Watching the battle of interests behind the Xiaomi vivo product manager, the mobile phone market will be broken?

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From the early PK of Xiaomi and vivo product managers to the upgraded mobile phone technology PK, it has now been sublimated to a contest between the

Recently, the incident of Xiaomi's product manager versus vivo product manager has aroused heated discussions among netizens. The editors are surprised that people's attention to product managers is unprecedentedly high, but their attention to the product itself is unusually low.

In the face of incidents, we can’t help but ask, is the product no longer the protagonist of the conference? Can the product manager’s beauty or ugliness determine the sales of his products?

The event has been fermented over time. From the PK of Xiaomi and vivo product managers to the upgraded mobile phone technology PK, it has now been sublimated to the company’s corporate culture. Contest. As far as netizens comment on the appearance of the product manager, I will not make a detailed comparison here. In fact, it is not comparable. People's definition of beauty and ugliness has always been vague, and it is impossible to determine who has the better appearance.

But this incidentBehind the scenes, we have to further reflect and ask, is there no gimmick in the product, and it is up to the product manager to win the attention of consumers? What are the conflicts of interest behind this, and what will be the future mobile phone market pattern?

Shortly after the incident, OPPO’s product manager was also used for comparison. I don’t know if it was innocent lying down with a gun or premeditated. Anyway, it was a wave of traffic and came out to breathe. After the smoke filled the market, the market was muddy air.

Watching the battle of interests behind the Xiaomi vivo product manager, the mobile phone market will be broken?

So far, no matter whether it has a substantial effect or not, we do not comment on it. "It can be seen that Xiaomi is really in trouble recently.

Enter the word "Xiaomi" in the search term, and a series of negative news will appear. We can see that half of the The "plagiarism gate" that started on the 4th month of the month bombarded Xiaomi continuously, whether it was its generous recognition or its evasive evasion, Looking at the current situation, layers of progress will eventually form an oath to Xiaomi The trend of depression.

In addition, because of Xiaomi’s previous "bad records", a crowd of netizens began to criticize Xiaomi. The loyal "mi fans" began to waver, and the spectators on the side naturally avoided Far away. of courseNobody has a few "iron fans" yet. Some "mi fans" see that the current situation is not right, and they can't criticize them at will. They can only investigate the "inaction" of Xiaomi's public relations.

No matter the truth or falsehood of the situation, the long-term scope and depth of the scope of the battle, it will not change the imminent crisis of Xiaomi.

Actually, Xiaomi was really wronged about the "product manager" incident. That's the case with the so-called tree. (Declare in advance that this article does not have any "sex discrimination". Please close this page for "Gang Jing" and browse other related content.) "Female product managers" are not absent before Xiaomi. It is worth noting that the precedent In time, there was the participant vivo of this event.

As early as last year’s vivo mobile phone conference, a "female product manager" appeared on the stage to introduce products to everyone, but it did not causeThe state of affairs today. And, for the legendary story of the vivo product manager, in addition to the "beauty product manager" gimmick, Zhao Dian, who participated in the "Tucao Conference" earlier, has everyone forgotten?

Many netizens believe that Xiaomi’s brutal bombing was caused by its "arrogance" in recent years, which led to its negative "attack". The marketing enthusiasm of "Lei Jun" alone can drive countless consumers. In addition, Xiaomi is also defined as the best choice for "cost-effectiveness", etc. For various reasons, Xiaomi cannot but be criticized.

Indeed, Xiaomi has risen extremely fast in just ten years of development. Compared with traditional industries, it is like a "spoiler", or in other words, it is a "spoiler" , To make other colleagues "scared".

Watching the battle of interests behind the Xiaomi vivo product manager, the mobile phone market will be broken?

According to iiMedia Consulting’s data, major Chinese smartphone brands have different focus on product prices, and OPPO focuses on The high-end market and vivo products are concentrated in the mid-end price area. Xiaomi has more mid- and low-end price products, while Huawei focuses on the mid- and high-end product market.

Xiaomi chose the right consumer population and direction, and the price distribution It has made precise deployments so that it can rank with many top brands, appear in the major lists, and account for a large proportion.

Watching the battle of interests behind the Xiaomi vivo product manager, the mobile phone market will be broken?

In addition, data shows that in 2018, the global smartphone market brand concentration has increased, and shipments of TOP5 brands The overall market share has increased compared with 2017. Chinese brands have contributed absolute power. Among them, Huawei and Xiaomi performed the most prominently, with market shares increasing by 3.7% and 1.9% respectively.

Xiaomi’s achievements are obvious to all. Before the negativeRice is undoubtedly the best in sales. There is no doubt about Lei Jun's marketing methods, whether it is "hungry marketing" or "gimmick", the data presented show that Xiaomi is ultimately successful.

Through the comparison between the product managers of Xiaomi CC and vivo iQOO neo, we can see that silent smoke is still pervading the fierce market competition. For the four major domestic mobile phone giants, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, In terms of vivo, only OPPO is still silent.

The excitement of Xiaomi has never stopped. Ren Zhengfei, the head of Huawei, has been pulled out by public relations as a national enterprise platform. The toss of vivo at this time is undoubtedly not declaring the right to speak. Why should OPPO pay? Can you sit still in the army without moving?

From this "product manager" event, it can be seen that marketing methods areIt is true that it will be subject to great volatility. It is an indisputable fact that Xiaomi’s future will not be "successful and defeated", but its inherent consumer market will be affected. This is an indisputable fact.

In addition, some netizens questioned that behind this series of negatives is "who moved whose cheese". Survey data shows that when men choose products, configuration and cost-effectiveness take the first place; when women choose products, they pay more attention to the appearance and idol effect of mobile phones.

It is not difficult to guess that Xiaomi CC is taking feminine buying points such as "fashion, youthfulness, and appearance" to seize the market. In addition to the original configuration and cost-effectiveness, it has greatly broken the situation of the big four. , In an attempt to dominate the market. Vivo and OPPO have been buying points of "fashion, youthfulness, and beauty" for many years, and they will no longer be able to resist market competition with their idol effect. "WhoIt’s clear at a glance.

With the development of the economy, the market is unpredictable. There is no fixed pattern. There is no "who moved whose cheese". Top. However, some netizens questioned that Xiaomi occupies the configuration and cost-effectiveness, and it will enter the appearance value. Can both sides be grasped? Friends and businessmen are not without strength. , Or everyone continues to maintain the surface peace and make their own efforts.

However, what is certain is that in the future, mobile phones with good looks and high configuration will start to be cheaper.