Not afraid of obsolescence! Do you like the 4 old flagship phones of Apple and Samsung that are worth choosing?

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Although Apple's two old flagship phones, iPhone7Plus and iPhoneXiPhone7Plus, iPhone7Plus are machines from 2016, its A10 processor is not at all outd

Apple’s two old flagship phones, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone X

iPhone 7 Plus


Not afraid of obsolescence! Do you like the 4 old flagship phones of Apple and Samsung that are worth choosing?

Although the iPhone 7 Plus is a 2016 machine, its A10 processor is not outdated at all. It can completely allow you to smoothly play the game. After all, iPhone 6s can run smoothly. Thanks to the inherent advantages of the iOS system, there is absolutely no need to worry about system fluency. iPhone 7 Plus will definitely allow you to use it smoothly for a whole day. Of course, this fruit fan pen friends all know. , IPhone 7P has the same 3GB of running memory as iPhone X, and the ability to handle multitasking will be better. Now, with the support of Apple's iOS12 system, the performance of Apple's iPhone7 Plus has been further improved. Especially fluency is greatly improved. Therefore, for many users, Apple iPhoWith the support of Apple's iOS12 system, ne7 Plus will basically be no problem for another two years. Compared with the iPhone XR, the iPhone 7plus also has a dual rear camera with portrait mode and twice the optical lossless zoom. The 3D touch function is also one of the highlights, which has great convenience in daily interaction. The appearance of the iPhone 7 Plus is obviously not keeping up with the trend. In terms of hardware configuration, the processor, camera, and battery life are also slightly difficult. Compared with the Huawei P30 at the same price, although the current iPhone 7 Plus price has dropped to 3K, it can't keep up with the mainstream configuration of high-end flagship phones.

iPhone X

Not afraid of obsolescence! Do you like the 4 old flagship phones of Apple and Samsung that are worth choosing?

iPhone X uses a 5.8-inch super retina screen, which is Samsung’s OLED screen , 2436x1125 resolution, 458PPI, is the highest pixel density in the history of iPhone. And it is still equipped with HDR display, 3D Touch function, etc. Apple iPhone X uses the most top COP packaging process,Remember, this process is currently only available from Samsung, which can make the screen's driver chip and cable all folded and stuffed under the fuselage. iPhoneX uses a notch design, and it is also the first iPhone model to use this design. Therefore, as an iPhone, it is in a leading position. The phone is equipped with an A11 processor, which may be many Of users feel that the A11 processor is not as good as the A12 processor. Although this is true, many users can’t feel the difference in the actual experience because they are very smooth. This iPhone X It is undoubtedly the best product on the market, and when it comes to branding, some experts believe that this is a strategy of Apple. As more and more flagship Android phones are selling more and more expensive, Apple wants to highlight the iPhone X Flagship status, will thisThis phone is priced so high.

Samsung S9

Not afraid of obsolescence! Do you like the 4 old flagship phones of Apple and Samsung that are worth choosing?

In appearance, the 6.2-inch full-view curved screen + glass body design has excellent screen-to-body ratio and display effect. The configuration is equipped with Snapdragon 845 processingThe rear camera is equipped with 12 million AI dual cameras. The performance and camera capabilities are also at the industry leading level. In addition, Samsung S9+ also supports IP68 waterproof, wireless charging, iris unlocking and other functions. The quality control and functionality are also quite good. Samsung S9+ is still a more comprehensive flagship model. The Samsung Galaxy S9 uses a 12-megapixel single camera, supports full-pixel dual-core focus, supports OIS optical image stabilization, and the most eye-catching is the use of f1.5/f2.4 smart Change the aperture. Samsung Galaxy S9+ adds a 12 million telephoto camera on this basis, supporting dual OIS optical image stabilization. Both are equipped with an 8-megapixel front camera with an aperture of f/1.7 and support autofocus. The new machine supports 960 frames of gaze shooting, dynamic cute shooting and other new functions.

Samsung NOTE8

Not afraid of obsolescence! Do you like the 4 old flagship phones of Apple and Samsung that are worth choosing?

The front 6.3-inch Super AMOLED giant screen has Quad HD level (1440x2960) Resolution, the screen ratio of 18.5:9 has a wider display space than the general 2K screenIn between, daily browsing can display more content. The color of the screen is gorgeous, it is amazing under the wide screen, the brightness can reach up to 1200 nits, the display is clear in the sunlight, and the maximum brightness at night is really bright and blind. 2017 is the first year of full screens, and the S8 series launched at the beginning of the year has allowed Samsung to lead most manufacturers with outstanding screen performance. The telephoto lens on the Note 8 maintains Samsung’s consistent sharp style. I can easily use it to shoot distant scenes or eliminate some unwanted objects in the picture. The changes on Note 8 will not be too great. For those of me who have used iPhone X, after getting used to gestures, returning to the embrace of virtual buttons, the experience is not so comfortable. The Note 8 system still has a strongThe flavor of Samsung, after evolving to the One UI version, the fluency of the system is fully improved. On the mobile phone system, Samsung has been ridiculed by users as "negative optimization." On Note8, we saw what an Android top flagship should look like. The full-screen design looks stunning, and the photo effects are as good as ever. The combination of powerful hardware configuration and S-Pen allows users to give full play to their creativity and makes it a unique selling point.