iMazing-Fully functional iPhone manager that crushes iTunes-provides software

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If you want to transfer files, photos, or backup data to and from your computer using iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, you need to use iTunes soft

If you want to transfer files, data, photos, or back up data with your computer using iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, you need to use iTunes software. But after all, it was originally a music software, and it was not easy to use Apple forcibly changed it to a mobile phone manager.

iTunes is often crazy! Many people even struggled for a long time and still couldn't understand how it works, and finally gave up altogether. And iMazing 2 is a perfect replacement for iTunes. Its use method is more suitable for public habits (such as direct drag and drop to transfer files), and its function is also It’s much more rich and comprehensive, it’s simply crushing power...

More intuitive drag-and-dropFile transfer

Transferring MP3 music from a computer to a mobile phone should be a very simple operation, but due to the "synchronization" logic of iTunes, it is too complicated to understand. As a result, many iPhone users have no way to start, and they are still messy.

iMazing is fully in line with our usage habits. It is very convenient to select a folder to import, or directly like a file manager, you can use the mouse to drag and drop files to complete the transfer of music, simple Extremely! Even, you can also reversely copy music from someone else's iPhone to your computer very easily. ITunes can't do this.

iMazing-Fully functional iPhone manager that crushes iTunes-provides software


Similarly, you can import and export photos, videos, calendars, and contacts through an intuitive operation like iMazing. The most important thing is that iMazing also allows you to directly upload any Transfer document files to iOS devices, use iPhone / iPad as a USB flash drive.

Faster and space-saving mobile phone backup


iMazing can help you back up your iOS device data easily and quickly locally. It supports incremental backup methods similar to iCloud, only a complete backup is required, and then only the changed part of the data can be backed up, which greatly saves backup time and storage space. iMazing allows you to change the path of the backup storage at will. We can even save the backup file to a mobile hard drive or NAS, which is very flexible.

iMazing-Fully functional iPhone manager that crushes iTunes-provides software

In addition, iMazing also supports "automatic backup". You can set up daily, weekly or monthly backups according to your needs. And because it provides Wi-Fi wireless connection, iMazing can help you complete the backup even if the data cable is not connected.

One-click data transfer between devices (replacement)

I was very happy to buy a new iPhone/iPad, but I thought If there is a large amount of data on the old device that needs to be manually transferred one by one, it is very worrying. iMazing can connect two iOS devices at the same time through the computer, and then "one-click" the data from the oldMigrate equipment to new equipment! Before the transfer, you can choose to transfer all or only part of the specified data or applications, which is very convenient.

iMazing-Fully functional iPhone manager that crushes iTunes-provides software

APP application transfer backup, application data and game archive backup p>

Although some APP or the game supports iCloud to back up application data or game saves, but when you download the game again, you find that the saves are lost. Therefore, it is best to export some important archives to your computer and save them.

iMazing can help you easily export one or more APP application installation packages and its data to the computer to save, and you can re-import them back to the iOS device at any time.

iMazing-Fully functional iPhone manager that crushes iTunes-provides software

iMazing also has a very special function, that is, you can directly download your "purchased apps" , Which "includes apps that have been removed from the App Store." At the same time, you can also use iMazing to download apps purchased from App Store accounts in other regions, saving you the trouble of changing zones and accounts.


The above mentioned are just a small part of iMazing. Its functions are very comprehensive, almost you can think of the functions that a mobile assistant/device manager should have, iMazing is basically equipped with it, and it does a good job.

In general, iMazing is really not only a little bit stronger than Apple's own iTunes, but a complete crush. Whether it is the function, or the degree of convenience and intuitive use. As long as you have tried iMazing, you will sigh, this is what the iOS management software should be like!

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