2 conferences in 2 days: Hisense relies on “technology“ to harden Sony, Skyworth relies on “price“ to smash Xiaomi

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Two days, two conferences Hisense believes that "technology" is the core competitiveness, and Skyworth believes that "price" is the core competitivene

2 days, 2 conferencesHisense believes that "technology" is the core competitiveness,Skyworth believes that "price" is the core competitiveness .

On July 8, Hisense released the world’s first stacked-screen TV, 65-inch, 17,999 yuan, more expensive than Sony.

On July 9, Skyworth's new OLED TV, 55-inch 7,999 yuan, the price is only half of Sony.

Hisense represents the Chinese brand Hard Gang Sony

Hisense bluntly stated at the press conference that "we just want to sell more expensive than Sony", which shows that Hisense has full confidence in its own technology. . Hisense’s multi-screen TV is a product jointly developed by BOE and Hisense. It can not only"Sony’s flagship LCD X9500G is even comparable to OLED display technology in many aspects. It can be said that stacked screen TV represents the evolution of China’s display technology to a new level.

2 conferences in 2 days: Hisense relies on “technology“ to harden Sony, Skyworth relies on “price“ to smash Xiaomi

Hisense represents the Chinese brand Hard Gang Sony

Reviewing history, Hisense started from ULED super image quality technology, laser TV display technology , OLFrom ED TV to multi-screen TV, Hisense has a general "pathological" pursuit of technology. ULED TV has long been well-known and has a good reputation and sales. The laser TV field is even better in the large-screen market; "National Bank version Toshiba" OLED TV (Hisense acquired Toshiba TV business); Multi-screen TV is the world's first.

Skyworth is still struggling with Xiaomi in the entry market

The same domestic brands, Skyworth and LG Display are deeply tied up to promote the development of OLED TVs in China . Due to limited global panel production capacity, OLED TVs should have been positioned in the ultra-high-end market, and they are also an important weapon for major TV brands to enhance their brand image. However, Skyworth has offered an unprecedented ultra-low price. The 55-inch 4K OLED is only sold at 7,999 yuan, almost only Sony products with the same specifications.50% of the price.

2 conferences in 2 days: Hisense relies on “technology“ to harden Sony, Skyworth relies on “price“ to smash Xiaomi

This view is not so rigorous, but OLED is indeed a good card

In fact, although Skyworth has been committed to the promotion of OLED TVs for many years, the effect has been minimal. Until 2017, after Sony launched the OLED A1 model in China, the OLED fire finally burned in the Chinese market. In other wordsSaid, The real leading brand in China's OLED TV market is actually Sony. In the face of the powerful Sony, Skyworth is also desperate, what should we do? The price is only half yours. This routine is exactly the same as the mainstream model of the Mi TV.

Hisense insists on technology-driven, Skyworth has played a good hand with good cards.

From ULED TVs, laser TVs, OLED TVs to multi-screen TVs, Hisense’s "Quadrage" hit the high-end market. Leaving aside the newly launched OLED and stacked-screen TVs, ULED TVs and laser TVs have already become well-known and have performed very well in the high-end market.

On the other hand, Skyworth, holding a good hand of OLED cards in one hand, played very thinly. As the only self-luminous display technology that has landed so far, OLED is an excellent weapon to enhance brand value, but Skyworth obviously did not seize the opportunity. Data from ZhongyikangIn the first 5 months of 2019, although Skyworth leads Sony in sales, it ranks first. However, OLED sales were suppressed by Sony, indicating that the brand value gap between the two brands is huge. Ironically, the price of Hisense's multi-screen TV is more expensive than the Sony of the same specification.

2 conferences in 2 days: Hisense relies on “technology“ to harden Sony, Skyworth relies on “price“ to smash Xiaomi

Hisense rejects price wars and uses technology to drive future horizons

As mentioned above, the sea, which is also a domestic traditional brandSino Skyworth has already parted ways strategically. Hisense dared to directly challenge Sony at the press conference to represent Chinese brands against joint venture brands. Skyworth directly gave up technical competition and continued to choose a low-price model to compete in the market. Of course, this is determined by technical strength and business model, and it is impossible to talk about who is right and who is wrong. However, Hisense is clearly more worthy of respect.