Dyson spent 2 billion to build a car but was blocked by Honda

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This sales volume said 2 years ago will definitely be considered crazy by peers. Only a small magical electric motor is enough to drive millions of wo

More than 3,000 Dyson hair dryers have sold more than 70,000 reviews in the official Jingdong store alone. This sales volume will be considered crazy by peers when it is said 2 years ago. It only relies on a small magical electric motor. , It is enough to make millions of women crazy, of course, Dyson curling iron, also swept many female fans.

Dyson spent 2 billion to build a car but was blocked by Honda

Dyson seems to have a kind of magic, every release can cause a carnival in the consumer market. The same product, Dyson may be 10 times more expensive, but it does not affect trendy men and women to pay for it. Therefore, when Dyson made public its car plans and deployed electric vehicles, people's curiosity was instantly ignited.

01 Why does Dyson deploy electric cars

Some people say that Dyson builds cars on an impulse. Is that true? Dyson is a technology company that focuses not only on the overall product, but on in-depth technical details in various fields. For example, fluid mechanics, motor design, and battery technology all have a very deep accumulation of technology. These things are actually the necessary technical foundation for making electric vehicles.

Dyson spent 2 billion to build a car but was blocked by Honda

If there is any technology that is the core of Dyson and the most confident, then the two core technologies of digital motor technology and battery technology are definitely Dyson.Their expertise, they give Dyson the confidence to make some breakthroughs in some product capabilities when building electric vehicles.

02 Why was it located in Singapore

In October last year, Dyson announced its plan to produce electric vehicles and chose Singapore as the location for the plant. It is understood that the Singapore plant will be completed in 2020, and the first batch of cars will be put into production in 2021. Krueger, who was an executive at Nissan and Infiniti, will be responsible for Dyson's electric vehicle project.

Dyson spent 2 billion to build a car but was blocked by Honda

Why did you choose Singapore? According to the British Daily MailAccording to the report, Dyson has encountered some difficulties in the road of car building, because Dyson and Honda failed to reach an agreement on the use of Honda's existing factory, which will directly affect Dyson's local production plan.

James Dyson, the founder of Dyson, once said that his company was interested in an unused assembly building from Honda. For this reason, he sought to reach an agreement with Honda to locate part of its factory in Swindon, England. Used for production, but was rejected by Honda.

Dyson spent 2 billion to build a car but was blocked by Honda

Honda has previously announced that it will close the factory by 2021, and in response to media reports about the right to use the factory and Dyson, Honda responded:"We know that there is a letter between Dyson and Congressman James Gray, the content of which is actually incorrect."

Dyson spent 2 billion to build a car but was blocked by Honda

Dyson CEO Jim Rowan stated in a letter to employees that he chose Singapore takes into account that the country has a high-growth market, a skilled labor force, a relatively high cost base and a preference for high technology. Singapore is suitable for the development of high-quality high-tech products, and is also suitable for manufacturing Dyson electric vehicles. The company chose Singapore because it is close to the “high-growth market” of electric vehicles in Asia.

03 Dyson’sProduction cars have long been planned

In 2013, Dyson hired many design and R&D talents from auto companies such as Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Then in 2015, Dyson acquired SaKti3, an American solid-state battery company specializing in the development of solid-state lithium battery technology, and stated that solving the energy density problem is the biggest engineering challenge of the 21st century.

In 2017, Dyson began to build a global supply chain control center and announced that it would invest 2 billion pounds (about 17.41 billion yuan) in the design of electric vehicles. The information disclosed by Dyson shows that Dyson's operating income in 2018 was approximately 38.2 billion yuan, and its profit was approximately 9.552 billion yuan. This means that Dyson will invest the net profit equivalent to the past two years for the transformation of car manufacturing.

04 What kind of car is this still?

Autocar media Autocar predicts that the price of this car will be around 100,000 pounds, or about 880,000 yuan. This is an ultra-long wheelbase crossover positioned in the mid-to-high-end market. It is completely different from the traditional British 4×4 car. Generally speaking, the Dyson electric car has a body length close to the standard version of the Range Rover, about 5 meters. The height of the car is about 165 cm. From the layout point of view, the driving position of the Dyson electric car is relatively forward, with a 7-seat design, with the middle and rear passengers slightly higher than the front row to obtain a better view.

Dyson spent 2 billion to build a car but was blocked by Honda

At present, Dyson has confirmed that cars will adopt The aluminum body minimizes the weight of the car itself. The patent drawing shows that the battery area under the body is a platform-type design that wraps the battery in this sturdy structure. The suspension can be adjusted in height and can be leveled automatically.

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