Site Selection Daily: Huawei“s 50 billion VR town is located in Jiangxi; R&F enters the new energy automobile industry...

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​Huawei’s 50 billion VR characteristic town settled in Jiangxi Greenland Group today signed an agreement with the Nanchang Municipal Government and Hu

Site Selection Daily: Huawei“s 50 billion VR town is located in Jiangxi; R&F enters the new energy automobile industry...

Site Selection Daily: Huawei“s 50 billion VR town is located in Jiangxi; R&F enters the new energy automobile industry...

Huawei’s 50 billion VR characteristic town settled in Jiangxi

Greenland Group today signed an agreement with the Nanchang Municipal Government and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. on the construction of a Nanchang VR characteristic town project in China, to innovate the "VR+" industrial synergy mechanism, and to "government + market ”’S operating model to create a world-class VR industrial highland, the first phase of construction land is about 3 square kilometers, and the total investment is about 50 billion yuan. (Via Securities Times)

45 billion green chemical and chemical fiber integration project settled in Guangxi

Zhejiang Hengyi Group will In Qinzhou, Guangxi, it will invest in the construction of a high-end green chemical and chemical fiber integration project, the construction of caprolactam-nylon, PTA-polyester and other sub-projects, with a total investment of about 45 billion yuan. After the overall completion, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of about 50 billion yuan. (Via Guangxi News Net


Konka 30 billion Semiconductor Optoelectronics Industrial Park settled in Chongqing

Konka Group intends to build Chongqing Konka Semiconductor Optoelectronics Industrial Park in Bishan District, Chongqing, and strive to achieve a total investment of 30 billion yuan in Chongqing Konka Semiconductor Optoelectronics Industrial Park project in Bishan District The total investment of the first phase of the project is to reach 7.5 billion yuan to ensure that the total investment within 5 years is not less than 5 billion yuan. The above investment is planned to be jointly invested by Konka Group and other enterprises in the Chongqing Konka Semiconductor Optoelectronics Industrial Park. (Via China Gongkong)

10 billion 9 projects settled in Hubei

The Beijing Expo "Hubei Jingzhou Day" signed 9 projects with a total of 10 billion yuan. Including total investment 2300 million yuan, covering an area of ​​1,210 acres of Huangtao Comprehensive Industrial Park; a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan in the beautiful agricultural industrialization and green food deep processing industrial park project; 1 billion yuan investment in Xinnong·Exiangbian (Songzi) Hyundai Agricultural Trade City, and the "China Chip" Application Innovation Center planned to be built by China Electronics Information Industry Development Research Institute and Jingzhou High-tech Zone with an investment of 850 million yuan. (Via Hubei Daily)

7.5 billion yuan optical semiconductor project settled in Xiantao, Hubei

The total investment of Taiwan’s Leeco Optical Semiconductor Packaging and Industry Chain Project is 7.5 billion yuan, which will be constructed in two phases. The first phase will invest 3.5 billion yuan, mainly for the production of optical semiconductor packaging, touch screen and display finished modules. All first-phase projects are investedAfter delivery, it can achieve an annual output value of 3.5 billion yuan and a tax revenue of 70 million yuan. (Via Hubei Daily)

3 billion construction labor service big data industrial park settled in Chongqing

China Chengxin Construction Labor Service Group will invest 3 billion yuan to build a "National Construction Labor Service Big Data Center" in Jiangjin Degan Industrial Park. The project intends to use 300 acres of land, of which 100 acres are industrial land, which is mainly used to establish a national construction labor service big data platform center. The other 200 mu is commercial land, which is mainly used for the construction of supporting facilities such as training apartments for migrant workers, turnover apartments for labor exporters, and apartments for teaching staff. (Via interface)

Cummins increased its capital by 900 million yuan to expand Wuhan R&D center

The expansion project of Cummins’ East Asia R&D center in Wuhan, China, With an investment scale of 100 million U.S. dollars, Cummins decided to increase its investment by more than 130 million U.S. dollars. Cummins launched the "National VI" R&D project five years ago, with an investment of more than 200 million U.S. dollars. (Via China News Service)

2.5 billion 10,000 tons of treasure elephant cold chain port settled in Yunnan

Kunming Baoxiang 10,000-ton Cold Storage Logistics Co., Ltd. is directly affiliated to Kunming Coking Gas Co., Ltd. and the country’s largest professional modernCold chain service investment management company Wuhan Ten Thousand-ton Cold Storage Logistics Co., Ltd. jointly initiated and jointly invested in the construction. The project has a total land area of ​​700 mu, a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan, and a total construction scale of more than 700,000 square meters. (Via Yunnan Net)

Hailier’s 2 billion technical product project settled in Qingdao

Hailier will invest 2 billion yuan to carry out the production and operation of agrochemical projects in Qingdao Pingdu Xinhe Eco-chemical Technology Industrial Base, mainly to build environmentally friendly preparations, emamectin benzyl Products and intermediates such as acid salt, difenoconazole and other technical products. (Via interface)

20 semiconductor industry chain projects settled in Changsha

20 materials, chip devices, and smart manufacturing involved in the construction of a new generation of semiconductor industry chain And application projects settled in Changsha. On the same day, the Changsha New Generation Semiconductor Research Institute jointly prepared by 20 domestic first-class universities, including Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Electronic Science and Technology, and leading enterprises in the industry was officially inaugurated and put into operation. It is expected to be completed in 2025. Leading new generation semiconductor technology innovation center. (via

Two safety fire protection projects of RMB 53 million settled in Tianjin

Landike Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. covers an area of ​​2,295 square meters and has a total investment of 3 million yuan. It will focus on building an engineering technology center, terminal product center and operation service center integrating R&D, production and sales. It is expected to reach the year after production The output value exceeds 80 million yuan; Beijing Forsell Safety Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Wuqing Development Zone, as its product research and development, production base and sales headquarters. The project covers an area of ​​3,050 square meters with a total investment of 50 million yuan. (Via Beijing Daily)

The International Shipping Trade Finance Innovation Center was unveiled in Qingdao

The center is located on the first floor of Block B, Ocean Building, with an area of ​​more than 400 square meters, and can carry shipping-related businesses.Government services, market transactions, information exchanges, exhibitions, scientific research and training, talent exchanges, policy publicity and other functions, as well as online information inquiry, policy publicity, government services and other content, will help Qingdao become an international shipping center, international trade center, The construction of an international financial center. (Via Qingdao Finance and Economics Daily)

Site Selection Daily: Huawei“s 50 billion VR town is located in Jiangxi; R&F enters the new energy automobile industry...

HNA sold 1.3 billion Beijing Mansion to Vanke

HNA announced the transfer of 75.10% equity in Beijing Guosheng Property Management Co., Ltd. at a price of 1.76 yuan per share, with a total transaction amount of 1.304 billion The main asset held by Beijing Guosheng is the Beijing Hainan Aviation Building, No. 2 B, Dongsanhuan North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The building consists of two towers A and B. A has 18 floors above ground and B The building has 9 floors above ground and 3 floors underground, with a total construction area of ​​39,100 square meters and a total land area of ​​1.01Million square meters. (Via Viewpoint Real Estate Network)

WeWork intends to sell billions of dollars in bonds

WeWork plans to sell billions of dollars of bonds before the IPO, raising up to $4 billion in funds to support its growth and increase investor confidence in its business. On April 29 this year, it was reported that WeWork stated that it had submitted an IPO application in December last year. (Via Wall Street Journal)

R&F takes a stake in Huatai Motors and enters the new energy automobile industry

Through equity participation in Huatai Automobile, R&F has become the fourth real estate company to enter the new energy automobile industry after Evergrande, China Fortune Land Development, Agile Cooperate in technology, and apply new lightweight materials, new technologies, and new processes to the entire process of vehicle development and manufacturing. (via Car Home)

Site Selection Daily: Huawei“s 50 billion VR town is located in Jiangxi; R&F enters the new energy automobile industry...

Multiple national-level economic development zones will soon be upgraded

Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Guangdong , Zhejiang and other places are studying and introducing the reform and innovation of the local economic development zone system and mechanism, which will be introduced as soon as the middle of this month. Among them, the creation of a modern industrial system is the focus of this round of upgrade plans. From the current planning content of each region, Next, the Economic Development Zone will focus on cultivating strategic emerging industries, accelerate the creation of a number of high-tech projects, and promote the formation of industrial clusters. (Via Economic Information Newspaper)

Wuhan releases tens of millions of reward policies

The new policy implements full-process rewards, such as newly settled projects can be rewarded up to 2 million yuan per year for 3 consecutive years; the output value is over 50 million yuan, and the maximum reward can be 5 million yuan per year; “Reform” will be rewarded at 8% of the investment amount, with a maximum reward of 12 million yuan; companies listed on the main board, growth enterprise board, and sci-tech innovation board at home and abroad will receive a reward of 5 million yuan; corporate product exports will be rewarded for every 10,000 US dollars 500 yuan. Provide up to 5 million yuan in free funding, equity investment and free expert apartments for settled top talents and industry leaders. 20,000 in the districtMany companies can obtain policy support for more than 80% (via Hubei Daily)

Shenzhen launches 22 measures for the reform of science and technology plan management

Including: will support enterprises to build key enterprise research institutes, subsidize sellers and transfer service agencies in technology transactions in the industrialization of results, and vigorously promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, etc. Measures. In terms of technology finance, we will concentrate our efforts on large-scale loan discount and discount insurance projects, and strive to solve the problem of financing difficulties and expensive financing for the majority of small, medium and micro technology enterprises. (Via

Foshan opens a new pattern of "One District and Five Parks"

Foshan High-tech Zone will focus on building a high-tech polar core, building two thousand-mu industrial accelerators in Shishan and Nanzhuang, and planning to build a million-mu industry in Sanshui garden. The investment promotion tasks of major industrial projects have been detailed and decomposed. It is planned to introduce more than 2 second-class projects and more than 8 third-class projects. The park administrations must place the introduction of major industrial projects in a prominent and important position. (Via Southern Net)

Kunshan, Jiangsu will build an industrial science and technology innovation center

The Strategic Planning Research Institute of the Ministry of Science and Technology is starting to compile the "Kunshan Industrial Science and Technology Innovation Center Construction Strategic Plan." Including the actual needs of local governmentsDevelopment and integration into the national strategy reflects Kunshan’s responsibility; how to focus on the pain points of the industry and solve practical problems; accurately connect both ends of the demand for science and technology; highlight the policy orientation, realize the actual effect of combat, and better serve the talents. (Via 21st Century Business Herald)

Qingdao builds an international shipping trade financial innovation center

At the China Fortune Forum, Qingdao Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Qingxian announced that Qingdao will work hard to build port finance to serve the shipping and trade economy, including the establishment of financial holding companies, financial companies, financial leasing, and small loans in Qingdao Port. Financial enterprise. In the upstream group, port finance can provide exclusive comprehensive financial service solutions, and for downstream strategic cooperation customers, port finance can alsoProvide comprehensive financial reform programs. It will also transform to green ports and smart ports, build automated container terminals, improve operating efficiency, and deeply integrate with global port and shipping industry giants, join the shipping industry’s first blockchain alliance-Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN), and jointly establish An open platform for port and shipping big data. (Via Finance Association)

Shandong vigorously cultivates enterprises with independent intellectual property rights

Shandong Province proposes to comprehensively promote the standardization of enterprise intellectual property management and vigorously cultivate national-level intellectual property advantages and demonstration enterprises. By 2020, there will be 2500 enterprises that have realized the standardization of intellectual property rights, and 600 national-level intellectual property superior enterprises. To 20In 22 years, the number of enterprises that have realized the standardization of intellectual property management reached 4,000, the number of state-level intellectual property superior enterprises reached 1,000, and there were 50 new national-level intellectual property demonstration enterprises. (Via Xinhua News Agency)

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Site Selection Daily: Huawei“s 50 billion VR town is located in Jiangxi; R&F enters the new energy automobile industry...