White-collar nightlife in a convenience store: many people wear dark circles under their eyes, and their faces are full of anxiety

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The anxious face in the convenience store Xierqi is a boring place. If you take a car from the city center, you will think that you are in the urban-r

White-collar nightlife in a convenience store: many people wear dark circles under their eyes, and their faces are full of anxiety

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Zhongguancun, Xierqi, and Wangjing are the places where Beijing has gathered the most people with a monthly salary of 50,000 and live like 5,000. There are first-line Internet companies such as Ali, Baidu, Tencent, and Meituan.Of employees, they have added countless nights and nights and created countless business myths.

I wonder if you have ever wondered, what kind of nightlife do these people with halo live on those ordinary nights? Facing the pressure of 996's work, is their life really enviable? In fact, the answers to these questions are hidden in the quiet convenience store in the dead of night. The author interviewed more than a dozen convenience store clerks and recorded the various attitudes of white-collar workers from the perspective of convenience stores.

Anxious faces in convenience stores

Xi’erqi is a boring place. If you come by car from the city center, you will think that you have reached the urban-rural junction. Or a development zone in a certain county. Here, the streets are basically fast food, and the businessmen of the building are all unheard restaurants and no entertainment venues.

No one can be seen on the street during working hours, but as soon as I arriveFor lunch at meal, almost all shops are lined up, and some people buy fast food at convenience stores in order to save time. Hygiene is more guaranteed. The time saved just happened to go downstairs to smoke and let the wind blow.

Here is not suitable for life, just for fighting. Different from other office buildings, even the night here is the peak of box lunch sales. Everyone here has enjoyed the "good fortune" of 996.

One month ago, Kuaishou just heard the rumor of "20 million annual salary digging e-commerce leader", although this rumor has not been confirmed, but on the recruitment website, most of the company’s job benefits are marked With the words "xx% higher than average". Zhang Ping, who works in a convenience store, did not see their worth. There would be long queues in the store every lunch and dinner time, and people who bought meals carried their badges. In Zhang Ping's eyes, they were "all IT migrant workers." ”

White-collar nightlife in a convenience store: many people wear dark circles under their eyes, and their faces are full of anxiety

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He visually observed that the clothes these people wear may not be as valuable as their own clothes. . "I heard that they make a lot of money, but they really don’t tell from their appearance. Men are usually T-shirts + big pants, and women are ordinary dresses, and they don’t see serious makeup. These people , If you leave the small commodity market to watch the stalls, it will definitely not violate the peace."

ZhangPing Te added that: "I have absolutely no meaning to laugh at. People who just work hard for a month will do me a little bit for half a year. What qualifications do I have to laugh at others. The main reason is that they are too busy. Although they make a lot of money, they have no chance. I want to spend it with my will."

Similarly, there are many restaurants on the streets from Suzhou Street to Huangzhuang, Haidian. There are people waiting in line at almost every restaurant at noon, but there are fewer people at night. People who work overtime are more willing to go to the convenience store to buy something to eat.

"Most of our customers have dark circles under the eyes," Xiao Zhao, a clerk at another convenience store, smiled, "Many people are very tired, even in the morning, they are all in a hurry. Without a smile, I can see anxiety on their faces."

Weeping at the mid-level gate

It’s different from the dinner peak at 7 or 8 o’clock. At a convenience store late at night, a certainKind of tenderness that time slows down. At this point, other commercial facilities are closed one after another, and only the convenience store is still open. For many people who work overtime until late at night, this is not only a supply station, but also a companion.

Those who showed up late at night all brought their own stories, and the clerk of the convenience store became the person who listened to the story.

At a certain intersection on Suzhou Street, there are office buildings on three sides, and some departments of Tencent are nearby. The clerk Wang Yao recalled that one evening, a pair of young men and women were chatting here while eating. The boys advised the girls not to confront the leader. "She is doing the evaluation for you. Is it good or not? Isn't she the final say?"

The girl was obviously not persuaded. Wang Yao heard her talk about the regular price of the publication and the replacement of resources. Words such as, fission, etc., say that the leader simply does not understand. The two talked for a long time, the boy was silent, and seemed to feel reasonable, and then sighed for a while. Girl said"Her knowledge structure is obviously aging, and she still used the previous set of things to talk about. Sitting in that position was simply an obstacle..." Because Wang Yao wanted to greet the guests, Wang Yao didn't hear the subsequent dialogue, waiting for her to be busy. After that, the two have left.

Having seen the wrath of being a subordinate, Wang Yao also encountered the helplessness of being a leader. It was one night at the beginning of the year, accompanied by the unique winter wind in Beijing, a middle-aged man with a half-bald head came to buy cigarettes and stood at the door to smoke after buying. Wang Yao glanced around during the delivery process and saw the middle-aged man outside the door crying while answering the phone. The cry was ugly, and his nose was dripping. Wang Yao couldn't bear it, so he went out to smoke and comforted him by the way.

White-collar nightlife in a convenience store: many people wear dark circles under their eyes, and their faces are full of anxiety

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The middle-aged man stopped his tears and thanked him for his comfort. He said that he was eliminated from the last position. He had just bid farewell to his colleagues. "I have eliminated several subordinates in my hands, but I did not expect it to be my turn this year. I have always been cautious, knowing that my skills are average and it is not easy to rise up. I have been learning for fear of being eliminated. I have been learning what young people use, but the industry is changing too fast..." The middle-aged man choked up again when he said this. , Took out a cigarette to conceal himself. Wang Yao said some inspirational words insincerely, and he couldn't continue. Later, Wang Yao saw in the news that several large companies are eliminating the middle level this year./p>

Last month, Wang Yao saw this eldest brother again. He came in to buy cigarettes and said hello when he recognized Wang Yao. Wang Yao almost didn't remember that in Zhongguancun, there are not too many middle-aged people crying in the middle of the night.

My eldest brother told Wang Yao that there were layoffs everywhere this year, and he did not find a suitable job after several job hunts, so he simply became a special car driver, and a few jobs a day was enough to support his family.

"To be honest, now I am happier than before." The eldest brother said, "At that time, I was trembling every day, afraid of dissatisfaction with the boss, afraid of dissatisfaction with subordinates, afraid of backward technology, afraid of not keeping up with others... This is the most reliable day for me to sleep in these years."

Leave a good impression on the boss

In relative terms, Wangjing is a few One of the most "premium" in the business district, the white-collar workers active in this area wear more clothes than WestQi and Zhongguancun pay attention to it, but their income is not necessarily higher than the previous two.

Apu, who worked at a convenience store in Wangjing SOHO, recalled that a man came to buy coffee at 10 o’clock in the night and said that he was not off work yet. The boss went to the United States and asked them to connect at 11 o’clock in the evening. Hold a telephone conference online. "I have to wait in the office to give the boss a good impression." He said with a smile on his face.

Unfortunately, the boss did not wait for him to return to the office, and the telephone conference was opened early. He answered the phone unpreparedly, but Ah Pu helped him find a seat for him to sit down and answer. Apu was busy while listening to his report on work on the phone, and after a while, suddenly there was no sound. Apu walked over and saw him sitting upright, staring at the phone in a daze, there was a slight snoring sound in the microphone. The man saw Ah Pu with an embarrassed face and explained in a low voice: "Maybe the boss has not turned upside down jet lag."

White-collar nightlife in a convenience store: many people wear dark circles under their eyes, and their faces are full of anxiety

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One night, a tired girl was looking for something to be on Friday on the shelf and asked Why not? Ah Pu told her: "It will be tomorrow, today is Thursday. "

The girl cried suddenly. "It's only Thursday today!" I will come tomorrow and the day after tomorrow! "The more she talked, the more sad she was, and she cried until she was about to collapse, so Apu had to find a piece of tissue for her. After a while, femaleThe child was tired from crying, and left like nothing else. Apu thought to himself, this must be a person driven crazy by the legendary 996.

Plastic Sisters staged the scheming of the palace

In the subway stations around Huangzhuang, Haidian, there are always inspiring advertisements. The two nearby shopping malls are always full of people even at nine or ten in the evening, and most of them are business dinners.

In the several buildings here, companies are on and off, coming and going. Because most companies are founded on the wind, the company is small, but the salary is high and scary. There are often smashing companies that move out or disappear after one or two years.

The environment has been changing, and the way people wrestle has not changed much. The clerk Xiao Huang has seen too much. One day after 10 o'clock in the evening, a group of men and women came. It seemed that the same department had just gathered for a meal and came to the store to buy drinks. A few peopleLooking at the shelves and chatting about gossip, it was about someone who was sleeping on top of the leader. The words were very poisonous, and everyone who listened to it was snickering. While chatting happily, a woman in her 30s opened the door and several people changed their colors at the same time. They all greeted her enthusiastically: "Hey Sister X, you didn't go back?"

The one called Sister X She has a small smile, and the affectionate look of the few people is really hard to imagine. A few minutes ago, this group of people was still cursing her viciously. Before leaving, some of the people who participated in the discussion before went out with sister X's arm.

I have seen sisters who are deeply affectionate. A few girls often come here at night to buy a cup of yogurt or oden to sit in the door seat and chat, and usually buy one or two more to take home. Talking and chatting, there will always be someone who receives a call and is told that the boss is back. Several people hurriedly packed their things and rushed back. The girls hadn't come for a while, Xiao Huang guessed that the company had probably fallen.

Not easy

Recently, there is a popular saying that those who write PPT between the grids are weavers in the new era; those who compile codes are digital porters. ; Those who use Excel to do statistics and those who use Word to write manuscripts are information operators...

Xiao Zhao of the convenience store does not envy these high-paying white-collar workers on the Internet, "How much money is earned, how much worry, no "Pies falling from the sky," she said, "every morning I see the bitter expressions on the faces of those who come out of the subway and buy breakfast from us. I can guess how much this money is earned. It's not easy."

"Just saw the thief eating meat, but didn't see the thief being beaten." Zhang Ping said, "If you, like me, have seen people waiting in line on a cold winter night, people crying in the middle of the night, helping leaders carry bags of people who are instructed by leaders, people who are cursed behind their backs...Like me, I will be satisfied with my current job. "

"Not easy! "Xiao Huang's summary.

*The picture of the question comes from Visual China. The interviewees in the article are all employees of Bianlifeng, whose names are all aliases.