The front camera is “eliminated“, who will seize the opportunity with the camera under the screen

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In 9012, the experience of Android phones could no longer be measured by parameters. When mobile phone interaction shifted from physical buttons to to

[PConline Miscellaneous Talk] In 9012, the experience of Android phones can no longer be measured by parameters. How to make it more cool, how to make people have no one, and everyone has one has become a must for all manufacturers. The problem. When mobile phone interaction shifted from physical buttons to touch, it became the most important thing to make the touch feedback to the extreme, enhance the screen interaction, and the screen immersive experience. Eliminating the screen frame has become a problem that everyone must pay attention to.

The width of the chin can be reduced by the change of packaging technology. The width of the left and right borders can also be improved by relying on curved screens and visual arts. Only the components on the forehead make everyone a headache. Especially the front camera. For some male users, the front camera is just a decoration dispensable, but less demand does not mean you can give it up. I can use it but you can’t live without it. Until the appearance of the camera under the screen, some troubles will be solved..

The front camera is “eliminated“, who will seize the opportunity with the camera under the screen

What exactly is the under-screen camera?

At MWCS 2019, OPPO held a media conference, the world’s first under-screen camera technology, and named this technology-perspective panoramic screen, It also symbolizes that the full screen has entered a new stage of development.

The front camera is “eliminated“, who will seize the opportunity with the camera under the screen

The realization of the perspective panoramic screen originally seemed very simple. By adopting a special customized screen, the pixel structure of the front camera area was redesigned, and then "Transparent materials" are used to take pictures under the screen.

The front camera is “eliminated“, who will seize the opportunity with the camera under the screen

Similarly, the camera used in the perspective panoramic screen is not simple. It has a larger aperture, a larger sensor area and a single pixel size. Because of these exclusive customizations, the camera can make full use of the light through the screen.

The front camera is “eliminated“, who will seize the opportunity with the camera under the screen

Of course, in addition to software and hardware optimization, software assistance will Achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. The light received by the camera under the screen has lost half of the actual light, so the photos are prone to color cast and fogging. In order to solve these difficulties, OPPO uses white balance, HDR, AI defogging "multiple algorithms together" to maximize The degree of image quality is guaranteed.

The front camera is “eliminated“, who will seize the opportunity with the camera under the screen

From the prototype displayed on site, this perspective panoramic screen looksIt is no different from an ordinary screen, and the display effect is very good, but there is a camera hidden under the screen. During normal use, the existence of the camera is completely invisible.

When starting the selfie, there will be a circular loading process on the screen, which will let the user notice the presence of the front camera; when the front selfie is taken, the front camera will not be exposed. Immersion of shooting.

Who will seize the first opportunity?

At MWCS 2019, OPPO did not disclose when products equipped with this technology will be released; OPPO deputy President Shen Yiren, a teenager with internet addiction, also spoke on Weibo: New technologies will not be too smooth sailing, and it will take time to accumulate. In addition to OPPO, are other manufacturers quietly developing such technologies? Who will seize the first "opportunity"?

OPPO has great hopes for the first release of this technology

As you know, since OPPO has released the technology for the first time in the world, it will be provided to Everyone’s trial machine is further developed and optimized, and the possibility of the first release of this technology is very great.

At the same time, in 2018, OPPO Find X ignited a full-screen craze; in the first half of 2019, OPPO released the OPPO Reno series, which is also the flagship series, and the OPPO Find series will be updated in the second half of the year. It seems to be taken for granted. Currently, OPPO has registered the OPPO Find Y trademark in Europe. Does it mean that the full screen should be replaced with a true full screen?

The front camera is “eliminated“, who will seize the opportunity with the camera under the screen

NEX leads the next generation

In the first half of 2019, vivo can be described as very calm. The highest light moment occurred in the "APEX 2019 to Jane Future Conference" in January 2019. After the release of the APEX 2019 concept phone, it only routinely updated the X series and S Series and other products. In the second half of the year, vivo NEX is also very likely to be equipped with this technology.

At APEX 2019, OPPO chose to castrate the front camera. Castration of the front camera on a concept phone is too much Radical, but this is also confirmed from another aspect: APEX2019 may not have castrated the front camera, but it was not the right time to unveil the technology. And when the full-screen fingerprint technology has been able to demonstrate, it is easier to add an under-screen camera.

The less wind there is, the more it appears that vivo is holding its big moves, just like the original APEX, which made people shine when it was released.

Huawei, a technology research and development giant that doesn’t cost money

On Huawei mobile phones, we have seen a giant who has risen by relying on super strong research and development capabilities. In 2018, Huawei's total global revenue reached 108.5 billion US dollars, or 703.6 billion yuan. According to foreign media reports, Huawei’s R&D investment in 2018 has surpassed that of Microsoft, Apple, and Intel (Intel). Looking at global technology companies, Huawei’s annual R&D investment exceeds 100 billion yuan.There are only four companies.

The front camera is “eliminated“, who will seize the opportunity with the camera under the screen

In the 2018 EU industrial R&D investment ranking list, Huawei ranked fourth

According to the data given by the European Commission, it can be seen that in the global technology industry, Samsung , Google, Volkswagen, and the newly-entered Huawei have invested 106 billion yuan and 105.5 billion yuan in R&D respectively. 103.5 billion yuan and 101.5 billion yuan.

Although these R&D funds are not all spent on mobile phones, they are sufficient to illustrate Huawei's strength. Whether it is its own HiSilicon Kirin 980 or GPU Turbo and other technologies, it is all HuaweiThe result of high R&D investment.

Although Huawei does not have any news about the introduction of under-screen cameras, at the same time, based on the information currently available, the latest generation of Mate 30 series only uses perforated screen technology, and has not been radicalized to adopt under-screen cameras. Advanced technology. However, relying on the good cooperative relationship between Huawei and the domestic screen giant BOE, on the Porsche version of the Mate 30 series, will Huawei launch an under-screen camera to make consumers around the world shine?

The front camera is “eliminated“, who will seize the opportunity with the camera under the screen

Run when the hot spot is rubbed—Xiaomi

In OPPOOn the same day that Weibo first showed off the camera under the screen, Xiaomi also showed a similar technology on its own Weibo, but Xiaomi only showed it. As of press time, Xiaomi is only a PPT interpretation of the technology. Xiaomi has continued its urinary ability-run away after rubbing the hot spot.

In terms of strength, Xiaomi also has this strength. Xiaomi calls the screen equipped with this technology a hidden vision screen. The appearance looks like a normal screen, but when taking pictures, the surrounding area of ​​the camera becomes a transparent glass, which can realize under-screen shooting by adjusting the organic light-emitting materials.

The front camera is “eliminated“, who will seize the opportunity with the camera under the screen

Whether it is a folding screen phone, Or hidden screen, Xiaomi's current progress is in the PPT or even the laboratory stage, without the following, it has become a daily hot spot for Xiaomi.

Conclusion: The under-screen camera is the future and just needed

Although we have already entered the era of full screen, to be honest, there is no one on the market. The perfect "true full screen" solution. Not only are the solutions different, they also have their own shortcomings. For example, the special-shaped screen destroys the aesthetics of the screen, the mechanical structure solution has the problem of wear and life, and the body is thicker. The reason for all this is that the front camera, whether it is digging holes or lifting, is more or less used. The advent of the under-screen camera completely got rid of the constraints of front-facing cameras, sensors and other components. Without opening holes, leaving no bangs, or lifting structure, a more perfect full screen can be realized. It can be said to be really fullThe prologue of the face-screen era.

When the plan is mature in the future, consumers can experience a more complete field of view and a more integrated body, while taking into account functions such as content display and taking pictures, face unlocking, and video calls; The ratio can also be higher. In the future, users will not have to worry about the problems of gray and appearance, and these are the benefits of scientific and technological progress.