There will never be an inquiry for these three domains

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To be an independent foreign trade website, the first step is not to build a website, but to choose a suitable domain name. A good domain name can hel

To be an independent foreign trade website, the first step is not to build a website, but to choose a suitable domain name.

A good domain name can help you get a good ranking faster. On the contrary, a problematic domain name will seriously affect the promotion of the website. Next, I will combine some of the pits I have stepped on, and share with you the 123 domain name selection.

In 2009, I built a foreign trade website that was very unsuccessful. At that time, there were not many people doing SEO in China, and the various inspection rules of Google were not so perfect at that time, so it is generally better to do rankings. However, we spent a lot of money on that websiteTwo tigers tried to push, but they couldn't push no matter how they pushed, and they couldn't find the reason.

We didn’t know until a year later that it turned out that this domain name sent too many spam emails before it was blocked by the domain name agency...

Generally speaking, for domains with the following 3 types of problems, you will not be able to push any effect even if you push them:

1 was dropped by the domain name agency Ban because of sending malicious emails

2 because it contained malicious Trojan horses ,Dropped by antivirus software Ban

3 Because the website posted too many spam links, it was dropped by Google Ban

How to choose such a good domain name? Through these years of practice, I have summarized a set of my own process.

First Step: Primary Domain Selection

It’s best to choose a domain name that is simple and easy to remember, is related to your industry or product, and has a relatively long age. Because Google has a 3~6 month inspection period for brand-new website domain names, the ranking will be affected during the inspection period. The old domain name does not have this problem. In addition, if the products sold by the old domain name are similar to the products you sell now, then you can also inherit the domain name weight accumulated by the old domain name.

Specific steps:

  1. Go to , Search for your product keywords, and see if there are any better website domain recommendations.If we are making LED products, search for the keyword "".

There will never be an inquiry for these three domains

2. Find the appropriate domain name from the results, with many external links (BL), and time (ABY) The longer one is better, so don't worry about other data too much. Then the status (Stauts) is Available, indicating that you can apply directly. If the price is marked, it is listed for auction and can only be obtained after bidding.

There will never be an inquiry for these three domains

For example, on this page, according to our choices, we feel that the domain name seems to be pretty good. The title is short, there are 12 external links, and the time is relatively early (2012), and the price is not too expensive (10 US dollars). It is worthy of further verification.

3. Next, we have to look at what the website before this domain name does, and it is best to be related to LED. The specific method is Open the web time machine to view the previous site snapshot.

There will never be an inquiry for these three domains

From the snapshot, this website did sell LED-related products before, which is still very consistent from the industry point of view, but whether to use this domain name or not, Then you need to consider the actual situation.

Step 2: Check if the domain name has a black history

Assuming that you think the domain name "" is good, then you need to check from several angles to see if there are any hidden pits behind the domain name. Specifically, see if there are any It is blocked by domain name agencies, antivirus software, and Google.

Knock on the blackboard: Check whether the domain name is innocent for three generations and whether there is a black history. It’s really important! I arrived at a very good 5-character domain name: The domain name is short and the meaning is beautiful (aurro-aurora-Northern Lights-Aurora). I feel like I have found a treasure! Later I checked it and found a bunch of rubbish links...

1. Check if it is pulled by the domain name agency for spamming or other reasonsBlack: The method is very simple, just put the domain name on and check it. Judging from the test results, everything is OK and not blocked by the domain name authority (if there are not OK, it is not recommended to use)

There will never be an inquiry for these three domains

2. Check if it is blocked by anti-virus software: This is also very simple, just put the domain name under the URL option of and check it it is good. As shown in the figure below, the test result shows that there is no problem with the domain name and you can use it with confidence.

There will never be an inquiry for these three domains

3. Check if there is a large amount of rubbish external links: this is relatively troublesome and requires manual judgment. The specific method is to check the domain name under the website and open the links in turn to see if these websites are related to the industry. We will input the test and get the following result:

There will never be an inquiry for these three domains

After After verifying one by one, I found that they are basically industry platforms or recruitment websites (putting company links on recruitment websites is a good way to build external links), these are relatively normal external links.

ps: This tool for detecting spam external links is also a clean stream. There were a series of free external links together with yahoo. The detection tool was closed later, and the fee was charged. Only this tool that is easy to use and insists on free, share it witheveryone.

Someone once asked me if I can use this method to attack a competitor’s website. I’m opposed to it. If you kill 1,000 enemies and damage 800, they will fight back. Yes, if you have this mind, you should think more about how to create value instead of engaging in such crooked ways. But when competitors attack us in this way, we need to know how to clean up the spam links of our website. For the specific method, please refer to another article I published, "How to Clear Outer Links".

Step 3: Domain name purchase

These Is a more conventional operation,I won't go into more, here only recommend a few domain name purchase websites. This is cheaper in the first year, and the domain name will increase a lot in the second year-it's a pit! This is a more conscientious website that does not increase prices randomly-the prices for so many years are almost as stable as Coke! Alibaba Cloud, which is used more in China

Additional explanation:

Sometimes, we find some domain names with good basics, but there are brands of other companies in the domain names. We don’t want to Yes, for example, "" has the Azure brand. In this case, another way is to set up a 301 redirect to transfer the weight of the old domain name to your new domain name.

For how to set up 301 redirects, you can read my other article "How to "grab" the weight of other domain names?" Analysis of 301 Jump.

The above is about sharing the domain name selection.Not much, but it's really all practical experience. If you have any questions, please leave a message below. In this way, I don’t know if I can help you. If there are many people watching, I will try to share more experience later~ and I look forward to communicating with you.