Ten-year history of Weibo“s changes: the disappearing “danitorial“, the commercialization of the attack

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Wen/Li Hongqi’s registration time for the "memory vest" was later than many old Weibo users, but it did not affect the speed of his attack on Duanzish

Ten-year history of Weibo“s changes: the disappearing “danitorial“, the commercialization of the attack


The registration time of "memory vest" was later than many old Weibo users, but it did not affect the speed of his attack on Duan Shou. When he became popular, it caused a sensation not even smaller than that of some entertainment circles. The celebrities’ movements are small.

In that era, netizens could endure a few minutes of herbal tea advertisements and could accept all kinds of commercial marketing, but they could not accept their own attention. People send even three-character advertisements. But for the memory vest, the road to commercialization is extremely easy. On his Weibo, a large number of comments are hoping that he will send more advertisements to earn more for his "Niuniu" Dog food money.

Ten-year history of Weibo“s changes: the disappearing “danitorial“, the commercialization of the attack

He nicknamed himself "memory vest", because at first this number was used to write about him and his ex-girlfriend. Since 2015, he discovered Wei The secret place of blog advertising, So began an excellent road to red.

I know that there are some people who have picked up the identities of the little vest. His real name is Zhang, a laborer who came to Shenzhen from other places. On the road to be popular, Xiaowei Jia has sent private messages to almost all the jokes on Weibo. The content is probably: "Great, turn me one", "Great, please "Remove", "seeking band", "can transfer each other" and so on.

Weibo has a lot of grassroots with a family background like little vests. They are careful to maintain their network and love their fans, except for not showing up. , The life of the narrators is familiar to almost all fans.

The little vest now has another label:Well-known food blogger.

Starting about two or three years ago, the popularity of all the writers on Weibo has dropped sharply, and the little vest is no exception. The new pet cat "Dragon Boat Festival", published After the novel and the addition of "extranet cute pet fun stuff", he is still not as popular as it was in the past.

His current situation is almost a typical epitome of the small world of Weibo.


What is the name "Jianzi Shou"Is the time starting to drift away from us?

It’s almost the beginning of the decline of the narrators. Weibo began to carry out a clearer channel sinking work, and began to introduce a variety of traffic and fan support programs to support all kinds of The development of vertical accounts. Before 2016, Weibo also launched the MCN model after imitating YouTube and signed hundreds of agencies to strengthen its control over content production, thereby attracting advertisers' favor.

In the third quarter 2016 earnings conference call, Weibo revealed that 154 major brands purchased video ads, an increase of 90% from the previous quarter, while small and medium-sized purchases of video ads The number of corporate customers reached 3907, an increase of 13% from the previous month. The advertising format represented by short videos has also brought more impressive results to advertisers.Marketing revenue, such as Volkswagen and other major brands of video advertisements, have seen strong growth in video advertisements. In the third quarter of 2016, they established connections with a total of 80 million users in the form of video advertisements.

Ten-year history of Weibo“s changes: the disappearing “danitorial“, the commercialization of the attack

The commercialization of social topic discussion tools, for Weibo Said it seemed to be smooth sailing.

On April 17, 2014, Weibo was officially listed in the United States. In the following year, the Weibo war among the four major portals was basically over. Sohu Weibo and Tencent Weibo ceased operations one after another, and NetEase directly shut down the Weibo function, and Sina Weibo was left in the Four Kingdoms Junqi.

In the era of short video, the voice of Weibo’s acquisition of Yizhizhi is endless.

The Baibo War has already started. For Yizhuo, although it has missed the best window, it still has the golden spoon of Weibo, which still enables it to quickly obtain a large amount of traffic and Anchor resources, in the data report of QuestMobile and other institutions, if you count the ecological traffic, YiLive once ranked among the top three in the industry.

Leaning on a big tree back to enjoy the shade? it's not true. Due to a series of factors, Yizhizhi still missed some strategic opportunities: Yizhizhi was too attached to its business to advance; it relied too much on disloyal stars; missed the best time to go public and was at a disadvantage in market competition.

In fact, the acquisition of Yizhuo is only part of Weibo’s video strategy.The tricky issue is not live broadcasts, but short videos.


In 2017, the short video industry continued to ferment, with a market size of 5.53 billion yuan, which jumped to 46.71 billion yuan a year later, an increase of 744.7%. In September of the same year, the average monthly usage time of users of short video applications reached 765 minutes, far exceeding that of long video and live broadcast applications.

Under such market conditions, in December 2018, Douyin and Kuaishou reached a user penetration rate of 54.2% in the industry, The user penetration rate of Toutiao’s Watermelon Video and Volcano Video also reached 21.9%. During the period, Sina Weibo low-key launched a short video app "Love Video". This is a product very similar to Douyin.

Ten-year history of Weibo“s changes: the disappearing “danitorial“, the commercialization of the attack

"We are playing . "In subsequent interviews, Idong’s own confidence seemed insufficient. At the same time, the Weibo story launched on the Weibo mobile terminal in 2017, however, was independent of Weibo’s information flow and could not use Weibo’s social networking. The distribution system has achieved widespread dissemination, and once again missed opportunities.

Where is Weibo going?

listed At the beginning, investors in US stocks began to worry about their profit model. Whether it was news dissemination or social networking, Weibo was not considered a sufficiently excellent business ability.From 2013 to 2014, we experienced a wave of major crises.

"In China, it is safer for social product DAUs to exceed 150 million daily active users and 300 million monthly active users. Otherwise, one will appear at any time New popular social products will replace you.” Weibo CEO Wang Gaofei is most concerned about how to narrow the gap with Tencent in terms of user numbers.

The large churn rate has made Weibo wary. Since then, youth has become an important label of Weibo. According to the survey data of Weibo, more than 50% of Weibo users are under the age of 25.

At the end of 2012, Sina reorganized, and the old Shen was iron-foughtChen Tong surrendered the power of Weibo operation, and Wang Gaofei was solely responsible for the Weibo business. Since then, Weibo has ended the Kochi KOL era and turned from current affairs to entertainment.

Wang Gaofei tailored Weibo’s channel sinking, pan-entertainment, and the discovery of vertical small and medium-sized internet celebrities. He successfully won Weibo, which is on the edge of the user’s cliff. The second spring. Therefore, a year later, in early 2014, Wang Gaofei became the genuine Weibo CEO.


Users really realize that Weibo’s "resurrection" may be celebrity gossipWeibo downtime caused by software.

It is also because of Weibo’s distribution of traffic that actively embraces entertainment stars as an example, it has triggered the entire Internet market to follow the trend and do star operations, which evolved into a far-reaching "traffic" Celebrity".

A few months ago, Fanquan’s data injection problem aroused concern. The star Cai Xukun behind the hundreds of millions of Weibo reposts, the "XingYuan" app was investigated. As a result, the popularity of a large number of traffic stars' Weibo has plummeted in the past two months. But after observing and communicating with a number of star-chasing girls and fan data stations, some researchers have come to the conclusion that the fan economy is supporting Weibo in all directions, from income creation to activity contribution. No matter from which point of view, Weibo is the biggest beneficiary in this power generation industry.

On Douban, a fan posted a statistical table of the number of flowers received by top traffic artists. The total love value of 37 artists exceeded 110 million. In other words, fans spend about 110 million yuan on Weibo's krypton gold.

Ten-year history of Weibo“s changes: the disappearing “danitorial“, the commercialization of the attack

Source: Douban, the specific name has been hidden

Obviously, the commercialization that narrators cannot bring to Weibo is easier to achieve on celebrities .

The high efficiency of Weibo marketing is beyond doubt, but its communication channels are becoming narrower and narrower. Nowadays, Weibo narrators are beginning to play an important role: "Key Opinion Leaders" have become the tipping point of many information sources, providing opinions and comments to others on Weibo, and exerting influence. After all, the money made by Duan Shou has nothing to do with Weibo.

Wang Gaofei said at the end of 2018 that in addition to strengthening the advantages of celebrities, media, hotspots, etc., it will continue to expand the form of short video content and reduce the production expertise of head content authors The threshold of video content enhances Weibo’s market competitiveness in PGC video.

Data show that in 2018, Sina Weibo empowered content authors' income reached 26.8 billion yuan. Among them, e-commerce is still the most important monetization method, with net celebrity shop owners and content shopping guide-related income reaching 25.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 36%. It can be said that the fan effect and content ecology brought by entertainment traffic are already a part of Weibo that cannot be ignored.

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