Vivo“s exploration of new retail: about self-renovation of human goods market

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As we all know, the mobile phone industry is currently in the "winter period" of development, the macroeconomic slowdown, growth dividends are not the

As we all know, the current mobile phone industry is in the "winter period" of development, the macroeconomic slowdown, the growth dividend is not there, and the era of more cruel stock competition continues. Almost all companies in the industry All are responding to new changes. Even the giants are all "in danger" and are striving to find effective ways to stimulate economic growth. But in the face of growth sluggishness, how do mobile phone manufacturers activate themselves? Let's take a brief look at the current situation of the industry, and take the recently opened vivo Lab as an example to look at the mobile phone industry new retail.

Vivo“s exploration of new retail: about self-renovation of human goods market

On March 22, vivo opened the world’s first concept store in Shenzhen Sea World Plaza , Named vivo Lab. There is an ingenuity behind the name-"Lab can be translated into a laboratory. For vivo, this new attempt on the sales channel obviously carries a hint of experimentation.Vivo’s first concept store is located in Shenzhen Sea World, which is also the core area of ​​Nanshan Shekou. The whole presents a shape resembling a spaceship, and together with the iconic Minghua Wheel of the Sea World next to it, it attracts the attention of many passersby.

Different from the previous vivo offline stores, the concept store’s overall design uses a large number of colored glass, metal, mirror, stone and other materials to match to create Brand new image.

The Lab concept store is divided into two floors. The first floor is mainly the product experience area, including categories such as mobile phones, peripheral products and smart home products. Vivo’s X27, which was just released a few days ago, will be first sold in the store, and there are also many of vivo’s latest full-line products, such as APEX 2019, NEX dual-screen version and other concept phones or customized phones.

Vivo“s exploration of new retail: about self-renovation of human goods market

Not only product display, the concept store will also emphasize the interaction and communication with consumers. According to the introduction of the manager of the Lab concept store, vivo has cooperation with FIFA, NBA, KPL, and the Lab concept store will also hold the "LiveThe exchange activities of games such as "Football", "NBA2K" and "King of Glory" may also organize players to compete together. And this kind of communication is not limited to games. In the future, the Lab concept store will invite photographers to carry out photography technical guidance and also carry out music-related activities.

When we carefully observe the current mobile phone new retail market, it is not difficult to find that the current mobile phone industry as a whole has a highly dispersed feature in the new retail layout, with tens of thousands of traditional small stores, and accompanying With the rise of brand owners, the game between brand owners and retailers in the market has become increasingly fierce, and substantial integrators in the new mobile phone retail market have still emerged. In other words, there is currently no brand or retailer in the industry that can cause profound changes in the entire industry value chain, and the current new retail layout belongs to the underlying infrastructure level, the core data connection has not been formed, and the industry giants are operating Participating in physical retailThe pace is still mainly exploratory and experimental. Of course, this status quo is also shaped by the diversity and complexity of the regional market, and although in recent years all industry leaders have increased investment in technological innovation, they have to admit that they want to achieve cross-regional and even inter-industrial chain Integration, the current innovation is far from enough, after all, in the new retail market, traditional retail stores are also undergoing continuous upgrading and transformation.

Vivo“s exploration of new retail: about self-renovation of human goods market

In addition, many brands exist Very big channel distribution concerns, that is, that they will eventually be kidnapped by monopolistic distribution platforms and fall into a passive position. The game of interests between manufacturers and agents and distributors has become increasingly obvious. So far, including Huawei and Xiaomi Brand leaders including, OPPO, vivo, and Honor are all pushing for new retail, hoping to win customers through a new layout.

On March 22, vivo, one of the four major domestic mobile phones It was the first to show its actions and officially established the world’s first concept store for vivo, vivo Lab, in Shenzhen, and its establishment represents the brand and terminal of vivoThe retail image has officially entered a new stage. It also means that vivo will use a more unique perspective and a more creative way to share its extraordinary brand proposition with young consumers around the world, and activate its own development vitality in the process, and better communicate with users. At the same time By innovating the concept of new retail and consolidating and expanding the advantages of vivo channels, it has also set a good example for the development of new retail in the industry.

Exploration and layout of new retail in vivo

According to the overall structure established by vivo Lab, this time its exploration and reform of new retail, The relationship between "people, goods and yards" is handled well, and the three elements of people, goods and yards have been fully upgraded. It is understood that in recent years, vivo has made significant moves in technology research and development, product innovation, brand renewal, etc., not only inventing screen fingerprint mobile phones, but also launching major technological breakthroughs.The brand’s vivoNEX series, the creation of a new sub-brand iQOO, the deployment of 5G, AI technology, etc., and the cooperation with top international IP such as NBA and FIFA, and the design of brand mascots to upgrade the brand’s visual image, step by step The polishing has made the product quality and reputation excellent.

Vivo“s exploration of new retail: about self-renovation of human goods market

And in terms of people, the concept store of vivo Lab The shop assistants are all twenty-four or five-year-old young people who have established a new mode of communication with consumers. It is worth noting that while Vivo is boldly enabling young people, it also pays great attention to the understanding of user needs, and through high-quality The service enhances the user’s reputation, forms a good user stickiness, puts consumer sovereignty under the control of consumers, ensures that every product produced can well meet the needs of users, and regards consumers as the starting point of all value activities .

For this reason, in the creation of vivo Lab, it takes the spaceship as inspiration, adopts a large-area LED wall form on the facade of the building, and the interior design of the first floor is youngThe favorite design language is "Blue Core", and a large number of materials such as colored glass, metal, mirror, and stone are used. In addition, in the second floor design, it has designed an immersive photo experience space: a set of experience lines is formed through 9 digital interactive devices, making it not only a brand new retail space, but also a showcase for consumers Lifestyle and destinations that bring unique experiences can better stimulate consumers' creativity and inspiration. Make the venue have its own network celebrity check-in attributes, which can drain traffic spontaneously.

It can be said that the opening of vivo Lab perfectly demonstrates vivo’s understanding and exploration of new retail, and it is understood that afterwards, vivo will also deploy 100 smart flagship stores in first- and second-tier core cities in 2019, and Extend the newly designed image 4.0 program to cover more retail stores, and strive to complete the store from large to small in 2 yearsThe image is upgraded to consolidate and expand the channel advantage of vivo.

It is worth mentioning that while vivo is opening concept stores and deploying new retail, it also cooperates with MIT Innovation Workshop, China Europe International Business School MBA, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, Fashion Media The group and other institutions have achieved cooperation, which guarantees the free salons and seminars that vivo Lab will regularly hold in the future. Moreover, the authority of the cooperating brands in various fields can also help guide the new retail of vivo and enhance everyone’s understanding of vivo. Brand favorability and willingness to consume for it.

After reading the above-mentioned vivo’s layout of new retail, we will find that it has already opened up the relationship between the three "people and goods market", and the entire operation idea is very complete, compared For other new retail models in the industry, the performance is more brilliant and mature. Hand in the futureIn the new retail industry, vivo is very likely to realize the integration of the industry chain through continuous innovation and lead the development of new retail in the industry.