Upgrade again! “Feiquan Microfinance“ technological innovation enhances user experience

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Original title: Upgrade again! "Feiquan Microfinance" technological innovation enhances user experience Compared with bank loans, young consumers are

Original title: Upgrade again! "Feiquan Microfinance" technological innovation to enhance user experience

Compared with bank loans, young consumers are more inclined to choose micro loans, because micro loans have the advantages of fast and convenient, and there are many types of loans to choose from, but they must also be selected when choosing a platform Be cautious. In recent years, there have been endless incidents due to microfinance. Among many small loan platforms, Guangzhou Feiquan Microfinance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Feiquan Microfinance") has become one of the platforms favored by many consumers due to its convenient and fast operation and high security advantages.

Upgrade again! “Feiquan Microfinance“ technological innovation enhances user experience

Compared with other platforms, the advantage of Feiquan Microfinance Microfinance Platform lies in the combination of traditional financial services and Internet technology, with the help of dual drivers of big data and technological innovation, and relying on user behavior big data and smart wind. Control modeling, accurately classify users with different funding needs and different affordability, so as to provide users with the lowest rate within a controllable range, and help users solve the funding bottleneck with the lowest cost. At the same time, through the dynamic real-time monitoring of the bottom layer and the hierarchical management of permissions, the entire process prevents internal operational risks and externalAttack risk, guarantee users' information security and fund security in an all-round way, and truly realize the use of financial technology to bring new service value and user experience to Internet finance.

Upgrade again! “Feiquan Microfinance“ technological innovation enhances user experience

It is understood that the concept of microfinance originated from the microfinance experiment of Professor Mohamed Yunus, a famous economist in Bangladesh in the 1970s. In response to the problem that it is difficult for the poor to get bank loans to get rid of poverty, Professor Yunus established a small loan model organized by mutual aid. In 1994, small amountThe credit model was introduced into China, and it has a history of 26 years.

In the beginning, it was only an attempt by international aid agencies and domestic NGOs to address the problems in the rural poverty alleviation discount loan program initiated by the Chinese government in 1986. However, after development and growth, in 2009, the my country Banking Regulatory Commission issued the "Interim Regulations on the Restructuring of Microfinance Companies to Establish Rural Banks", allowing qualified microfinance companies to restructure and establish rural banks to participate in the financial market competition as a bank. In July 2013, the General Office of the State Council announced the "Guiding Opinions on Financial Support for Economic Restructuring, Transformation and Upgrade." As of the end of June 2013, there were a total of 7086 institutions nationwide with 82,610 employees, 625.2 billion yuan in paid-in capital, 704.3 billion yuan in loan balance, and 112.1 billion yuan in new loans throughout the year.

So far, microfinance companies have beenIt has played an important role in developing rural finance and small and medium-sized enterprises, regulating private lending and promoting the diversification of financial markets. Feiquan Microfinance also took a fancy to the development prospects of the microfinance market, and after the market layout, it innovated and upgraded again, strived to improve the user experience, and provided more microfinance users and young consumers with a better quality and more effective microfinance platform.

It is reported that Feiquan Microfinance is a licensed financial institution specializing in loan business. Through risk control big data + artificial intelligence technology, Feiquan Microfinance provides safe, convenient and efficient financial loan services for small and micro businesses and individual consumers with financial needs. To learn more about Feiquan Microloan, please follow Feiquan Microloan's official website for details.

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