Workflow web system based on camunda

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sunFlow introduction sunFlow is based on the workflow web system developed by camunda. Special attention is paid to development-friendly; the Vue deve



sunFlow is based on a workflow web system developed based on camunda. The design concept is easy to use, simple, beautiful and efficient. Particular attention is paid to being development-friendly; at the beginning of the project design, the Vue development model of separation of front and back ends was considered. The binding between roles and routes is not coupled with roles and data permissions. Front-end development only needs to develop routing components, and back-end development only needs to develop data api interfaces. From the menu configuration interface, the front-end is divided into the left part, and the back-end is the right part of the development. Of course, if you do not use the workflow and only use the background permissions to manage this framework, it is also an excellent choice.

Software architecture

Software architecture description: The current project is divided into three modules, camunda (workflow related services), upms-server (back-end authority management module), webApp (front-end module) camunda module uses camunda-7.1, spring-boot 2.0, and the workflow drawing tool uses bpmn-js for localization. The upms-server module uses spring-boot 2.0 to manage system permissions by providing api to the front end. The webApp module is a front-end module, and all page functions of the system are concentrated in this module. The front and rear ends are completely separated. The technology used is vue 2.0, element-admin template; the system database uses mysql, the cache uses redis, and the vue code specification: format is eslint

system screenshot

login page

Workflow web system based on camunda

Drawing process

Workflow web system based on camunda


Workflow web system based on camunda

Menu management

Workflow web system based on camunda

Role permissions

Workflow web system based on camunda

User Management

Workflow web system based on camunda

Installation tutorial

  1. Execute the sql script below doc to the mysql database, and configure the data link of the project
  2. Back-end start spring-boot project Application#main
  3. Front-end run cd webapp; npm install; npm run dev

Project address: