Why do startups use Python?

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It’s a pity that there is very little relevant information I saw later, but I kept searching

Why do startups use Python?

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In order to be able to enter a local (Singapore) startup company, I used to study Django hard. When I first started learning, I wondered which startup companies were hiring Python programmers?

At the time, I only knew that Shopee was hiring. It’s a pity that there is very little relevant information I saw later, but I kept searching AngeList and TecAfter h in Asia or e27 and other entrepreneurial lists, it slowly increased.

Why do startups use Python?

Startups have limited time and budget, and require sufficient flexibility.

Reid Hoffman introduced startups like this:

Push yourself off the cliff and assemble a plane during the fall

Python developers provide the ability to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a limited budget, which can help startups test ideas.

Before you decide to hire full-time programmers for a particular product, you startPython developers who are just recruiting can build a good foundation for you and support expansion to the scale of Disqus or Instagram.

Develop MVP products

Python developers can help startup companies to quickly build MVP products in the following areas:

  • Internet of Things (IoT): Use Raspberry Pi and other Python-enabled microcontrollers to create hardware products

  • Manual Smart: Create artificial intelligence products or services, such as chatbots, recommendation engines, and self-driving cars

  • Web application: By using Flask or Django web framework

  • Alexa skills: By using Flask-Ask to build Alexa applications

  • Data products or services- Data analysis and data visualization, such as Plotly, dashboards or industry reports that use industry data.

  • Web crawler: Use Scrapy or [Beautifulsoup] to obtain data from a large number of websites to build data products or services

  • Software as a Service: Use Flask and Django Rest Framework to build APIs or customize ERP systems like [Odoo] (https:// www.odoo.com/)

Small and beautiful team

Python can makeThe startup company quickly builds a small and beautiful team.

I have a friend who is the CTO of a local startup company. He has established a team of 10 developers. The work they are doing now is equivalent to the workload of 30 developers.

This has strengthened my determination to become a Django developer, because I can really create value for the company, and it is also conducive to my own business in the future.

Building products or services through a small and beautiful team can make you go further on the road to entrepreneurship.

Which startups are using Python?

I have compiled a list of startup companies that use Python. They hire Python developers to build excellent web applications and data science products or services.

  • Microsec-Microsec builds a security solution for constrained IoT devices that is easy to integrate and can resist cyber attacks.

  • JobTech-By analyzing more than 1 million jobs every day, they provide the best labor market insights and tools

  • The Artling-Artling is an online art gallery that showcases selected artworks from the best galleries and artists in Asia.

  • Carousell-Carousell is a mobile Internet-based C2C e-commerce platform for buying and selling old and new products.

  • Shopee-Shopee is a newAn e-commerce platform under the Ocean Group (formerly known as Garena) in Canada

  • StashAway-a robotic investment advisory platform similar to Wealthfront or Betterment.

  • Evie AI-AI assistant, used to arrange daily work, recruitment and sales

  • Horangi-a security product built by Horangi It can quickly provide incident response and threat detection for customers who lack professional knowledge or time.


In addition to the reasons mentioned above, it is recommended that friends who want to start a business use another Python The important reason is: Python is very easy to learn, and the ecosystemIt is powerful enough to allow you to quickly use many new technologies, especially if you don’t have a co-founder.

Original: https://www.codementor.io/maxongzb/why-use- python-for-startups-reading-time-7-mins-wntv0yl73

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