Internet offline breakthrough warfare

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However, as the natural growth rate of the number of Internet users and usage traffic has slowed in recent years, Internet companies have also begun t

There is no form of permanent growth, and the same is true for the Internet. Although the Internet has been developing rapidly in recent years, as the natural growth rate of the number of Internet users and usage has slowed in recent years, Internet companies have also begun to think about whether they need to find new breakthroughs.

China’s Internet entering the second half has become the consensus of the industry. The price of Internet companies acquiring new users has skyrocketed, and the space for the development of pure online markets has become narrower. At this time, offline opportunities will be valued. It can be expected that the ambition of Internet companies to expand offline will inevitably be fully revealed in recent years. Many leading Internet companies have already begun to do so.

Internet offline breakthrough warfare

So, at present, the Internet enterprise connection and layout offline, there are Which path? Is it as logical as expected? Can Internet companies that do not have the genes for e-commerce and O2O business also find a connection point with offline?

E-commerce companies use capital to drive new retail layout

Since the past few years, Jack Ma has been vaccinating the industry. The era of pure e-commerce has passed. The new retail era of online and offline integration has come, and Ali will no longer mention the concept of e-commerce in the future.

Online e-commerce and offline physical stores have their own advantages Inferior, when both encounter the growth bottleneck, only consider fusing the two to create new usersExperience can win the future retail market. The path of Ali's layout is mainly driven by investment. As of the end of three years ago, Alibaba had invested in dozens of projects including companies such as Suning, Yintai, Lianhua Supermarket, and Goodaymart.

Internet offline breakthrough warfare

Behind the vertical and horizontal integration of industries, it reflects Ali’s ambition to lay out ahead of schedule and create a new real economy ecology for the future. However, capital operation is the first step. How to integrate these projects and make new retail The prototype project is a more critical step.

The entrance effect of the super APP is connected with a QR code Offline scene

Compared with Ali, Tencent's mode of conquering offline scenarios, Lighter and more powerful. Two years ago, WeChat released a long-standing "small program", showing its desire for offline scenarios.

The concept that Zhang Xiaolong, the father of WeChat, has been promoting before is that the QR code scanning scene of the applet is offline, so the applet only supports directly opening the camera to scan the code. It does not support saving pictures and selecting QR code recognition from the album or long pressing the QR code image recognition. What Zhang Xiaolong or Ma Huateng wants is not the duplication of existing apps online, but the control of offline.

For example, when you go to a long-distance bus station, there is a QR code that allows you to scan the code to buy a ticket; when you go to a tourist attraction, there is also a QR code to convert Be your private tour guide; after you go to the offline business, scan the QR code, there is a dazzling arrayProducts for you to choose...

Internet offline breakthrough warfare

However, after the launch of the applet, the user experience continued to suffer. From killing the app to being abandoned, the applet has experienced many twists and turns within a week after it went online. For example, the "get" applet has been offline, Luo ZhenyuI don't want to obligate the user data accumulated hard to WeChat. Mini programs may be able to replace some low-frequency apps with relatively simple functions, but for those complex and high-frequency apps, they are not yet competitive.

Internet brands directly open physical stores to complement offline channels

The Internet has created a batch of pure online Of the physical consumer brands, Xiaomi was one of the bestOutstanding. Since the launch of Xiaomi mobile phones, relying on Internet thinking such as cost-effectiveness, e-commerce model and community word-of-mouth marketing, this startup has "rapidly" won the top spot in domestic mobile phone sales.

However, let’s put aside competitors that imitate the Xiaomi model. Even if Xiaomi makes the pure online model the ultimate, it is easy to encounter the ceiling. Lei Jun once said that current e-commerce channels only account for 20% to 30% of domestic mobile phone sales. The core problem for Xiaomi today is that it cannot reach the remaining 70% to 80% of consumers.

Internet offline breakthrough warfare

As the market becomes saturated, channels begin to sink, and there has been a “replacement wave” in third- and fourth-tier cities, but in these places, consumers are more inclined to shop in physical stores Purchase machine. Xiaomi missed this wave of replacement bonuses, which made 2016 become very passive. In 2017, Xiaomi is expected to open two or three hundred offline Xiaomi home retail stores, and strive to achieve 1,000 in the future.

Even under the pan-entertainment product line, derivatives shops can be opened

There are more and more play space concepts, as long as Internet companies have the appeal of their own IP If you are confident enough, you can open an offline derivative store. A successful case is that Chinese users cannot use LINE's social products, but the LINE FRIENDS offline retail store that is derived from it is very popular. China's LINE FRIENDS CAFE Already opened to the sixth, While South Korea and Japan, which have a huge number of users, have only 5 and 2 stores respectively.

In addition to common cultural and creative products, all products you can think of related to daily life, LINE FRIENDS covers almost all, as small as massage sticks and vacuum flasks , U-shaped pillows, as large as snack gift boxes, travel suits, desk lamps, air purifiers, and all are suitable for taking pictures.

Internet offline breakthrough warfare

Even NetEase games have already announced Enter new business, cross-border action, and open a physical cafe brand-"Yijian". The first Yijian flagship store was officially opened in Guangzhou two years ago.

It is reported that as the first physical cafe of NetEase games, "Easy Room" serves not only NetEase players, but also consumers. In addition to providing coffee and food, it also hopes to present a quality living space. For a larger scale Serving users and players across the country, NetEase has also set the goal of "100 chains across the country".

Internet offline breakthrough warfare

In short, the business model of the future will revolve around people’s Experience-centered, all-round layout. Whether online or offline is no longer important. The virtual world and the real world are intertwined, and the key is to grasp the “scene”. The “scene” will be everywhere and specific time and locationThere is a specific scene relationship with the characters, and extension to the commercial field will trigger different consumer markets.