SSD skyrocketed by 10%, will the price of memory go far?

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The price of storage products has been reduced since 2018 and continues to the present. The NANDFlash business of the major OEMs has been in a loss-ma

The trend of price cuts for storage products has continued since 2018. The NAND Flash business of major OEMs has suffered a tragic decline, and all of them are in a state of loss. Many manufacturers hope that the price drop will stop, but we see that it seems not It didn't work, but why are prices still falling?

SSD skyrocketed by 10%, will the price of memory go far?

In fact, flash memory manufacturing Manufacturers are currently in the mentality of wanting to rise but not daring to rise. At present, the overall market demand is weak but the production capacity is very sufficient, so everyone has no reason to increase prices. However, with the recent influence of many international factors, major storage manufacturers seem to be prepared Take corresponding actions, there is currently news within the industry chainIt is reported that SK Hynix has raised prices for some NAND Flash products.

According to industry insiders, several major flash memory manufacturers have raised prices by about 10%. Since the previous Toshiba power outage, the market prices of flash memory cards and U disks, which are more sensitive to market news, have changed. At the end of June, the price of flash memory cards has shown a trend of price increase. Since July, many manufacturers have indicated that demand has begun to pick up, but it is expected that this price increase will last for a limited time and the price increase history two years ago will not repeat itself.

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