional chess players and members of the national team. These two points determine that we cannot cheat."

April 11, Gu Zihao ushered in the first round, and his opponent Tao Xinran was also not in Beijing. According to the requirements of the Chinese Go Association, four players outside Beijing must be monitored in all directions during the game. Judging from the game video, Gu Zihao's hair has grown a lot. He said that he hasn't had a haircut in 4 months.

The request is required, but the national team leader Hua Xueming firmly believes that the chess players will not cheat. "They have to adhere to professional ethics when they reach a certain level, especially like Gu Zihao and Xie Erhao. (World Champion). Of course, if you really want to cheat, it’s okay, but I believe they won’t."

Gu Zihao also said that the competition was not particularly strict, "I use a computer Camera, you can see your paintings in front of the computer in real timesurface. Of course, the game time is very long, you must go to the bathroom. There are ways to cheat. But we are all professional chess players, and we still need professional ethics. "The first round defeated Tao Xin. Then, on April 17th, Gu Zihao defeated Tan Xiao to win the LG Cup seat.

With the successive lifting of the control of the Li-Han passageway, Gu Zihao's long isolation Life is about to end. At present, he has received a notice from the national team that he can return to Beijing and is preparing for the relevant procedures. Not surprisingly, Gu Zihao can return to his normal training and competition state next month.

According to the Beijing News Reporter Sun Haiguang