Events in 2019 | The war is about to start, and the PC market is already at war

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In just six months, Intel and Nvidia, which took the top spot in CPU and GPU respectively, have been constantly challenged by AMD. Overcapacity of NAN

Events in 2019 | The war is about to start, and the PC market is already at war

There has never been a real calm in the computer field .

In just six months, Intel and Nvidia, which are the top performers in CPU and GPU, have been constantly challenged by AMD. Overcapacity of NAND flash memory chips has finally brought 512GB or even 1TB capacity solid state drives into the mainstream configuration list. Bill Gates acknowledged the existence of Google as a powerful opponent of Microsoft.

Now, let us present the PC chapter of the Chronicles of Events in 2019, together to watch the rapid changes in the first half of 2019.

Events in 2019 | The war is about to start, and the PC market is already at war

Event 1: Tenth-generation Core and 10nm process Official debut

At Computex2019, Intel officially released the mobile version of the tenth-generation Core processor, and was the first to install it on Acer Swift 5, Dell XPS 13, HP Envy 13 Wood, Lenovo Yoga S940 notebooks. This This means that Intel’s long-planned 10nm process has finally taken a step towards formal mass production.

A smaller process means that more transistors can be packed in the same area, and better performance Consumption ratio. Intel has taken a large part of the mobile version of the 10th generation Core processorThe product was handed over to the core graphics card Gen11. Compared with Gen9.5, Intel even modified the internal structure of the core graphics card.

The tenth-generation Core Mobile Edition is just the beginning. With the continuous advancement of the Athena Project, the smart and power-saving technologies of notebooks will be developed around high-tech processor chips. At the same time, desktop processors and Xeon high-performance versions of 10nm process processors will also be officially released in the second half or early next year. Here, let us boldly imagine that if the future Intel Odyssey discrete graphics plan is also integrated into Intel’s 10nm process technology, then Intel’s unique starting point will be unmatched by any graphics card today. Yes, TSMC’s 7nm is not good either.

Events in 2019 | The war is about to start, and the PC market is already at war

Event 2: WiFi 6 standard network products are now available

WiFi 6, That is to say, the IEEE 802.11ax standard mentioned earlier has officially become a commodity on sale, and the first vendors include NETGEAR, ASUS, TP-Link, Cisco and other brands. As a new standard, WiFi 6 can provide about 40% speed increase and increase The 2.4GHz network speed enhances the stability of the IoT Internet of Things in the home and industry. And in a large number of device areas, WiFi 6 can better avoid network congestion, intelligently allocate the bandwidth of each connected device, and ensure that the average use speed of each user is increased At least 4 times.

In addition, Intel also launched WiFi 6 Gig based on WiFi 6.+Solution to further squeeze the extreme performance under the WiFi 6 standard.

It should be noted that in addition to the support provided by the router for the WiFi 6 standard, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets also need to be supported by hardware updates. If you want to use a more comfortable wireless network environment, you will inevitably have to replace a wave of equipment.

Events in 2019 | The war is about to start, and the PC market is already at war

Facts 3: NAND and DRAM prices have passed the roller coaster

In 9102, DIY enthusiasts are still most concerned about when solid-state hard drives and memory can be reduced to cheaper levels. DRAM prices in the first and second quarters of this yearThe continuous decline has slowed down the price of DRAM particles. At present, the price of 8GB DRAM particles must have fallen below US$3, which is already close to the edge of the original factory cost. It is not ruled out that the price will pick up in the third quarter. If you want to start with memory, now may be the best time.

Needless to say, NAND flash memory particles used for storage, the price war between major solid-state hard disk manufacturers has quietly started. According to forecasts, the average contract price of 512GB and 1TB SSDs fell below $0.1 per GB before the end of the year, reaching a record low. This means that 512GB or even 1TB SSD will replace the 128GB market position and become the second largest mainstream specification in the market after 256GB.

If you want to install, now may be the best season.

Events in 2019 | The war is about to start, and the PC market is already at war

Fact 4: AMD CPU and GPU are fully updated

The same It is Computex2019. AMD once again launched an impact on Intel and Nvidia in the fields of CPU and GPU, and staged an annual comeback. As always, AMD’s PPT parameter performance makes people excited, and the third-generation Ryzen becomes the world’s first desktop processor using TSMC’s 7nm process Among them, the flagship Ryzen 9 3950X is equipped with 16 cores and 32 threads, TDP 105W, and said that this is for consumers and game lovers.

Aside from the flagship version that does not count the price, Ryzen 9 3900X, Ryzen 7 3700X is still very optimistic, the number of cores are 12C24T and 8C16T respectively, the highest frequency can reach 4.6GHz and 4.4GHz.

The AMD GPU news will be announced at E3 2 weeks after the end of Computex2019. The 7nm process is also used, based on the new RDNA architecture, and the core name is NAVI. The new graphics card includes two versions, RX 5700 XT and RT 5700. Among them, the RX 5700 XT has 40 computing units, 2560 stream processors, and 256 texture units, the highest frequency can reach 1905MHz, and the power consumption is 225W. Of course, the officially advertised frequency of stable operation under 1755MHz games is obviously more trustworthy.

Events in 2019 | The war is about to start, and the PC market is already at war

Fact 5: Nvidia releases GeForce RTX Super

Coincidentally, Nvidia’s GeForce RTX Super series graphics cards are also ready to give back AMD’s upcoming RX 5700 XT and RX 5700. An interesting thing happened in the middle. On the eve of Computex2019, Nvidia announced on the official Twitter early. "Super" promotional screen, but did not release any graphics card related products during the exhibition.

Until the AMD graphics card is released, Nvidia GeForce RTX SuperRelated news came one after another. The new products include GeForce RTX 2060 Super, GeForce RTX 2070 Super, and GeForce RTX 2080 Super. The prices are respectively 3199 yuan, 3999 yuan and 5699 yuan, which just fill the gaps between 2060, 2070, and 2080. A The mid-range video card market competition between card and N card has officially kicked off.

Events in 2019 | The war is about to start, and the PC market is already at war

Note 6: Commercialization of PCIe 4.0

PCIe 4.0 is released at AMDThe new Ryzen third-generation CPU was officially integrated into the X570 platform. In fact, the PCIe 4.0 standard has been confirmed as early as 2017, and the PCIe 5.0 standard will be ready in 2019 and will be backward compatible with PCIe 4.0.

Regardless of whether the commercialization of PCIe 4.0 at this moment is half-hill, it cannot be denied that its speed has been increased to 16GT/s, which will improve the read and write speed of graphics cards and PCIe SSD hard drives to a certain extent. At the same time, some manufacturers immediately followed up and launched solid state drives compatible with PCIe 4.0 standard, but the price is not too cheap.

At least it can be confirmed that the PCIe 3.0 standard determined in 2010 was finally pushed into the phase-out process nine years later.

Events in 2019 | The war is about to start, and the PC market is already at war

Fact 7: Edge switches to Chromium core, done by Bill Gates The decision

Microsoft’s stubborn attitude towards the browser has quietly changed from the early Internet Explorer attitude to the current Edge. Performance, compatibility, and public acceptance have become new criteria for judgment, rather than blindly pushing itself. The standard for Edge. Switching to the Chromium core is a good example.

What’s interesting is this decision. Bill Gates played a more critical factor in it. The Edge team used to switch to the Chromium core. Undecided, he asked Bill Gates forOpinion, and finally got his own support. This also means that the era of browser domination that Microsoft once was proud of has long ended. In the Internet age, Microsoft may also become a learner and follower.

By the way, Bill Gates is still a firm Android phone user.

Events in 2019 | The war is about to start, and the PC market is already at war

Issue 8: High-performance office notebooks are subdivided options

High-performance notebooks have become particularly important for newcomers in the workplace. It occupies a smaller area than a desktop computer, is convenient to move, and can take care of both Game and video, picture creation tools. As early as last year, the appearance was simpleOffice game notebooks have quietly become popular. The simple design and the RGB lighting effect that can be completely turned off ensure that the flickering of the notebook will not be considered as unsuccessful when giving a presentation in the office.

In the first half of this year, high-performance office notebooks have been pushed forward by many manufacturers. Better graphics cards and standard CPUs are all basic disks, and NVIDIA even provides a brand new design reference called NVIDIA Studio for such groups. It is not easy to meet this set of hardware standards. The CPU must have at least a TDP 45W standard Core i7 or above, at least 16GB of memory and a 512GB SSD, and more importantly, an RTX graphics card that supports ray tracing.

The above mentioned is just the beginning. Under the NVIDIA Studio standard, the mobile version of RTX can also reach 16GB or more. This means thatIt is no longer a problem for a laptop to handle 6K video editing. Now, brands such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Gigabyte, HP, MSI and Razer have joined this camp to further enrich high-performance office notebooks. And from the appearance design to distinguish it from the traditional heavy mobile workstation notebook.

Events in 2019 | The war is about to start, and the PC market is already at war

Event 9: IBM releases the world’s first quantum computer

IBM officially released the world’s first at CES2019, and it is currently the only independent, mass-produced, commercial quantum computer Q System One . This is a machine with 20 quantaBit computers consist of quantum systems and traditional computing systems. Quantum computers use quantum entanglement and superposition phenomena to replace current transistors' power-on and power-off, and realize 1 and 0 switching. The speed and efficiency are not the level that current transistors can achieve.

Once quantum computers become popular, the original encryption and decryption operations will become pediatrics, and computational problems that were once unsolvable will be solved instantly. However, IBM Q System One can still be understood as a small step in the evolution of quantum computers, and it will take a long time for the arrival of a fully commercialized quantum computer. With the increasing frequency of news about quantum computers, it is at least certain that this technology has advanced considerably.

Events in 2019 | The war is about to start, and the PC market is already at war

Issue 10: USB 4.0 and Thunderbolt 3 standards are unified, and the era of unified interface is one step further

The USB Type-A interface that has been complained about for countless days and nights will soon become a thing of the past. In March of this year, Intel has announced the opening of Thunderbolt 3 technology and will integrate it into the future of the USB-IF organization. In the USB 4.0 specification, the speed is the same as that of Thunderbolt 3, and it is also 40Gbps, which is exactly twice as fast as the USB 3.2 specification announced today.

The point is that USB Type-C will become the future USB 4.0 standard Interface, there will no longer be a distinction between Type-A and Type-B physical interfaces, the positive and negative plugs are the same, and it can also provide better power supplyeffect. In the high-end notebook camp such as XPS 13, manufacturers have fully integrated Thunderbolt 3 with USB Type-C interfaces, and even each interface can undertake the functions of charging, video transmission, and high-speed data transmission.

Events in 2019 | The war is about to start, and the PC market is already at war

As the audience changes The broad USB standard is combined with the Thunderbolt 3 standard. In the future, a unified interface between mobile phones, notebooks, and desktops will become a reality. Whether transmitting data or charging, a single data cable and power supply will solve many problems. Especially MacBook and iPad Pro have already begun to embrace the Thunderbolt 3 standard, iPhone will be LIt is only a matter of time before ightning is switched to USB Type-C.

Although it has only been half a year, the expansion of the computer field has never stopped. Even if Moore's Law no longer fully works, it still cannot prevent the standards and ease of use of computers from improving. In fact, the events of the past six months also included the announcement of the new phase of Intel’s Athena plan and the official mass production and sale of gallium nitride power supplies. After digging and refining consumer tastes, computer manufacturers can always find new ones. Point of growth. At the same time, it is foreseeable that the big events that will happen in the next six months are equally exciting and worth looking forward to.

Events in 2019 | The war is about to start, and the PC market is already at war