Is VIVOX27 worth starting now?

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VIVOX27 is a relatively new one in the VIVO mobile phone series. The appearance is pretty good, with a full screen on the front and three cameras on t

VIVO X27 is a relatively new one in the VIVO mobile phone series. The appearance is pretty good, with a full screen on the front and three cameras on the back.

Is VIVOX27 worth starting now?

Is VIVOX27 worth starting now?

X27’s screens are all black, and different colors refer to the color of the back cover. This is not only the case of VIVO mobile phones, but also other brands of mobile phones. Now the new mobile phones have almost no white screen, unlike the previous mobile phone screens that have white and black colors.

Why X27's Fendaijin and Symphony Summer, these two colors sell better. Because VIVO's mobile phones are mainly aimed at the female user market. As mentioned in the previous article, women buying mobile phones are different from men. Women buying mobile phones are more emotional.

When women buy mobile phones, they usually pay more attention to the appearance and fashion. They rarely pay attention to what the CPU is, how large the running memory is, and what material the screen uses.

Fan and Dai metal are in pink color, and many women still prefer this color. fantasyCaixia's color is relatively fresh and looks quite comfortable at first glance. In contrast, the color of bird feather blue is very ordinary.

Is VIVOX27 worth starting now?

In the VIVO mobile phone box, there is a transparent protective shell that comes with it. Many people find it unsightly and buy a colored protective case again. As long as it is not a transparent protective case, and it is installed on your phone, you can't see the color of your phone. Anyway, the screen is black.

When buying a mobile phone, I was entangled with this color and that color, so I used a strapColor protective shell. Since this is the operation, do you still need to entangle colors?

In addition to the color of X27 which is more attractive to female users, the pixel of the camera is also relatively high. There are three cameras on the back, the main camera is 12 million pixels, the secondary camera is 1300 pixels plus 5 million pixels, and you can choose to output 48 million ultra-clear pixels.

The X27's front camera is 16 million pixels, which can basically meet the needs of selfies. Women use their mobile phones to take selfies much more frequently than men.

Men don’t care about the front camera function because they use less. The entertainment function of mobile phones is now greater than the call function. Female mobile phone users value the two functions of taking pictures and videos. The pixels of the camera determine the final imaging effect.

In fact, in addition to color and camera, X27 other hardThe hardware configuration is quite high, the battery is 4000 mAh, and the running memory is 8G. Compared with other brands of mobile phones, this configuration is not low at the same price.

To decide whether a mobile phone is worth buying, in addition to whether you like it or not, it also depends on whether the price is within your budget. Let's take a look at the price of X27.

X27 has two capacities to choose from, one is 128G and the other is 256G. The price of 128G is 2998 and the price of 256G is 3298. The difference between the two prices is 300 hundred yuan. The price difference is very small, and it is not a big difference of several hundred dollars. It is recommended to choose 256G in one step.

Are you using an X27 phone? If you change your phone, will you consider VIVO X27? Welcome to leave a message to discuss!

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