Zhou Hang: Infinite Game under the Ailao Mountain

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Four months after Mr. Chu passed away, at the invitation of his son Mr. Chu Yibin, we had this trip to Ailao Mountain. Although I have been thinking a

Zhou Hang: Infinite Game under the Ailao Mountain

Four months after Mr. Chu passed away, at the invitation of his son Mr. Chu Yibin, we (Netease 00 Club) had this trip to Ailao Mountain. Although I have been thinking about the lighthouse-like story here, there is no chanceWhen I saw the old man himself during his lifetime, I always had a little regret in my heart.

Mr. Chu Shijian is the most representative figure in the forty years of China’s reform and opening up. We know many of his legends, especially in his early years. He opened another flashing life in his life-Chu Cheng. Therefore, when we think of Chu Shijian, think of Chu Cheng, think of such a slightly romantic Ailao Mountain, we will think of the words that will always inspire everyone, "Life always has ups and downs, and the spirit ends. It can be passed down.” With this belief, we came to Ailao Mountain.

People always live with a sense of mission

From Kunming to Yuxi, and then to Ailao Mountain, along the way, people of different ages and backgrounds are all talking about Mr. Chu. I asked a young man: "Do you know Mr. Chu?" He said, "We all grew up listening to his story." He not only represents several great brands in Yuxi, Yunnan, but also represents Chinese business. A spiritual inheritance, he gave us not only these miracles of creating enterprises, but also an endless sense of power. I think from Yuxi to Kunming to the entire Yunnan, his influence is in the air.

In the middle of the journey, we first visited Mr. Chu’s wife Ma Jingfenma, another legendary old man. She is 87 years old, as everyone sees in the mediaWay: Strong spirit, clear thinking, and humorous conversation. Just as it is difficult for us to imagine the hardships experienced by the old lady, it is difficult for us to use a few simple words to describe the tension of life from the inside to the outside presented by the old man sitting in front of me. So I asked her this question: "Teacher Ma, what are your expectations for the next life?"

Zhou Hang: Infinite Game under the Ailao Mountain

"People always have to go with a sense of mission Living"

She said: "People always have to live with a sense of mission. My current life is to pass on a spirit and a brand. Go live." When I heard an 87-year-old man saying that he wanted to live with a sense of mission, I felt the kind of vitality in her body. I jumped strongly, and my heart was deeply touched and inspired. I even felt ashamed. I also buried a question in my heart for me to think about it: "I may be 40% worse than her. How old, but my current sense of mission, is there a strong sense of her? When I am in my 80s, can I still have the sense of mission like her?"

I asked again: "What did you do today? "She said that she got up very early in the morning, and the driver accompanied her to the outskirts to get some fresh air. She felt very good. Then she went to the bank to do some financial management. Said that because this year is a small year, the harvest of Chugan planted in her base is not particularly good, so she is going to do some financial management, so as to deal with this year’s financial affairs.

The family of Chu’s family has a clear division of labor. Everyone has their own base and industry, and they operate independently, so everyone in their family has their own business. The old lady planted Chugan in her own base, one in The newly developed category besides Chu Cheng, such a family really surprises me.

China’s God of Business

With the blessings to Teacher Ma, and the question of the sense of mission left to me , We hurried to Ailao Mountain. We walked and walked this way until midnight, and Yibin and I also talked for ten hours. We talked about the career he is doing now, we talked When it comes to the Internet and high-tech, we have talked from the world to China, and from big to small, we talked about many, many topics. Of course, Mr. Chu still talked the most.

Zhou Hang: Infinite Game under the Ailao Mountain

and Yibin talked about everything

Mr. Chu, from the sugar factory to the Yuxi Tobacco Factory, and later he made Chucheng under the Ailao Mountain. Under different systems and different times, he experienced three completely different stages. Career, and every career is unfamiliar to him. It all started from a layman while learning and doing, but everything became his legend. When he was young, he carried guns to fight guerrillas and worked as a district. It didn’t take long for him to be labeled as a rightist and sent to the farm. After more than ten years of suffering, he worked as a sugar factory manager in the county. It was not until the age of 51 that he ushered in the beginning of a real entrepreneurship.The manager of the Yuxi Tobacco Factory made a year-round loss of money to be No. 1 in Asia, but at the peak of his life, he stopped abruptly. On the other hand, he suffered huge setbacks in life, and even lost his wife. Then, after returning from prison at the age of 74, he returned to the foot of a mountain and began to learn to be Chu Cheng little by little.

Such a low point, I think it is the "unbearable weight of life" that ordinary people cannot imagine. Although I have known many stories about Old Chu, in that scene, when Yibin talked about his father’s various experiences and the relationship and relationship between their children, I couldn’t help but ask Yibin. ‌: "What motivation is supporting Mr. Chu to do these things?"

"He feels that life,‌Just don’t waste time. "

This sentence sounds very simple and has been reported by the media, but suddenly I have a feeling, Mr. Chu For all of this, it turns out that he is playing an unlimited business game smartly. For him, business is like playing a game. At the beginning of a game, he always encounters some Obstacles, if you want to overcome those obstacles and successfully pass the level, you must have enough patience, determination and wisdom. However, if you have won a few games, if you want to reach a higher rank, such as the "Glory of the Kings" that young people love to play The king in ”needs to practice more powerful internal skills; if one day falls from the king to the bronze below, it will produce a strong sense of rebound strength after bottoming out.

Zhou Hang: Infinite Game under the Ailao Mountain

Everywhere is the peak

In this infinite game, he is not afraid of knocking down suddenly. On the contrary, it is a spirit of continuous upward climbing towards higher heights. In a daze, I think it turns out that Mr. Chu is China’s Matsushita Konosuke, and China’s business god!

Business philosophy, return to the essence of business

Chu Lao’s several careers are actually only used Common sense in business does things. What he is concerned about is to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, how can he increase revenue and keep costs down. As far as I know, he reduced the cost to only a fraction of the cost in the sugar factory. In the last stage of his career, the average yield of Chinese citrus per mu was generally less than one ton, almost 900 kilograms. After Mr. Chu’s masterful transformation, the annual output of Chucheng last year was 7 tons per mu. Even in normal years, the yield per mu can be stabilized at more than four or five tons, which is four or five tons of China’s average output. Five times.

What he wants is to return to the essence of business, so he constantly reduces costs, and then improves revenue and profitability by making good products. His business seems simple, and his business is very ordinary, but in the end It burst out with amazing power, especially in a seemingly ordinary and unchanging industry like agriculture, creating new miracles, because he respects common sense, respects rules, and respects the essence of business.

Second, he treats "people" as "people". Whether it is a sugarcane farmer, a tobacco farmer or an orange farmer , He attaches great importance to the incentives and distributions given to them. If he can enter the Yuxi Tobacco Factory, or become an agricultural worker in Chucheng Manor, this is an enviable job in the local area.. And these people are so ordinary, even some are in trouble. We always talk about the difficulty of organization and management. In fact, if we get the incentives right and the distribution right, people's hearts will naturally go along. It's that simple.

Chu can not only solve real-world problems, he also has a big vision. In the early 1990s, he was thinking about how to lay out outside the tobacco industry, thinking about cascading hydropower development on the Lancang River. When he only had billions of profits a year, he dared to want to build a new industry of 100 billion yuan. He saw the general trend of China's industrial development at that time, and believed that there would be a shortage of power, and he knew that it would be Power to the East, and he has practiced it, and this line is now a very important industrial sector of the Hongta Group; when Pudong was just developed, he went to Shanghai.I spent 100 million to buy a property, which is now the Hongta Building in Shanghai.

He not only thinks about the problems in front of him all the time, he also looks into the distance. He dares to slow things down, step by step, and he dares to take risks and live in the future. I think he is a person who interprets the entrepreneurial spirit to the fullest. ‌

Return to reality, combined with the current China, from the bubble era to the pragmatic cycle, in a cycle of old and new transformations, I think Mr. Chu’s Tao is even more precious. We need to pull ourselves out of the thoughts of chasing concepts and chasing the wind, return to the essence of business, re-understand the laws of business, and do things in accordance with business common sense.

Ask yourself: Live with a desperate heart

Leaving Ailao Mountain At that time, I posted such a circle of friends:

"In the distance is the peak of the Ailao Mountain Range. Because of Mr. Chu Shijian, Ailao Mountain has become a Chinese entrepreneur Spiritual lighthouse. After going around for two days, I came to Chucheng Manor and listened to Aunt Ma Jingfen and Big Brother Yibin telling the story of the old man. My heart and thought trembled from time to time. Ailao Mountain, I will think of you when I encounter difficult times in the future. Harmony with the old gentleman in the mountains."

Zhou Hang: Infinite Game under the Ailao Mountain

I will think of you in difficult times, and I will be in harmony The old gentleman in the mountains

In fact, during the half-day staying in the Orange Manor, I kept asking myself, ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ A kind of despair, what will happen to me? Of course, no one wants to face despair, but will we have the fear of facing despair, and if we do face it, how will we deal with it? When thinking of all this, when sitting in the small reservoir of Chucheng ManorOn the side, looking at the peaks of Ailao Mountain under the colorful clouds in the distance, I think this scene is completely imprinted in my heart. It may become a spiritual beacon in my heart. I think when I think of this, It will motivate me, let me face difficulties, maybe no longer be afraid, no longer fear, and even make myself willing to actively use a desperate heart to live and do it. Own business, let yourself enter a new world. ‌

Thank you, Mr. Chu Shijian.